The second MID Talent training program in Twentytú hostel

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Between the 19th  and the 25th  November, our Twentytú Hostel hosted the second edition of the MID Talent program, an initiative from the Market of Design Ideas that has allowed 20 restless young people to live a get-together week in our hostel to accelerate creative entrepreneurship of their own businesses. We tell you all about this event in which we are very proud to take part again. Talent power!

MID Talent: un encuentro para jóvenes creativos

MID Talent is a program aimed at young entrepreneurs under 30 years old and residents in Catalonia that wants to be a space where to share ideas, get training and help to create new business. The participants, all of them unemployed, are part of a generation that shares interests such as creative entrepreneurship, innovation or sustainable strategies. The key concepts discussed in this meeting have been: inspiration, eco-innovation, design thinking, prototyping, team building or crowdfunding, among others.

Mid Talent Twentytu formation

The event, promoted and organised by the BCD (Barcelona Design Center), has allowed the creatives to share for a week training and advice of many experienced professionals from the world of design, innovation, sustainability and creative entrepreneurship. The sessions, focused on teamwork and actions that allow promoting new projects, have been theoretical and practical, so the participants were able to apply the knowledge to their business ideas.

Mid Talent twentytu hostel

MID Talent is co-financed by the European Social Fund and BCD (Barcelona Design Center), the Department of Culture of the Generalitat de Catalunya and of the IED (European Institute of Design).

Twentytú hostel next to the young

For the second time this year Twentytú will be the scene to create this space full of enthusiasm, entrepreneurship and great ideas. We believe in young people, therefore we’ve already supported other similar initiatives such as the design competition in collaboration with the BAU (University Design Center of Barcelona).

As it happened in the first edition of the MID Talent, which was held from 22nd to 28th October, the participants have stayed in our hostel where they have lived with the rest of the team with whom they share very similar concerns. In addition, they have been able to take part in all free activities and they also have an accident insurance to ensure their safety throughout their stay.

After taking part in MID Talent, young entrepreneurs have acquired knowledge about creative entrepreneurship methodologies and tools, in addition to improving their professional profile and, most importantly, increasing their chances of entering the labour market full of ideas and desire to start their own projects.

Mid Talent twentytu terrace

Finally, on Saturday, 25th November, each of the young entrepreneurs presented their proposal on the Twentytú hostel terrace and we still have not been able to decide which idea we liked best. Good luck to all the participants in their projects!

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The most eco-friendly Barcelona

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Christmas holidays and Black Friday are just around the corner and it’s usual to think about gifts for the family and, why not, some personal cravings. For this reason, and because we know how difficult it’s to make the right decisions when it comes to shopping, we offer you a list of eco friendly shops and options that will delight while taking care of the environment. Take note and make your own wish list!

Unique decoration and furniture

If you want your home to transmit the passion that you feel for recycling and fair trade products, you can’t miss these stores to decorate with style and responsibility!

L’Estoc is a sustainable store that creates functional furniture as chairs, tables or shelves from the wood of recycled pallets. You can enjoy them on the terrace of our Hostel Twentytú!

In Dr. Unic they create unique objects which give a second life to the most unsuspected materials: they turn old faucets into hangers or oars into lamps with a lot of personality. Imagination rules!

Olokuti is an eco, bio and fair trade store where you will find a large assortment of objects and products of all kinds: home, gifts, relax, accessories, cosmetics, food… In addition, its interior hides one of the most beautiful terraces in Barcelona!

Bags, backpacks and glasses with recycled materials

You can wear the latest trends and be respectful with the environment at the same time. Enjoy original accessories while giving another opportunity to those materials that many people would consider waste.

Vaho and Nukak are two companies that use materials as surprising as advertising canvas or tires to make their bags and backpacks, which are tremendously original pieces.

In Babau, in addition to making their bags with recycled materials (such as PVC or safety belts), they propose a unique solution to find your mobile phone or the keys: a LED light inside the bag!

Sunglasses made from reused skateboards or bamboo? Yes, it’s possible with Bamboozz, the most ecological way to wear your accessories with personality and, in addition, environmental awareness.

Cosmetics and natural treatments

By pampering your body and hair with respectful products that reduce waste you’ll help take care of the planet and your body inside and out!

La tienda de Tanit offers natural cosmetics with a wide range of makeup and hair and body care products that respect your skin and also the environment!

