The best APPS for Barcelona

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Coming to Barcelona? Download these apps for Barcelona, and make your perfect trip.

Before you arrive, we recommend you to check your flight with these applications of Barcelona Airport. This way you will know if there is any incidence or late arrival to the city.

  • Aeropuerto Barcelona BCN.  This application contains information Arrivals flight to Barcelona El Prat Airport. Local weather information.

Once you hit the ground in Barcelona, you’ll need to know the combinations of public transport. We suggest you:

  • TMB APP. The official app of public transport of Barcelona. Information on bus and metro services, time table, and maps.
  • ByTaxi. Order a taxi with two taps, track your driver in real time and pay your trips cashless by app.

So with these apps you’ll arrive without problems to the hostel. After you accommodate yourself and you’re ready to go out, check these apps to move around in Barcelona.

  • Bus Turístic Virtual.  Find the most emblematic monuments and spots in the city.
  • BCN CITY.  The definite guide of Barcelona.

While you walk in Barcelona streets you can discover some art treasures with these apps

  • BCN DESIGN TOUR. Barcelona Design Tour submerges us in Barcelona’s design culture and offers us a group of actors who make up the city’s design sector.

Time to eat, are you hungy? You can search the best restaurants around you with one of these Barcelona apps, and if you are vegetarian read our post of The best vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona.

  • APP The Fork. All restaurants and all special offers.

If you want to visit the principal city sights sign up in these apps

  • APP Sagrada Familia. The application enables users to enjoy a virtual tour of the interior.
  • FCB APP. Download the latest update and begin enjoying all the Club news as it happens – the first team, the sections, player profiles, complete stats history and honours…

And Barcelona includes more diversity of activities for all styles and ages, we propose you download:

  • Port Aventura APP. All you need know about the amusement park.
  • Barcino 3D. Fly over the city, and observe the remains and Roman buildings still standing today.
  • BCN Museus. Application presents the museums in Barcelona grouped by categories.

If you want more information read our post about museums of Barcelona.

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Valentine’s Day and Carnival in Barcelona

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We are expecting a lot of party this week, it is time to celebrate Saint Valentine’s Day with your beloved one, to participate in #TwentytuLove contest on Instagram and to enjoy the Carnival with friends. Don’t worry: there is time for everything! Today we give you a few ideas to make a perfect plan and not miss anything.

Valentine’s Day magic

Are you in love? Want to surprise your lover? One option is to mix both festivities and appear dressed as Cupid. But if you really want to leave your lover speechless, book a sailing tour on a sight-seeing boat in Barcelona. And if you don’t have the budget for that, you can just organize a picnic at the beach or at Horta’s Labyrinth Park and you will succeed. Or you can always book a table at his/her favorite restaurant, or go on a route around the romantic streets in Barcelona. Don’t forget to take a photo of your romantic evening and share it in our competition in Instagram.

Participate in San valentine’s competition on Twentytú

Take a romantic photo and upload it on Instagram with the hashtag #TwentytuLove and mention @TwentytuHostel. The most liked photo will be the winner. The prize is a weekend to our double bedrooms. You have time to participate from Febrary 14th to 20th.

Conditions: The winner must check the availability. Dates excluded: Easter, Sónar, MotoGP, Formula 1, Primavera Sound, 17th, 18th and 19th July.


Carnival in Barcelona

The city disguises every year and there are plenty of activities to enjoy with friends or family. You can see all activities and celebrations in this program. But here are some things you shouldn’t miss:

  • King Carnival’s arrival and Fireworks. Tuesday 12th at 18h.
  • The Carnival rua in Barcelona. Saturday 14th around the city.
  • The Taronjada. Sunday 15th at 18.15h on Born. This year the party ends with a flash mob with the song ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams, you can start rehearsing with this video:

Carnival in Sitges

The most famous Carnival in Barcelona is Sitges Carnival. The city is visited by thousands of people wearing the best and most original costumes. To get to Sitges, just take the train at Sants Station or Passeig de Gràcia Station. There is a train every 10 or 20 minutes, the first one starts at 5.45h and the latest at 00.06. Check the timetables to avoid missing the train. Don’t miss anything about this huge party and see the program of Carnival’s Sitges.

