Live music in Barcelona

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If you come to Barcelona and you want enjoy live music while having a drink… take note of our advice on the blog. There are some small oasis in the middle of the city’s turmoil, where you will be able to disconnect and live a relaxed evening with good music. You choose the partner.


In this musical bar located in Gracia neighborhood you can enjoy live concerts or watch an art exhibit, and all of this is accompanied with a good drink.  On their program we highlight the small concerts, jazz, underground music and poetry readings.

Sala Monasterio

This local at the Olimpic Port and close to Twentytú offers a varied program: Blues concerts, rock &Roll or funk music are the most relevant. It’s a small space design to feel music on a special way.

The Philharmonic

If you prefer jazz, escape to this pub and restaurant set in the purest British style. Fridays and Saturdays they offer dinners with live music, or you can just have a drink while you enjoy the concert.


This legendary venue in downtown Barcelona offers concerts or shows every day. A must if you want to mingle with the residents of the city. Punk, Indie, Funk, Rock … and endless possibilities to find the style that suits you. We are positive you won’t easily forget that party.

You can also enjoy big concerts on famous locals like Razzmatazz or Apolo Club. Or check the calendar of music festivals on our blog. Come to Barcelona and enjoy the music!

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Water sports in Barcelona

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With the heat of the summer in the city, the best thing you can do is practise some water sports. So fun and refreshing! But… where can you practise water sports near Barcelona? Which are the most fun water sports you can do in Barcelona? Here are some clues. Enjoy!

Sailing at Barcelona coast

Who doesn’t enjoy sailing? Feel the breeze on your face and salty smell of the water… Barcelona is a great city for sailing lovers: why not go for a sailing day all over Barcelona coast? You’ll see the city from a whole new perspective and it is so refreshing!

Feeling the waves: surfing

Paddlesurf, Windsurf, Kitesurf and, of course, regular surf are some of the water sports you can practise in Barcelona. Although the Mediterranean Sea is probably not the best place to get those perfect, huge waves, surfers can enjoy here too!

Another super fun and easy water sport is wakeboarding, which is similar to snowboarding but, of course, on water. A perfect water sport for beginners or children because even if you are not really good at sports you’ll get it quickly and you’ll certainly enjoy it.

Slow but steady: kayak and canoeing

If you wish to feel as a part of the waves, you can also try kayak or canoeing, at the Sea or at rivers or channels. It is certainly a nice way to enjoy the water in a calmer environment. But be aware that it also requires a huge physical effort if you want to get somewhere!

Pure adrenaline: Jet Ski and Flyboard

Only for adrenaline lovers! Feel the speed at the sea on a Water Jet Ski or either flyboarding. Not recommended for those who are easily scared … Do you dare?

Under the Sea: diving

If you are curious about wildlife under the Sea, we recommend a day trip to l’Estartit, a nice spot at Costa Brava with an amazing natural environment. There are plenty of diving schools there where you can either learn how to dive or go for daily routes around the area.

Where to practise water sports in Barcelona?

– Centre Municipal de Vela (

– Base Nàutica (

– Canal Olímpic de Castelldefels (

– Malamar Wakepark (

– Flyboard Club Barcelona (

– Jet Ski BCN (

– Costa Brava Divers (

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The Summer Sale is here!

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Finally the summer sales are here! Certainly it’s the best time to pick up a few clothes and go to Barcelona. The city is a very popular tourist destination for shopping lovers. Do you want to know why?

Barcelona streets are filled with trendy fashion shops, and thousands of small ateliers and shops with bold looks. Because of these, and also the many outlet shops all over the city, Barcelona is currently a referent on clothes and complements sale.

What do you need to know about sales?

  • People go crazy. If you can, we recommend you avoid the rush hours when people end their jobs after 6pm. That way, you will avoid kilometer-long queues to pay or to go to dressing rooms.
  • Avoid going to the city center. Paseo de Gracia, Portal del Ángel or Ramblas are filled with the major commercial shops, so they are crowded. Discover hidden jewels on small alternative stores at Born or Gracia neighborhood. Customer attention is more personal, and so are their clothes and complements. You will feel unique!
  • If you buy anything on sale and then your regret it, take into account that usually you have from 15 days to one month to return it. Customers’ rights are not on sale!
  • The period of summer sale is from July 1st to August 31st. The big fashion chains offer big discounts at the beginning, and at mid-July they start with 2nd and 3rd sales. The prices are continuously dropping, but if you find something take it at the moment or it will fly away!
  • Try not to get into arguments…please. You’ll find yourself in front of tables full of clothes and items and you’ll feel like Indiana Jones looking for the hidden treasure. But it’s highly probable that someone next to you is looking for the exact same thing. This is not a movie: try not to get in silly arguments!