Reducing packaging is a complicated task and requires changing consumer habits. In El safareig you’ll find cleaning and hygiene products in bulk that you can carry to home with your favorite reusable container. That’s a good start!

Bio Pelu and Hammam Hennah are two bio hairdressers that offer hair treatments with ecological and sustainable products, including masks, dyes or hairstyle products. Try them, make a gift or experience their benefits at home!

And if you’re tired of shopping and need a break, you just have to come back to Twentytú Hostel and enjoy a very eco-friendly stay in Barcelona. In this way, you will enjoy all the special features that distinguish us as a sustainable hostel and you can see our commitment to take care of the environment by yourself. This effort has provided us, recently, with the Distintivo de garantía de calidad ambiental de la Generalitat de Catalunya, which recognises those products and services that exceed environmental quality requirements beyond what is established by the current regulations. Such a great honour!

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The largest Game of Thrones exhibition in the world starts in Barcelona!

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Since 28th October, the largest exhibition of Game of Thrones made to date is on: 1000 m2 of immersive experience that will satisfy the most loyal fans of the HBO TV show. There you can find audiovisual material, faithfully recreated spaces, objects used by the actors and even an interactive photograph that simulates an ascent of the wall!

In this post you’ll find all about the new Game of Thrones exhibition, a tour around the seven kingdoms that will allow you to immerse yourself into this fantasy world full of power struggles. Hurry up and drop by before the white walkers arrive!


Original elements in an unprecedented collection

Along the tour we can find many elements that all spectators have dreamed of seeing close up. The list is very long but, as we’re sure you’ll have a favourite house or character, we tell you only some of the ones you can see:

Costumes specially created for the exhibition

There is a wide variety of costumes, dresses and armors used by Cersei Lannister, Danaerys, Arya or Jon Snow in different situations.Unfortunately, you won’t be able to try them on, but at leat you’ll get to see the amount of details and ornaments that the dresses of the candidates for the iron throne have.


Distinctive objects of each house

You can see maps, representative figures of each kingdom, dragon eggs or the snake that the Martells send to the capital. Take your smartphone with the battery to the top because you won’t stop taking pictures!


Kings’ weapons, savages and guardians of the night’s watch

With the amount of battles and wars fought in Game of thrones history, it was to be expected that a great variety of weapons would be exhibited: swords, axes, daggers … could you handle them as well as Arya Stark?

Decorations of the 7 kingdoms where you’ll feel like a King or Queen

“Game of Thrones: The Touring Exhibition” is home to ten iconic sets where you can experience first-hand the key scenes from the original story of George R. R. Martin. The exhibition is part of a world tour that begins in the city of our Twentytú hostel and will travel to other European cities.

Some of the most remarkable decorations are: Winterfell, the home of the Starks; Landing of the King, central seat of the power of the Lannister; Meereen, where Danaerys Targaryen leads numerous troops of immaculate warriors or Castle Black, strategic spot for the wall defense.

And finally, we find the most relevant item of the collection: the Iron Throne Room where the Mad King, Joffrey or Cersei Lannister have dictated their orders throughout the show’s 7 seasons. Take the opportunity and sit on the majestic armchair that you have seen so many times on TV. You’ll get to rule the 7 kingdoms for a while!

Don’t miss it!

Don’t miss one of the best exhibitions of the year! Find out about schedules and prices on its official website.

And save a space in your calendar to visit the Warhol exhibition and the mechanical art at the CaixaForum, a must to get a deeper insight on this pop art icon!

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Andy Warhol and the mechanical art take over Barcelona

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Insolent, extravagant, controversial, irreverent and American, very American. That was Andy Warhol, and so is his exhibition that has come to Barcelona under great anticipation. “The mechanical art”, the largest exhibition in Spain dedicated to Warhol to date, gives us the chance to admire his original works after having seen thousands of reproductions. Are you ready? You have time until 31st December!

Campbell’s soup, screenprints of Marilyn Monroe in full colour, Jackie Kennedy portrayed in blue … The universal myth of pop art, Andy Warhol, died 30 years ago but his work is still alive, very alive. Where’s the secret? He created an art that everyone understood, easy to remember and that anyone can recognize as their own. Mechanical art goes over the Warhol’s early years as a designer in New York until his death, when he had already become a guru of modernity and pop art.