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Design, Young talent and Twentytú

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In Twentytú we keep betting on young talent and innovative design. In order to create a new communications campaign, we designed a competition in collaboration with Design at BAU College. And we already have the winners!

We wanted to continue communicating our values but with new, original and fresh ideas, so we contacted 4th Grade Students at Graphic Career in BAU, with whom we usually work.

The result has been successful: we have received 20 projects, which have been evaluated by a professional jury formed by Pepón Prades, creative publicist with over 30 years of experience and Founder and Creative Director of the Agency PTS; Jaume Balagué, creative director at Fhios, and Ignasi Uñó, CEO at Twentytú.

In the coming months we will show you the winning project, by Guillermo Bastos and Sònia Rico. The winners managed to reflect on their project the style that the jury was expecting, with an innovative idea and a strong personality. The project outcome will include a 20 seconds spot, a poster for public transport, the design of a newsletter and other marketing actions. The jury also decided to give a special mention to Pau Aguirremota and Laura Vall’s project, in the category of Guerrilla Action.

The players explained and defended their projects in front of jury at Design at BAU College during several sessions, all of them held in the school (at 22@ district of Barcelona). Last week, we celebrated an event at Twentytú where the names of the winners were released, as well as the evaluation for each project by the jury.

We want to thank all BAU students for their dedication and effort. Thank You!

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10 Interesting facts about Barcelona

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There are many interesting facts about Barcelona you might not know. Today we have selected some of the thing that will surprise you most about our beloved city. Remember: this blog category is about the real Barcelona, not the touristic one! Here’s our list of fun facts about Barcelona:

  • Portal de l’Àngel, the main shopping street in Barcelona, is the most crowded street in Spain, with more than 3.000 pedestrians every hour. Read our post for more information on Shopping in Barcelona.
  • There are 12 abandoned underground stations in Barcelona. Some of them can be visited every now and then (in special events, such as scary nights). They have also been used as movie sets.
  • Barcelona’s harbour is the biggest and most important one in the Mediterranean Sea.
  • FC Barcelona’s Museum is the most visited museum in Catalonia, with more than 1.5 million visitors every year. That’s right, Barça is famous all around the world. Read our post on Barça city to learn more about football tradition in Barcelona.
  • La Rambla, the most touristic avenue in Barcelona, is actually 5 streets put together, with different names: Canaletes, Estudis, Sant Josep (also named Flowers rambla), Caputxins and Santa Mònica.
  • Barcelona’s most famous architect, Antoni Gaudí (the man who designed Sagrada Família, Pedrera and many other famous buldings) died because a streetcar ran over him.
  • You can still see some remainders of Spain Civil War (1936-39) in many places all over Barcelona. For example, in Sant Felip Neri Square, the façade of the church is full of little holes caused by gunshots. Hundreds of people were killed there, including children that studied in Sant Felip Neri school, right next to that church.

Sant Felip Neri - Interesting facts about BarcelonaRemainders of the Civil War in Sant Felip Neri Square

  • The Lovers’ Day in Barcelona (and Catalonia) is not saint Valentine’s, but Sant Jordi (Saint George). Lovers give each other roses and books to celebrate their love. Read our post on Things to do in Barcelona in Sant Jordi for more information.
  • Barcelona was widely transformed around 1992 due to the Olympic Games. Many roads and infrastructures were built for the event and still remain. And a surprising fact about Barcelona beaches: they were not used for leisure until the late 80s! Before that, they were destined to industrial matters.
  • The singular design of Barcelona taxis (yellow and black) was standardised in 1934 in order to gather all taxi drivers under the same conditions.

