We are releasing the Twentytú App!

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We are so excited to present you the new Twentytú App, which we think will be a great way to communicate with you when you are staying with us. In a few simple steps you’ll have all information about the hostel and Barcelona on your hand. Discover why we are the first hostel with our own app… and download it now!

App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/es/app/bitdaycity/id921946661

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bitdaycity.bitdaycity

Why you should download the Twentytú app:

  • Want to know every detail about our services? Our app will be useful for you to move around the hostel and not miss anything
  • Need to contact us before you arrive at the hostel? With only one tap, we are right at the other side!
  • Your opinion really matters to us! With this app you can let us know your feelings and suggestions about your stay very easily.
  • Stay updated with everything that’s going on at the hostel with the app’s notifications. For instance, we’ll let you know when the breakfast is drawing to an end, or we’ll share the next football match to watch at the entertainment area.


  • Want to know every corner in Barcelona? With the app this is much easier: just visit the Explore section. You can learn about things to do and suggestions, look for destinations or visit the most emblematic places.
  • Discover the restaurants, bars, or nightclubs close to you.
  • You can listen to the audio guides on your smart phone. Simple and cheap.
  • What would you like to do today? Find out the best events in the city, concerts, theatre, opera, or children’s entertainers. You can get to know the weekly events and plan your trip to Barcelona.
  • Create your own route, for the entire family, for the shopping day, or to discover the architecture of Barcelona.

You can also view the guide of Barcelona, with the links to useful tips to move around the city, knowing the history, and the means of transport.

We are very proud to present you this app, which we strongly believe will help you on your stay in Barcelona. Ask for more information at the hostel reception and remember to download the app!

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False myths about hostels

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Keep reading this if you think that hostels are only for young people, or that they are not clean and comfortable enough. Nowadays you can stay in a modern hostel for a low price but enjoying the same services that in a luxury hotel.

There are a lot of prejudices about hostels, but the reality is very different. At Twentytú we have private bathrooms in every room, daily cleaning services and the best mattresses. So what is the new hostel concept about? Here’s our definition.

Shared rooms

All hostels have shared rooms that can be used by guests travelling alone, in groups, as a couple or by a family too. Shared rooms offer the possibility of sleeping cheap and meeting other people.

But if you want some privacy, we also have double rooms or family rooms for 4 people. You choose the best option!


Private bathroom

Sometimes people think that they are going to have to share bathroom with all guests at the hostel. Maybe this is true … but not anymore in Twentytú! You don’t need to walk up and down the hostel’s aisles wearing only a towel. All our rooms have a private bathroom, so you only have to share it with your roommates.


Have you ever heard about bed and breakfast? This service is always included with the low price. At Twentytú we offer a delicious continental breakfast every morning, which includes coffee, toasts with marmalade or cookies… to start the day in a good mood!

Another well-known feature of hostels are the common spaces: fully equipped kitchen, dining room and an entertaining area. It can be really comfortable to cook something you like when you are far away from home.

Having all spaces clean and proper is a priority at our hostel. That’s why we have a daily cleaning service. Low price is not at odds with cleanliness and comfort.

If you want to know more about Twentytú hostel visit this link. We hope you have high expectations about hostel and so you choose Twentytú during your stay in Barcelona.

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Our tips on Barcelona metro: don’t get lost!

20th April, 2015 / / No Comments

Barcelona metro has 11 lines, distinguished on network maps with different colors, many ticket options, timetables and several stations you will probably need to use at some point during your stay. Moving around in a new city can be tough sometimes, that’s why we want to help you. Here are our tips to get around in Barcelona by metro

1.       Buy the ticket

Find the ticket that suits your needs:

– Just one journey: a single Ticket (2.15€). Watch out: this ticket doesn’t include transfers!

– More than 5 journeys: T-10 ticket (9.95€). It includes 10 rides and it can be used by several people.