Andy warhol exposición Barcelona

The exhibition reaches the CaixaForum in Barcelona, ​​where 352 of his best-known works are filled with pop icons recognizable by everybody in different formats: paintings, photographic material, magazines, records, objects … It’s not a surprise because Warhol was very demanding with himself and came to have a rhythm of frenetic production of painting, photography, sculpture … even dared with the cinema and music!

Arte al alcance de todos

The exhibition, which arrived in our city on 14th  September, reminds us how Warhol’s work aims to “democratise” art through objects, characters and ideas that everybody knows. Surely you don’t have to go far to find thousands of references to his work in your environment; mugs, t-shirts, vinyl, … and reproductions of his works that probably decorate bars and living rooms of your friends, relatives or even your own!

Andy Warhol pop art

In the 1950s, when the prevailing trend was Abstract Expressionism, Warhol broke into a different way of expressing art through the cult of consumer products and celebrities as a brand. In this way, little by little, he formed an extensive work that has been exhibited in the most important museums of the world as the MoMA in New York, the Tate Gallery in London or the Pompidou in Paris, and that now are together in the CaixaForum of Barcelona, only 8 metro stops away from Twentytú.

And remember that if you like art, you can also find art on the streets of Barcelona in murals, graffiti and even a visual poem!

The same essence 34 years later

In 1983 Warhol came to inaugurate an exhibition in Madrid, although many people in Spain hardly knew its work, they let go away by the fame that preceded him and paid 100 pesetas (0.60 euros more or less), which was the cost of the entry ticket. Today, 34 years later, his work is still prevailing and the CaixaForum exhibition becomes a must see for any lover of modern art.

And if you also want to be part of Warhol’s work and be the protagonist of your own work of art, in the exhibition you can take a photo with the same effect as Marilyn and upload it on the CaixaForum Facebook profile. Who knows, maybe in a few years you’ll be on the walls of museums all over the world😉

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Geocaching (or treasure hunting) in Barcelona

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Don’t miss the experience of geocaching in Barcelona! A treasure hunting game where you use geolocation to find hidden objects in the most unexpected places all over the world and also in Barcelona. In this post you’ll find everything you need to know to enjoy the route and solve all your doubts to become an expert.  Seek the cache!

What is geocaching?

Geocaching is a treasure hunting game where you use an app and a GPS to locate caches (hidden treasures). This practice offers many advantages: you can do it individually or in group, in urban or natural environments, it’s perfect for all ages, it doesn’t require rare equipment and in most cases it is free!

How do I find a treasure?

The difficulty of finding the cache depends on where it is hidden, its size and whether you need clues to reach it or not. The GPS does not indicate the exact point where it’s located, but rather indicates its position within a radius, so the clue lies in searching from different perspectives and in extraordinary places. To give you an idea of ​​what you are looking for, you usually will find the caches inside cans or sealed plastic containers that protect the contents of the weather. If you find it, congratulations! You can sign the paper that you will find inside, mark your achievement in the application and even, if you find an object inside, you can exchange it for another that you brought with you.


What happens if I don’t find it?

If you don’t find it, no big deal! You can always find another nearby or try it again some other time. It’s important that you don’t forget to indicate it in the app, so that you leave a record in your personal account and, in the event that other users don’t find it, you will alert them of a problem with the cache.

What do I need to start the adventure?

There are some essential elements that you must have during the hunt, and although they don’t guarantee a win, they help a lot!

• A mobile phone, tablet or portable GPS with internet connection that allows you to geolocalise the hiding spots. Also if it has an integrated camera you can even immortalize all the process.

• A Geocaching app, you can find it in the markets of Android or iOS and download it for free.

• A pencil or a pen with which you’ll sign the cache guest book.

• Water and snacks to boost your energy during the walk.

• A small object. This is optional and will depend on the cache you have found, some containers hold badges, plates, small figures, etc. If you want to keep them as souvenir, you must exchange them for another object of equal or greater value.

Treasure hunting Barcelona

Will I find caches in Barcelona?

Geocaching is a fun and didactic activity that allows you to discover every corner of the cities in a totally different way. If you stay in our Twentytú Hostel and you wonder if you will find caches near us, here’s the answer: yes, there are more than 200 treasures hidden throughout Barcelona!

And if this activity has not convinced you and you prefer to exercise your logic and your ingenuity with different activities, do not miss the opportunity to know The best escape games in Barcelona.