Do you know any more fun facts about Barcelona? Tell us!

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The best vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona

15th January, 2015 / / No Comments

Vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona are becoming more and more popular, and especially among those who practice sustainable tourism and green lifestyle. Even if you are not a vegetarian, you might enjoy a healthy and tasty meal based on anything but meat and fish. Here’s a list of some of our favourite vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona.

  • Veggie Garden
    An oriental vegetarian restaurant located in the city centre, very close to MACBA (Museum of Contemporary Art). It is hosted by an Indian family and it offers a wide variety of delicious vegetarian and vegan meals at really affordable prices.
  • L’Hortet
    This vegetarian restaurant opened in Barcelona 25 years ago and it is one of the most well-known in town. Based in the city centre, they offer creative dishes mixed with more traditional food. And good news: it is not expensive at all!
  • Teresa Carles
    This vegetarian restaurant has become really popular in Barcelona’s alternative and hipster sphere. Delicious food based on traditional ingredients but with really innovative recipes. And the restaurant is really carefully designed to make you feel at home.
  • Sopa
    Looking for a vegetarian restaurant near Twentytú? Just a few blocks away you have Sopa, where you can get a really good and affordable daily menu. Their most popular dish: vegetable soups! Any mix you can imagine (pumpkin with carrots and ginger, for example), and all of them delicious!
  • Carrot Café
    This one is not entirely vegetarian, but they do offer a vegetarian menu that is as delicious as it can be. And the best thing: if you are staying in Twentytú, just go next door! Carrot Café is one of the best places to eat in Barcelona, even if you are a vegetarian. And, if you like cakes, this is definitely your place: it is famous for its carrot or cheese cakes. Just have a look at this photo and start feeling hungry:

Cakes in Carrot Café

So this is it: keep it up with your sustainable tourism practices (or you healthy detox diet after Christmas) with these vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona!

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7 things to do in Barcelona in Winter… with kids!

5th January, 2015 / / No Comments

Christmas days are over, but Barcelona is still a magical city for kids. Today we give you some ideas to make the most of your stay in Barcelona this Winter. Bye bye boredom!

Comic books and more

In Barcelona there is a place where you will find all kinds of comic books, videogames, science fiction and fantasy products. That is The ‘Nerd’ Triangle, an area near Twentytú with the best shops in town. Kids will love it… and grown-ups too!

Museums with kids

They are warm and full of culture, but they can also be reaaaaally fun! In Barcelona there are some museums that kids will love, such as one all about chocolate, inventions or wax statues. Read our post on Museums for kids in Barcelona!

A walk in Park Güell

In Barcelona there’s a park with the most strange sculptures and shapes you can imagine, and great views of the city. There is even a dragon there that has already become an icon of the city. A Winter morning with kids in Park Güell is a great idea!

Tibidabo Theme Park

Looking for cool roller coasters and vintage fair rides? You place is Tibidabo Park, which also features great views of the city as it is on top of Collserola mountain.

Cycling around

What kid doesn’t enjoy a good, nice and easy bike ride? In Barcelona there are thousands of interesting cycle routes, such as these we told you about on our post Cycling in Barcelona. Our favourite for families is the route from Port Vell to Barceloneta: always by the sea, with a bike lane and really easy.

Under the sea in Aquàrium

Although some can be quite frightening, isn’t it cool to see sharks, exotic jellyfish and all kind of sea species… just one metre away? In Aquàrium you will get to see the most beautiful, frightening or surprising sea creatures you can imagine.

Finding treasures in the city: geocaching!

Why not go treasure hunting around the city with a mobile app? This is what geocaching is about: people hide treasures all around the world, also in Barcelona, and you have to find them following some clues. A really fun way to travel with kids!

Still want more? In our post Things to do for families in Barcelona we gave you some more ideas, a few months ago. So if you are coming to Barcelona with kids this Winter, there are plenty of things to do and enjoy the city!