– Multi-day travel cards: unlimited rides during a certain period of time, from 2 to 5 days (from 14 to 32€, depending on the number of days you choose). Visit this website to get a 10% discount on these travel cards.

All tickets, except the single ticket, include metro, bus, local train (FGC), tram and regional train. With one of these tickets you can make up to three transfers, with a time limit of 75 minutes after the first validation

2.       Timetable

– From Monday to Thursday and Sundays: 5.00am – midnight

– Fridays: 5.00 am – 2.00 am

– Saturdays & a few special festivities: open all night long

If you can, we recommend you avoid the rush hours (from 7.30am to 9am approx.): the metro is crowded!

3.       The main stations

Download the map of Barcelona metro in this link. But if you only need to know the main station touristic takes note:

The city center: Pl Catalunya station Line 3 (green) and Line 1 (red)

Sagrada Família: Sagrada Família station Line 2 (purple) or Line 5 (blue)

Parc Güell: Lesseps Station Line 3 (green) or Vallcarca station Line 3 (green)

The beach:  Barceloneta Line 4 (yellow) or Ciutadella station Line 4 (yellow)

The train: Sants Estació station Line 3 (green) or Line 5 (blue)

Twentytú: Glòries station Line 1 (red) or Marina station Line 1 (red)

And one last tip: people in Barcelona metro usually stand up and get close to the door much before the train gets to the station. If you want to make sure you get down where you want, take this into account and be prepared!

If you want to know more about Barcelona metro, we will pleasantly help you out: just ask! And if you want to read about other means of transport in Barcelona, check Sustainable Tourism in BCN: all you need to know about green mobility. Have a nice journey!

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Running en Barcelona: tres, dos, uno….VAMOS!

15th April, 2015 / / No Comments

El running en Barcelona está de moda y cada vez hay más runners por la ciudad. Si eres un amante de este deporte, no te pierdas la lista de las mejores carreras populares que se celebran en Barcelona. Para profesionales, amateurs, con familia o con amigos, si vas a venir a Barcelona y quieres salir corriendo encuentra la cursa que mejor se adapte a ti.

Lo único que vas a necesitar son unas buenas zapatillas deportivas para correr, una camiseta y un pantalón adecuados para la ocasión. Recuerda siempre realizar ejercicios de preparación para evitar lesiones y poder disfrutar de la carrera.

Elije la carrera que se adapta mejor a tu nivel…¡y a correr!

Cursa Nocturna de l’Hospitalet

Este mes llega la Nocturna de l’Hospitalet: si te apetece correr de noche te recomendamos esta carrera que al final premia a los corredores con una estupenda fideuá. Puedes elegir hacer el recorrido de 5 o el de 10 km. Las inscripciones siguen abiertas en la web.

  • Fecha: 18 de Abril
  • Precio: de 11 a 14€ en función de si llevas o no el chip

The Color Run

Para los que quieren correr y pasarlo bien al mismo tiempo se ha creado la Color Run. Se trata de una carrera de 5 km llenos de color, diversión, deporte y música. Puede participar toda la familia, y se define como la carrera más divertida del planeta.

  • Fecha: 7 de Junio de 2015
  • Precio: los precios oscilan entre los 14 a los 26€

Cursa dels Bombers de Barcelona

Es otra de las más multitudinarias, en este caso las inscripciones van que vuelan. Se trata de una carrera de 10km que cuenta con atletas de renombre entre sus participantes. Puedes estar al día de esta cursa en esta web.

  • Fecha: Por determinar, pero se calcula que será entre mayo y junio.

The Family Run

Para las familias que corren unidas os presentamos esta carrera donde lo importante es disfrutar de la experiencia. Hay distintos circuitos en función de la edad de los peques de la casa. Encuentra todos los detalles en su web.

  • Fecha: domingo 14 de Junio
  • Precio: para los niños es de 5€, y para los adultos desde 8€.