The adventure begins!

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The bests spas to relax in Barcelona

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Is there anything better than a spa after a long day of sightseeing Barcelona? Here’s a list of the best spas and wellness treatments to relax and fall deeper in love with our wonderful city. Grab a pen!

Aire Ancient Baths, inspired by Roman baths

A classic in Barcelona since 2008, it’s located in an old meat warehouse at Born’s market which used to host the city’s supply wells. The building was carefully restored, so just visiting it is a great experience itself. Besides, it offers a broad range of treatment and services that will make you feel like a new person: different temperature pools, Hamman inspired steam baths, varied intensity streams and many types of massage including one with salt. Dare to try!

Rufoo Fish Spa, a very special peeling

Did you know there’s a fish species named Garra rufa that can provide a natural exfoliation? This treatment is called ictiotherapy and it consists on plunging your feet in a fish tank where these little “therapists” get rid of dead skin, with the result of perfectly soft feet ready for moisturising. With this special treatment offered by an establishment at the Gothic district and a massage or a pedicure you’ll have a perfect plan.

43 The Spa, a great view in the heights

At the 43rd floor of Hotel Arts, right on the seaside, you can relax while enjoying privileged views over the sea. There are open terraces, hydrotherapy pools, saunas, steam baths and plenty of luxury cosmetics treatments. We’re sure these reasons are more than enough to walk 20 minutes from Twentytú Hostel to this wonderful place. Completely worth it!

Flotarium Barcelona, experiment weightlessness

Floating without effort in a soundproof capsule filled with highly salted water with the ideal temperature and without distractions: this is the closest you’ll ever be of being back in the womb. Flotarium offers a unique environment where you can just let go and enjoy the silence. The experience can be personalised: light on or off and the capsule’s door open or closed, so you don’t have to worry if you feel awkward in closed spaces.

Bali spirit, Balinese magic

Balinese massages are well-known for their mix of influences, coming from Hindi or traditional Chinese medicine amongst others. Also, they offer a special feature: stretching, acupressure or kneading are not only performed with the hands but with elbows, knees or feet too. At Bali Spirit you’ll find quiet spots with exotic decoration where a team of experts will make you feel like heaven… right in Barcelona!

So if you want to treat yourself into relax and calm, stop by one of these wonderful spas and let yourself being taken care of. Don’t forget to keep enjoying the wonders of the city, for instance with a delicious Brunch in Barcelona. Good food and total chill: can you ask for more?

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Activities in Barcelona for adventurers

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If you’re a thrill seeker you’ll surely love these activities in Barcelona to release adrenaline. Risk and extreme sports, original experiences, amazing ideas … everything to enjoy the city as a true adventurer!

Noric walking, the cross-county skier walk

Do you have an eco soul like us?  Then there’s nothing better than enjoying nature while meeting people like you: Nordic Walking is a technique related to cross-country skiing that consists of hiking with the help of walking sticks that absorb the impact and protect your knees joints. There are many associations and companies that offer routes to different corners of the city and its surroundings; Collserola, Montjuïc or the bog of Vallvidrera are just some of the amazing places that are waiting for you.

Dinner with stars, gourmet cuisine with the best views

Did you know you can have dinner under the stars  while learning about astronomy and enjoying the best views of the city? A careful menu in a magical environment where you can attend interesting lectures and contemplate the sky in the fourth oldest observatory in the world, the Fabra Observatory located at the top of Tibidabo mountain. These types of activities in Barcelona are only held in Summer season, so hurry up. This year you have time until 8th October.


Parasailing, the perfect mix between sea and air

Enjoy the sea breeze from the air with this discipline that combines skydiving and water sports. Parasailing will allow you to fly sitting while a boat guides your way through the waves, an which you can live experience very close to Twentytú!


Balloon flight on the Montseny, floating on the mountains

Floating above the Montseny Natural Park is the best way to experience its spectacular landscapes. Enjoy a unique balloon flight while viewing its beautiful mountains from a bird’s eye view. Let the wind guide you!


The Forum Urban Forest, Skill and Adventure

The first adventure park within the city allows you to choose between three types of circuits according to your age and your level of courage: orange for the little ones, blue for the whole family and red for thrill seekers. Show your skill in the heights!


Sports driving, luxury and speed

If you dream of driving a luxurious sports car but you can’t afford to buy one, here’s our solution: a circuit that will allow you to drive a Ferrari or a Lamborghini (among others) on a race track. Just like a professional driver!