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New Year’s Eve in Barcelona: party at Twentytú!

24th December, 2014 / / No Comments

Yeah! We are really looking forward to New Year’s Eve in Barcelona this year because… the best New Year’s dinner is bound to take place at Twentytú! You are all welcome to come and enjoy a great New Year’s party. Are you in?

We are going to have a great New Year’s dinner, and we will welcome 2015 following the Spanish tradition: eating 12 grapes (one for each bell) and toasting with cava. How will we know when the bells are ringing? Easy: Agbar Tower will illuminate with each one! All with the best environment you can imagine: the great views from our chill-out rooftop terrace.

  • New Year’s Menu at Twentytú
    – Starters: Prawn Salad, Spanish omelette cubes and Serrano ham croquettes
    – Main dish: Chicken thigh on sweet mustard sauce
    – Dessert: Chocolate cake

And… a fantastic goodie bag, a glass of Cava and grapes to welcome the New Year! All for only 19€!

  • And after our party… the night goes on!
    All clubs in Barcelona host New Year’s parties of all sorts. You can either look for small parties at clubs or bars, or just go to some of the most popular parties in town.
  • Are you into alternative and indie music? Go to Razzmatazz, where you’ll find a special party to welcome 2015 but with the best indie music you can find in Barcelona. And the good thing is that it is only a couple of minutes away from Twentytú!
  • Do you prefer regular pop and dance music? Poble Espanyol New Year’s party is the biggest in town: 3 different areas with different styles of music, and the entry includes hot chocolate and breakfast to finish the party with a good taste. If you go from Twentytú, you will have to go by metro until Espanya station, but it is only 7 stops away!

So, have you decided yet? Come to Twentytú to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Barcelona!

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Christmas in Barcelona streets

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Christmas has arrived to Barcelona. Have you noticed it? It is all around the street! Today we talk about Christmas markets in Barcelona and also our favourite street lights.

Christmas markets in Barcelona

As well as other European cities, Barcelona also holds some really amazing Christmas markets, though respecting Catalan traditions. So you’ll find toys, nativity figures, simbombes or tambourines (traditional musical instruments) and other Christmas souvenirs that are typical from Barcelona. Here’s a list of some of the most popular:

  • Santa Llúcia fair: a huge Christmas market located in front of Barcelona’s Cathedral. This year they celebrate its 228 anniversary and it is open until 23rd December.
  • Three wise Men Fair: when Santa Llúcia is over and Santa Claus has left, everyone starts looking forward the Three Wise Men: three Oriental Kings that come the 5th January at night to give presents for those who have well behaved this year. In Gran Via you’ll find a huge fair with all sorts of toys and gifts. And a must: delicious churros!
  • And vintage and second hand markets all over Barcelona: Remember we told you about them on our post Second hand and flea markets in real Barcelona .

Christmas lights in Barcelona streets

The main commercial avenues and streets of Barcelona are already dressed by Christmas. Have you seen how colourful and bright are the trees in Las Ramblas? And the shining lights in Passeig de Gràcia? Just go for a walk at noon and enjoy!

This year, we especially recommend going to Gran Via, where the lights are really original: each one is a small sentence about Christmas, such as “Ding Dang Dong” (bells) or “Txin Txin Txin” (glasses in a toast). And also Aragó street looks really beautiful: with a “sky” of small light bulbs as if they were little stars (below photo).

Christmas lights in Aragó street

And our everytime favourite: come to our rooftop terrace and enjoy Agbar tower during Christmas!

Christmas is waiting for you in Barcelona!

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Things to do in Winter in Barcelona

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It’s already Winter in Barcelona! Well, actually not yet (few days to go), but the weather is as cold as it will probably get, so here’s a couple of things we love to do in Barcelona during winter days. But don’t be afraid: winter in Barcelona means around 12ºC (53F); that’s like Spring in northern Europe!