And if you don’t know where to go shopping in Barcelona, check our post Shopping in Barcelona and find out which the main shopping areas are. We hope you will find the bargains you are looking for on this summer sale.

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Barcelona beaches are now online!

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Don’t forget your smartphone when you go to the beach… at least when you are in Barcelona! You will need it to check the sea state at Infoplatges App (an app about Barcelona beaches). Good news: with the free wifi network that has been installed all over Barcelona seaside it will be much easier!

The city council has digitalized Barcelona beaches. It’s clear that technology is now everywhere and the beach could not go without it anymore.

Free Wifi at the beach

This Summer, for the first time, you can go online for free with the city’s Wifi network. A pilot test was successfully undergone at Nova Icària beach. To be sure of it, you can check information panels all over the city, with tell you about access points to free wifi.


Other technological measures approved on the coast are:

Some other technological measures have been approved at the cost, such as:

  • Bins underhand with intelligent sensors tell the level of charge and improve the waste collection efficiency.
  • Solar power screens tell us about buses timing. They also have an audio system for the blind.
  • New parking lots for bikes on the sand. In order to turn Barcelona into a more sustainable city, cycling is increasingly spreading and 320 new parking spaces have been created at the beach.

App beaches

This free app contains everything you need to know about the conditions you’ll find at any of the 39 metropolitan beaches. Before deciding which beach to go, remember to check:

  • Services and facilities on each beach
  • Activities on offer
  • Information about weather, temperature and sea conditions
  • Route to reach the beach chosen
  • Advice or recommendations for users.
  • First aid services
  • Report any incident relating to cleanliness, damages, showers, etc. and monitor these incidents, as well as suggesting improvements.

With all these new features, you’ll have in your hands all the information about Barcelona beaches. If you don’t know where to go, check our list on The best beaches in Barcelona.

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The best cinemas in Barcelona

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A good way to survive the utterly hot weather in Barcelona is going to the cinema, as well as going to the beach (of course!). In summer it’s great to enjoy in a fresh and relaxed environment while watching a good movie for a couple of hours. Today we offer you a list with the best cinemas with original version movies in Barcelona. Lights, camera, action!

Throughout Barcelona there are plenty of VO cinemas (original version). These cinemas show films in the language they were originally produced in – most of the times it is English, but other languages are quite frequent too, such as French or German. Here you have the list of the best VO cinemas in Barcelona.

Cine Verdi

Doubtlessly this is the most famous cinema in the city, not only because of their good billboard, which includes independent productions, but also for its long history in Gràcia district. There are two establishments: the one at Verdi Street and the one at Torrijo Street. In total they own 9 screens.


Yelmo Icària

Yelmo Icària is a large 15 screen cinema located inside a shop`ping centre (‘El centre de la Vila’), which is close to Barcelona harbor. The films screened there are mostly new releases and quite large selections are offered.

Cine Renoir

At Barcelona center we have Renoir Floridablanca, which is quite a symbol for the city. With 7 screens, it offers a great diversity of newly released movies and classics too.

Cine Melies

This cinema located in the upper Barcelona is well-known for showing auteur filmmaking in their 2 screens. You can see international and national independent movies.


Cine Twentytú

Enjoy a new movie every Sunday at 20h in our twentytú cinema room, in the ground floor. Don’t worry about the popcorns, we will bring them… You just have to come, relax and enjoy the movie in our big screen and home cinema system. See you there!

If you want to spend a few hours away from Barcelona heat, this is definitely one of the best options. When you get to the city, check weekday promotions to get the best prices for your cinema tickets.

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Welcome summer! New arrivals in Twentytú

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Summer is here and so are holidays. In Twentytú we have been getting ready to offer you the best option during your stay in Barcelona. Today we are presenting our brand new website and the new activities that will take place in our hostel during this season. Are you ready?