Esta es nuestra selección para los próximos meses, pero como te contamos en Barcelona el running está de moda y hay un sinfín de carreras populares. Si quieres conocer el calendario de todas las carreras consulta la página http://www.labolsadelcorredor.com/ Preparado, listo, ya… ¡Te esperamos en Twentytú!

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Barcelona parks… playtime with kids!

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Coming to Barcelona with kids? Let us tell you how to enjoy the city… playing with the youngest of the family! Weather is getting warmer and so parks and gardens all over the city open until 9pm. An ideal plan to discover the city… having the best time ever!

Barcelona is full of magical spots such as the well-known Ciutadella or Park Güell, but also some precious jewels yet to discover such as Poblenou’s Parc Central. So, grab a pen and take note: do not miss any of these urban oasis!

Park Güell

One of Gaudí’s most popular works, doubtlessly. But what most people don’t know is that there’s a skating rink inside the park. So you can lay back and enjoy this wonderful park while your kites have a great time skating. And do not forget to take a photo with the dragon, to dance between the columns, or to play hide-and-seek in Pórtico de la Lavandera. Organize your trip around Park Güell here.

Ciutadella Park

You’ll find this natural retreat right in the city centre. One of its main attractions is to rent a boat and sail around the main lake. Your kids will have a wonderful time rowing around the ducks that live there. Inside the park you’ll fins Barcelona Zoo too, a must for children. Check our post on Barcelona Tourism with kids for further information.

Poblenou’s Parc Central

This is one of the hidden gems to discover in Barcelona. This wonderful space created by Jean Nouvel is not among the most visited in the city yet. The design by this French architect will amaze your kids: it seems to be especially for them, as they can play with nature, tangling with branches or going up hills and then going down on a slide. The main attraction is a hut where your children will want to play all afternoon long. If you are staying at Twentytú this park is really close. Don’t miss it!

Horta’s Labyrinth

If we had to choose one perfect spot in Barcelona for kids, that would be Horta’s Labyrinth. Playing there and getting lost in this wonderful garden is an unforgettable experience for both kids and grown-ups!

Oreneta Park

For kids this forest is a world of emotions where they can ride a small steam train or even a pony. For adults, Oreneta Park is a great place to get lost and enjoy the views over the whole city. A daytrip that will please the whole family.

Port Vell

If you like to smell the sea breeze, you can’t leave Barcelona without vistiting the Port Vell. At this emblematic place you can go for a walk, do sports, go shopping or visit museums. And don’t miss the Aquàrium: a magical place for children!

In Barcelona there are over a hundred parks and gardens. If you want to learn more, visit this website. You can also have a good family time in these Museums for kids. And remember we have family rooms in our hostel. Looking forward to your visit, family!

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Saving water in Twentytú

30th March, 2015 / / No Comments

March 22nd is the World Water Day around the planet, and on Twentytú we work hard every day to reduce water consumption. We want you to get involved in our challenge and get to know the importance this gift of nature. Join us and begin to change the world!

Believe it or not, little changes are powerful, and for sure you can think of little changes you can do to improve our planet every day. This is our philosophy and we built our Hi-Tech hostel based on it.

Bath time is when we waste more water. Can you imagine the water consumption in the morning on our hostel? Each member of our big guests family have their own style for showering. That is we decided to install showers and taps that work with timer switches. Maybe it isn’t the most comfortable way to have a shower, but it is the most sustainable.

Another action we’ve taken in order to look after the environment is to install the greywater recovery system. What is it? It is a recovery system for water from showers and basins so that it can subsequently be treated and used in the WC cisterns. Not a single drop of water is wasted!

The fact is that all of these decisions were made before building Twentytú Hostel, but you can work to save water at home too:

  • Put a low flow shower head and aerating taps.
  • Buy double flush cisterns to your WC.
  • Use the washer and dishes washer always at their full capacity.
  • Turn off the tap while you are brushing your teeth.
  • Take a shower instead of a bath. Go to the swimming pool or to the beach if you want a bath.