  And if after so many strong emotions you toned to recharge batteries nearby our hostel, remember these 10 things you can do near Twentytú and say goodbye to boredom!


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Festa major de Poblenou, a lot of fun near you

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At this time of the year, our neighbourhood, Poblenou, celebrates its popular fest. From 8th to 17th September there are plenty of activities, workshops and events for all ages and interests. We know it might be difficult to plan your schedule with such an extensive programme, so we have picked the essential so that you make the most of Poblenou’s popular Fest.

Whereas you are staying at Twentytú Hostel or if you just want to stop by our beloved neighbourhood, do not miss the festive atmosphere at Poblenou streets and, of course, the beaches!


Poblenou against sexism and supporting cultural diversity

Festa major de Poblenou (Poblenou popular Fest) has put special effort this year in fighting sexist aggressions, by setting an action protocol during the festive days and also an informative stand to promote a safe festivity. They also want to encourage cultural diversity with food and handicraft stands from all over the world, as well as multicultural games for kids.

Popular meals with solidarity purposes

Amongst the great offer of popular meals, we recommend the Bingo jamón (“Ham bingo”), a typical meal at the neighbourhood, which combines the bingo game with iberico tasting. And if you want to give back while having a good time, don’t miss the solidary vermouth, an aperitif which takes place on Saturday 9th at noon. All the benefits will be put aside for social causes.

Art, music and technology: the neighbourhood’s essence

Check the complete programme of Poblenou popular Fest to pick your favourite activities among talks, exhibits, workshops and varied concerts. And don’t miss the chance of taking part in sports and leisure activities for the whole family, such as the spinning top workshop, yoga lessons, table football championship… and many more!


Gegants parade with the well-known 36 parrot

To close the Fest, there will be a Gegants parade (traditionally Catalan giant figures led by one person), with gegants from all over Catalunya. One of them is the famous “36 parrot”, a figure created by Poblenou neighbours to pay tribute to a very popular bird in the district. Back in the 60s this bird used to live at a bar just in front of the final stop of the 36 tramway.

The bird’s whistle mimicked so well the way the railway manager whistled that it caused confusion and traffic chaos. In fact, at some point it all went so crazy that the top manager of Barcelona tramways himself asked the bird’s owner to keep the animal inside the bar. Check out the hat and whistle that this gegant features, both of which are memories of its history.

Now that you know everything that this popular fest can offer, have a look at our post 10 things to do near Twentytú and don’t miss a single spot of our neighbourhood, sometimes called Barcelona’s “Brooklyn”.

Let’s have some fun!

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The best Beach Clubs in Barcelona

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When the night falls in Barcelona, ​​the beach spirit doesn’t go to sleep, it moves from the sand to the dozens of Beach Club spread all over the coast of Barcelona. Feeling curious? Follow us around the best Beach Clubs until the sun rises!

Before going to any of the Beach Clubs next to Barcelona beaches here are some tips that you may not know and that will be very useful:

  • If you want to have lunch or dinner at one of the Beach Clubs in Barcelona, ​​ booking is essential, especially if it’s Summer, as they can be quite crowded.
  • Nightclubs have VIP lists or flyers with a discount or free entry that usually Public Relations hand out around the club. You can also sign up for VIP lists that you will find online.
  • Although the clubs are a few metres from the beach, they usually have a strict dress code, so look into it before picking your outfit if you don’t want to be left out.


We start the route in one of the most chic Beach Clubs in the city and where it’s not uncommon to see on stage pop or electronic musiccelebrities like David Guetta, Bruno Mars or Jason Derulo. Also, among the audience and attendees it’s quite usual to find football players or actors. A safe bet if you like commercial music and VIP circles.

Don’t forget that they are usually quite demanding at the door with the dress code so we recommend leaving shorts, sneakers and flip-flops in the suitcase.

Carpe Diem Lounge Club

We recommend CDLC if you’re looking for an intimate and eclectic culture from all over the world; Asian, Arabic and Indian fusion with Mediterranean touches both in food and decor. One of the club’s strengths is its theme nights; The ladies night, evenings for the nostalgic of vintage houses or for black music lovers. You choose!


The iconic club born in Ibiza 50 years ago also has a presence in Barcelona with a smaller club but with the same philosophy. Three areas for all tastes; electronic music, hip-hop music and a terrace by the beach.