The new website


    • Big images

    If you go for a virtual tour around our website, you’ll get to see the new design. Now we bet on big images so that you can see our installations. We are proud to show you our modern and at the same time efficient hostel. If you have not visited us yet, these images will make it easier for you to picture it!

  • Responsive design
  • responsive

Nowadays most of us use smartphones or tablets to book an accommodation on their next destiny. So we don’t want to be left behind so we are renovating ourselves in order to keep up with changes.

Our new website is responsive and you’ll see that all its content adapts well on any device. Therefore navigation is much more comfortable and you will be able to book from any device. Just try it!





  • Social Media
  • footer

Our reception is open 24/7 and if you follow us on our social profiles you will be always informed about anything that happens in our beloved hostel and our customers’ experiences. Click on our social media icons and start following us!

The new activities

  • Show cooking

Every Thursday in July and August our chef Argo will teach us to cook a typical dish of the Mediterranean cuisine. At the end of the class all assistants will be able to taste the recipe and share their questions with the chef. You’ll learn to do paella, tortilla de patatas (Spanish omelette) and much more. It will be delicious! Ask at reception for more information.

Date: Thursdays at 20h

  • Zumba

Zumba combines Latin and international music with a fun and effective workout. Our coach Yahima from Cuba will make you sweat the most fun way. So don’t forget to include sportswear in your suitcase when you come!

Date: Saturdays at 20h at Twentytú terrace

  • Music Sessions with a guest DJ

During Summer weekends everyone likes listening to good music, don’t you think? At Twentytú we are well aware of that and that’s why we are offering music sessions in July and August at out rooftop terrace. Enjoy chillout sessions, electro music and much more at the best place in our hostel in good company and a really nice environment!

Date: Fridays at 19.30h to 23h and Saturdays 21 to 23h

  • Nautical experience tour

One more summer we offer you the chance to enjoy a unique experience: sailing the Mediterranean Sea. Read all information on this link.

We hope you love our new website as much as we do! And if you visit us this summer, enjoy our new activities! It’s summertime!

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World Enviroment Day

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The World Environment Day is almost here and in Barcelona there will be a number of activities between May 30th and June 7th in several locations all over the city. You can enjoy the conferences, workshops, tours and much more to celebrate the big day of environment

As you might know, in Twentytú we strongly bet on environtment protection, and our installations have received the Biosphere Responsible Tourism among others. Our commitment to quality and sustainable tourism is a priority and we could not miss this appointment. That’s why we have joined Barcelona+Sustainable organization in order to struggle towards a better city.

This year companies, organizations and schools open their doors and invite you to visit their areas and participate in their activities, during the Pinya day. Barcelona+ Sustainable has organized some meetings to let citizens know about their actions. Twentytú is a member of this group and we also take part in the open day on June 5th at 4pm. If you want to come to the tour you need to book before. So, if you want to enjoy and learn about our hostel, confirm your registration at this link.

All these activities have been organized by the Citizen Commitment Sustainability signatories, who defend principles, goals and lines of action to move towards a better city. To get information about all the activities, you can visit the website

You can follow the event and be informed real time on Twitter, with the hashtags #diamediambient and #bcnsostenible, which the organization has proposed. If you take part in any of these activities, share your experiences on Twitter!

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Music festivals

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Starting shot for the music festivals in Barcelona. This week Primavera Sound arrives to town, and after that it will be Sónar’s turn, and then BAM and so on. Want to know all about these festivals? Take note and plan your trip to Barcelona with the best music.

It is not surprising that Barcelona offers the best music festivals in Spain. From Baroque to techno, crowds from all over the world attend the best music festivals in Barcelona.

Primavera Sound

It covers any musical style or genre, but focuses mostly on pop, rock and electro genre. This year the main artists are: Albert Hammond, The Black Keys, James Blake, Patti Smith ¬Band, Alt-J, Interpol, the Strokes…

You can still buy tickets here 

Date: 28th – 30th May


The most famous music festival in Barcelona. It is a three-day electronic and advanced music festival. Everyone knows the Sónar by night and Sónar by day. Since 1994 it is the great chance to visit the city. New Order, Richie Hawtin, Fatboy Slim, The Roots, Hot Chip and much more, all of them play on June. Buy your ticket sonar festival.