So what to do during winter in Barcelona? There are a lot of things to do in Barcelona when the days turn colder!

Hello, Christmas

Well, yes. You probably already know this, but Christmas is just around the corner. That’s why Barcelona streets are all about Christmas lights, shopping, wishes and much more. If you want to learn about Christmas in Barcelona, read our post on Christmas in Barcelona.

Winter is a great time for shopping

Whether it’s before Christmas, when everybody is looking for the best presents for the special ones, or after Christmas, with sales going on, if you like shopping (and you can afford it) this period of the year is a dream come true. In Barcelona there are thousands of shops of all kinds and sizes that will delight you. Read our post on Shopping in Barcelona.

Remember: vermouth is a great thing to do in Barcelona during all year long, even in Winter. But maybe you are not that much into cold drinks in Winter. No problem! Here are at Barcelona there are some places that master the art of… hot chocolate with churros. At breakfast or after lunch, this meal will be absolutely unforgettable. We specially recommend going to Petritxol Street, right in the city centre. Absolutely delicious.

Catalans’ favourite: calçots

What are calçots? A calçot is just a long onion cooked by the fire and eaten with a special sauce and, most importantly, with your fingers. In Catalunya, calçots are a really popular meal in Winter, but it’s much more than that. Gathering some friends at the countryside, preparing a fire (in special areas just for that), cooking calçots and then eating them. It is a ritual more than just a meal! You can also find calçots in some restaurants.

Mountains, snow and skiing

Catalunya is not Switzerland, but we have great snowy mountains too! In the north of the country, by the Pyrenees, ski lovers always find their place. Even if you don’t like ski and just prefer doing snowmen or enjoying the views, we recommend a visit to this area.

If you are going by train, Vall de Núria is a great place. Jump on a R3 train in Arc de Triomf station until Ribes de Freser. There you can get a really cute train that will take you through the mountains to the most beautiful valley you can imagine: Vall de Núria. A great place to walk around, enjoy the views and also ski and practice other snow sports!

Come and enjoy many things to do in Winter in Barcelona.

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Street art in Barcelona

5th December, 2014 / / No Comments

Street art in Barcelona is everywhere. If you walk around the city with no rush and your eyes wide open, you’ll see hundreds of art pieces hidden between urban furniture and buildings. And especially Poblenou, our neighbourhood, is a great place for street art lovers. Keep reading!

Keith Haring against AIDS

“All together we can stop AIDS”. That’s the claim of this mural painted by Keith Haring in 1989. You’ll find it right next to MACBA (Museum of Contemporary Art). Beautiful, meaningful and already emblematic in Barcelona, after 25 years, you can’t miss it.

Street art Barcelona - Keith Haring

Les Formigues (Ants), a visual poem by a Catalan poet

Joan Salvat-Papasseit was one of the best poets that Catalunya has ever known. In this piece, the poem form a line of ants, that is what the poem is all about. It says: “Camí del sol / per les rutes amigues / les formigues” (On the way to the sun, through the friendly routes, go the ants). It is in Passeig del Born Street, at the corner with Rec Street.

Street art Barcelona - Les formigues

Joan Fontcuberta’s “The Kiss of Freedom”

This Catalan photographer and visual artist has recently installed this beautiful mosaic of hundreds of photos that all together form a lovely image: two kissing mouths. The photos were sent by many Barcelona locals that wanted to be a part of it. You’ll find it at Isidre Nonell Square, right next to the Cathedral.

Street art Barcelona - El Petó de la Llibertat

Poblenou Street art

Poblenou used to be an industrial district, but over the past few years it has been transformed into an avant-garde neighbourhood. Plenty of new businesses and start-ups are coming to Poblenou, and also many audiovisual and creative studios. But there are still some abandoned plots that are the perfect scenario for street artists to do their thing.

That’s why if you are interested in street art in Barcelona, we highly recommend a walking tour all over Poblenou with your eyes wide open. Totally worth it!

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