Every little thing can make a difference if a million people are doing it. We believe on transforming tourism into sustainable tourism, and we continue to work hard to reach our goals.  Are you in?

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Twentytú Hi-tech hostel receives the Smart Accomodation Prize at eeST 2015

17th March, 2015 / / No Comments

We are very proud to continue adding prizes related to the sustainable values that we defend. In this case, our project for efficient resources management and energy was recognized with the Smart Accomodation prize. The awards ceremony took place at II Congress on Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in Tourism (eeST).

The other awards went to:

  • Smart Destination Barcelona city received this recognition for its effort and commitment to promote environmental sustainability and energy efficiency.
  • Smart Innovation.  The Company Green Bending presented the project Impact Energy, which generates energy through a mini-biodigester for organic waste from hotels and restaurants.
  • The Prize Smart Mobility was given to Toyota and Urbaser for their development actions and the impulse of sustainable mobility in favor of the city, citizens and tourists of Barcelona.
  • Smart Communication. Twenergy is a digital platform dedicated to the dissemination and popularization of subjects related to energy efficiency and sustainability. They have a community with 50.000 users, and 90.000 followers on their social networks. For this reasons they received the Smart Communication prize.premieeST

This prize added to the other awards we received recently, as the Biosphere Responsible Tourism Certificate, in recognition to our bet for Sustainability. We keep on picking up success and we continue fighting to defend a more responsible and sustainable tourism. Join our cause!

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Twentytú, first Biosphere Responsible Tourism certified hostel in the world

17th March, 2015 / / No Comments

Our commitment to sustainable tourism has been recognized with the Biosphere Responsible Tourism certificate. This makes us the first hostel in the world to join the list of establishments with this qualification.  We are very happy!

The award is granted by the Institute of Responsible Tourism (IRT), linked to the UNESCO and the World Tourism Organization. We have become a part of a worldwide distinguished family, which aims to transform the tourism sector by promoting a responsible tourism system. The criteria taken into account for granting us the Biosphere Responsible Tourism certificate have been:

  • Conservation of the environment

On Twentytú all lights are powered by LED technology. We also have motion detection systems that activate lights only if necessary. Hostel’s showers and taps work with timer switches, allowing us to reduce water consumption. The bicycles rental service, with or without guide, and the advice to shared taxi services were also took into account. If you want to get the full details take a look at our website.

  • Social responsibility and commitment with the environment and society.

The IRT experts have assessed the collaboration with our neighbors of Bau Design College of Barcelona, as part of our commitment to the environment. Students designed the double rooms, and competed in the contest to define the new communication campaign.

Twentytú involvement in the ‘Fes el Turista a la teva Ciutat ‘ (Be a Tourist in your City), and its link with the Icaria Inciatives Socials (Icaria Social Initiatives) organization for the employment of disabled people have also scored points to become the first hostel in the world achieving the Biosphere Responsible Tourism standards.

Our commitment to solidarity programs goes a step further. Reservations of double rooms will earmark € 1 to one of these organizations dedicated to the protection of minors: Fundació Hospital Sant Joan de Deu , Make a wish Spain and Ires Foundation. Our customers can choose where the earmark will be paid.


We are happy to be part of this international list struggling to promote sustainable tourism.  Here from Twentytú we will keep working to make a better world and to improve tourism!

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De tapas por Barcelona

6th March, 2015 / / No Comments

Street life in Barcelona is somehow special. We can find nice places where to enjoy a drink while tasting tapas, platillos (literally small plates) or plates anywhere in the city. We offer you a selection of emblematic bars that, one way or another, deserve to be visited. Come on and join us in our tapeo route.

  • Quimet i Quimet
    Carrer del Poeta Cabanyes, 25 08004 Barcelona, España 934 42 31 42 Go!

Beer and tapas is always a winning tandem. Even more if tapas are very assorted and served plentiful and beer has been homebrewed by the owners. Here you will find the atmosphere of the old Paralelo, a nearby street once known by its numerous variety theaters and for being the Music Hall epicenter during decades.