The atmosphere is usually quite young so don’t forget your ID card because they usually ask for it 😉

Salt (Hotel W)

This Beach Club is not on the beach, but rather within it! In the heart of Barceloneta you will find this club run by the Hotel W where from Friday to Sunday they throw the ‘Summer Sound’ evenings.

If you are lucky, you can sit on the seafront and enjoy a privileged sunset. Choosing between a smoothie or a signature cocktail will be your biggest concern in this urban paradise.


Under the huge sculpture of the fish by Frank O. Gehry is one of the most popular clubs of the Olympic Village: Bestial Beach Club. A Mediterranean restaurant by the day with a simple but good menu, and a musical nightclub with good atmosphere until 5 in the morning.

Casanova Beach Club

We move away from Barcelona a little to go to the Casanova Beach Club, a chillout in the purest Ibizan style; Balinese beds, pool, quality food, nice music…

To get there from Twentytú you only have to take the R2 line at the Clot train station and get off at the Castelldefels Platja stop.

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Sants Festivities 2017

21st August, 2017 / / No Comments

Sants is one of those neighbourhoods of Barcelona that still maintains its popular identity and resists forgetting its centennial heritage. The old industrial district of Barcelona celebrates its festivities from today to the 27th of August, taking over the festivities of Gràcia. 7 days filled with parties, workshops, dances, decorated streets and plus 500 activities that complete the program of one of the most popular neighborhood parties in our city. For more Sants to come, always!

There’s evidence that the Sants festivities are celebrated since the mid-nineteenth century, at which time the neighbourhood was still an independent village called Santa Maria de Sants. However, one of the great attractions of the festivities, contests of decorated streets and squares, didn’t begin until the 1940s, they even had a small break between 1970 and 1984.


Throughout the years it has been tried to preserve the popular traditions and for that reason, still today, many of the most typical proposals are maintained like the giants and big heads called ‘capgrossos’, the exhibition of castellers (human towers), typical food. One of the main themes, ‘correfocs’ that consist of a group of people, usually demons, who parading the streets running, dancing and jumping between fireworks.


The party is on every street

Alcolea, Galileu, Vallespir…and so on, up to 16 streets participate in the Sants festivities competition to be crowned as the best-decorated street. With themes that can go from the cinema, to the animal world or distant cultures. For example, last year there were recreations for all tastes; Star Wars, a town of American Indians or Charlie and the chocolate factory, Oompa Loompas were not missing!

If you want to know the winner of the popular vote for the best-decorated street this year, you should take note that the award ceremony will be held on Saturday 26th at Valladolid Street, midday.

However, the streets not only compete for the best decoration, every year they organize more and more activities. Historical routes around the neighbourhood that will show you how it has become what it’s today, live music and DJ’s every night, workshops of all kinds, dance exhibitions, outdoor cinema and popular foods to recharge batteries; Paella, chocolate, sardines and even an Spanish tortilla contest!You can check all the activities in the program of this year.

Moreover, if you visit Barcelona with your children, you should know that in the festivities there are also many activities for them like drawing contests, children’s workshops such as giant soap bubbles or the fun foam party. Can you think of a better way to get to know the city than from a local’s hand?


Eco-friendly festivities and advocate of social rights

The Sants festivities -as we try to do everyday in our eco-hostel Twentytú– also want to do their bit to the environment. Additional to having a recycling workshop organised by the Barcelona City Council, there is also debates by the hand of Greenpace about the impact of climate change, among other activities, a children’s workshop to build musical instruments with recycled material. Likewise, all the cups provided in establishments for serving drinks will be recyclable to contaminate as little as possible.

Sants festivities also has alternative festivities organised by some of the most popular socially committed entities such as the Independence entity and the Youth entity. Some have their own program full of activities such as a chess tournament, a charity bingo or a night featuring bands from the neighbourhood, among others.

Share your own vision of the festivities with a selfie!

This year, as a novelty, the Association of the Cultural Patrimony Agents of Catalonia (AGePacc) has organised a contest of selfies in collaboration with the Institute of Culture, the Secretariat of Entity and the Commission festivities of Sants. If you are motivated and want to participate, you can share your own vision including the hashtag #BCNSelfie! or #selfiesants in the pictures you upload of the festivities on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

See you in Sants!

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