Date: 14th – 16th June


Cruïlla Barcelona

Three day summer music festival in Barcelona which has grown to be one of the best summer music festivals with around 30,000 music fans in attendance at two stages at the Parc del Fòrum festival grounds. Jamie Culum, FFS, Kendrick Lamar, and Catalan artists like Els catarres and more.


11th – 13th July

Barcelona Beach Festival:

The DJs David Guetta, Hardwell, Axwell&Ingrosso, and many more the will be starring at the first beach festival. Learn more about this festival on our post Things to do during Barcelona Beach Festival.

Date: 18th July


Means “Musical Action Barcelona” and has promoted, for already 18 editions, the best independent artists. The best folk, electronic vibes, rock, pop and indi sounds. The artists for the 2015 edition have not been confirmed.

Date: 18th – 23rd September

Summer without music is not an option in Barcelona. The sun, the beach and the best music festivals: visit us this summer and May the music be with you!

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We are releasing the Twentytú App!

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We are so excited to present you the new Twentytú App, which we think will be a great way to communicate with you when you are staying with us. In a few simple steps you’ll have all information about the hostel and Barcelona on your hand. Discover why we are the first hostel with our own app… and download it now!

App Store:

Google Play:

Why you should download the Twentytú app:

  • Want to know every detail about our services? Our app will be useful for you to move around the hostel and not miss anything
  • Need to contact us before you arrive at the hostel? With only one tap, we are right at the other side!
  • Your opinion really matters to us! With this app you can let us know your feelings and suggestions about your stay very easily.
  • Stay updated with everything that’s going on at the hostel with the app’s notifications. For instance, we’ll let you know when the breakfast is drawing to an end, or we’ll share the next football match to watch at the entertainment area.


  • Want to know every corner in Barcelona? With the app this is much easier: just visit the Explore section. You can learn about things to do and suggestions, look for destinations or visit the most emblematic places.
  • Discover the restaurants, bars, or nightclubs close to you.
  • You can listen to the audio guides on your smart phone. Simple and cheap.
  • What would you like to do today? Find out the best events in the city, concerts, theatre, opera, or children’s entertainers. You can get to know the weekly events and plan your trip to Barcelona.
  • Create your own route, for the entire family, for the shopping day, or to discover the architecture of Barcelona.

You can also view the guide of Barcelona, with the links to useful tips to move around the city, knowing the history, and the means of transport.

We are very proud to present you this app, which we strongly believe will help you on your stay in Barcelona. Ask for more information at the hostel reception and remember to download the app!

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False myths about hostels

30th April, 2015 / / No Comments

Keep reading this if you think that hostels are only for young people, or that they are not clean and comfortable enough. Nowadays you can stay in a modern hostel for a low price but enjoying the same services that in a luxury hotel.

There are a lot of prejudices about hostels, but the reality is very different. At Twentytú we have private bathrooms in every room, daily cleaning services and the best mattresses. So what is the new hostel concept about? Here’s our definition.

Shared rooms

All hostels have shared rooms that can be used by guests travelling alone, in groups, as a couple or by a family too. Shared rooms offer the possibility of sleeping cheap and meeting other people.

But if you want some privacy, we also have double rooms or family rooms for 4 people. You choose the best option!


Private bathroom

Sometimes people think that they are going to have to share bathroom with all guests at the hostel. Maybe this is true … but not anymore in Twentytú! You don’t need to walk up and down the hostel’s aisles wearing only a towel. All our rooms have a private bathroom, so you only have to share it with your roommates.


Have you ever heard about bed and breakfast? This service is always included with the low price. At Twentytú we offer a delicious continental breakfast every morning, which includes coffee, toasts with marmalade or cookies… to start the day in a good mood!

Another well-known feature of hostels are the common spaces: fully equipped kitchen, dining room and an entertaining area. It can be really comfortable to cook something you like when you are far away from home.

Having all spaces clean and proper is a priority at our hostel. That’s why we have a daily cleaning service. Low price is not at odds with cleanliness and comfort.

If you want to know more about Twentytú hostel visit this link. We hope you have high expectations about hostel and so you choose Twentytú during your stay in Barcelona.

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