  • Bodega 1900
    Carrer de Tamarit, 91 08015 Barcelona, España 933 25 26 59 Go!

New winds blowing in this old place, also close to Paralelo. New winds thanks to its loyal to its origins redesign and due to its new kitchen concept. Albert Adriá, Ferran’s brother and one of the main pillars of El Bulli, proposes an offer around vermouth, fine canned seafood, cold meats and salting fishes with the family touch. Accurate care with the product and the way to prepare it. Experience is worth the price.

  • Bar Tomás
    Carrer Major de Sarrià, 49 08017 Barcelona, España 932 03 10 77 Go!

A place full of history in the middle of Sarrià, an accommodated neighborhood in the upper side of the city. Its decoration has not changed in decades and, thanks God, its famous patatas bravas (spicy fries) are as good as the very first time. You can enjoy also other simple but tasty tapas including homemade croquets and small tuna pasties.

  • La Esquinica
    Passeig de Fabra i Puig, 296 08031 Barcelona, España 933 58 25 19 Go!

La Esquinica has a peculiar charm inspired in the classical Aragonese taverns. A huge assortment of tapas made with great products: calamari, croquets and other sautés with special highlight on the patatas bravas and the assorted sausages (cured or fried). Decoration has an authentic taste and waiters are fast, nice and hard-working. It can’t be done in another way because it’s not hard to find large queues of people waiting her turn.

  • Tapas 24
    24 Carrer de la Diputació, 269 08007 Barcelona Go!

Its strategic downtown placement and the gastronomic offer makes this place one of the tapas bar with longest queues in the city. The offer is traditional and has been created by the renowned chef Carles Abellán. You can’t book so, be patient!

If you are specifically looking for patatas bravas, the most popular tapa in Barcelona, read our post on The best places to eat bravas in Barcelona.

Go for a tapas tour in Barcelona!

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The best APPS for Barcelona

26th February, 2015 / / No Comments

Coming to Barcelona? Download these apps for Barcelona, and make your perfect trip.

Before you arrive, we recommend you to check your flight with these applications of Barcelona Airport. This way you will know if there is any incidence or late arrival to the city.

  • Aeropuerto Barcelona BCN.  This application contains information Arrivals flight to Barcelona El Prat Airport. Local weather information.

Once you hit the ground in Barcelona, you’ll need to know the combinations of public transport. We suggest you:

  • TMB APP. The official app of public transport of Barcelona. Information on bus and metro services, time table, and maps.
  • ByTaxi. Order a taxi with two taps, track your driver in real time and pay your trips cashless by app.

So with these apps you’ll arrive without problems to the hostel. After you accommodate yourself and you’re ready to go out, check these apps to move around in Barcelona.

  • Bus Turístic Virtual.  Find the most emblematic monuments and spots in the city.
  • BCN CITY.  The definite guide of Barcelona.

While you walk in Barcelona streets you can discover some art treasures with these apps

  • BCN DESIGN TOUR. Barcelona Design Tour submerges us in Barcelona’s design culture and offers us a group of actors who make up the city’s design sector.

Time to eat, are you hungy? You can search the best restaurants around you with one of these Barcelona apps, and if you are vegetarian read our post of The best vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona.

  • APP The Fork. All restaurants and all special offers.

If you want to visit the principal city sights sign up in these apps

  • APP Sagrada Familia. The application enables users to enjoy a virtual tour of the interior.
  • FCB APP. Download the latest update and begin enjoying all the Club news as it happens – the first team, the sections, player profiles, complete stats history and honours…

And Barcelona includes more diversity of activities for all styles and ages, we propose you download:

  • Port Aventura APP. All you need know about the amusement park.
  • Barcino 3D. Fly over the city, and observe the remains and Roman buildings still standing today.
  • BCN Museus. Application presents the museums in Barcelona grouped by categories.

If you want more information read our post about museums of Barcelona.

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