La Castanyada

31st October, 2013 / / No Comments

La Castanyada and Halloween are here! The day expected has come, or rather the awaited night. Do you know what the origins of Halloween are? According to the ancient Celtic and Anglo-Saxon calendars October 31st corresponded to the last day of the year and it also coincided with Samnhain feast, the God of the dead. Samhain is the Celtic New Year and a day to remember those who are no longer with us. Samnhain is in Celtic mythology the religious festival celebrating the birth of the dark period of the year and also means a ritual of transition and opening to the other world.

In Barcelona Halloween is… La Castanyada!

Here in Catalonia la Castanyada is the equivalent of Halloween and Samhain , celebrated November the 1st . La Castanyada comes from an ancient funeral ritual feast and is a celebration which is common to eat chestnuts, sweet potatoes and panellets . The streets are filled with stalls where to buy chestnuts and pastry shop sells all kinds of panellets. Yet there are many Halloween parties where everyone goes in disguise. We also have acclimated Twentytú hostel for the occasion .

Happy night of the living death and don’t forget to celebrate La Castanyada!

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Elastic Festival Razzmatazz

18th October, 2013 / / No Comments

Do you want to enjoy two days of nonstop concerts? November 1st and 2nd Elastic Festival comes to Razzmatazz and Twentytú will be the official accommodation for the event.

The independent music festival will host in Barcelona groups like The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, L.A, Fuel Fandango and Niños Mutantes, playing their best music.

And for enjoying a carefree we offer different packs including the festival pass plus the accommodation at our hostel, all very reasonably priced. You can choose the option that best suits your plan!

In Twentytú we work to make it easier for you to enjoy Elastic Festival Razzmatazz!

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Sustainability and energy efficiency conference

9th October, 2013 / / No Comments

Following our strong commitment to sustainability as a driver of development and growth, tomorrow we will attend the V Conference of Sustainability and Energy Efficiency in the Hotel Industry. Under the premise of maximizing energy savings we will be at Silken Diagonal Barcelona hotel to discuss with other professionals about energy management, energy certification of buildings and funding.

This is why tomorrow October 10th at 10am you have a date at the Silken Diagonal Barcelona. A sustainable future is up to you!

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Endesa Awards for the Most Sustainable Property Promotion 2013

4th October, 2013 / / No Comments

For the second year in a row we have been nominated to Endesa Awards for the Most Sustainable Property Promotion 2013. As a result of a study which analyzes the environmental level of public buildings, we are proud to announce that we have been nominated in the category of “Most Sustainable Non-Residential Property.”

These awards are recognition of our ongoing commitment to sustainability and technological innovation always linked to the concept of low-cost hotel. We hope that respect for the environment must support affordable rates in the lodge.

Now we look forward to the awards ceremony to be held the week of October 21st at the Barcelona Meeting Point Real Estate fair 2013.

We will keep you posted!

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Encants Barcelona opening

27th September, 2013 / / No Comments

Encants Barcelona has opened today at Plaça de les Glories in Barcelona as one of the oldest markets in Europe and a centre of commercial dynamism.

Besides being a modernist complex, one of its main features is the way it combines old and new staff all very reasonable priced. It is considered as an alternative market that offers all types of handicrafts and antiques with other high-tech products, just two steps from Twentytú.

However, the blatant novelty in ‘Encants Vells’ news stage is its restaurant service. If you stroll around this attractive architecture piece you will find a restaurant, 6 chic take away food stores and a ‘Street food’ area with common bars and tables. It is Worthwhile to go out from Twentytú and approaching to this characteristic atmosphere in Barcelona. Many pleasant surprises are waiting for you at Encants Barcelona!

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La Mercè: party, music and traditions

20th September, 2013 / / No Comments

La Mercè arrives to Barcelona to make it a cultural mosaic.

From September 20th till 24th, the city honors its patron saint and dresses up in its tradition costume: castellers, carnival figures called cabezudos, traditional dances and exhibitions will be the main characters of the day show while the concerts will be the stars of the night.

In this context will take also place BAM, a music festival  in which a wide variety of singers offer the best of their music.

Do not miss the Piromusical, a music, light and color spectacle culminating the festivities of La Mercè.

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Hipnotik Festival Barcelona

13th September, 2013 / / No Comments

Ready for Hipnotik festival? Barcelona’s most urban side comes tomorrow to light. This is the message of Hipnotik Festival 10th edition, a multidisciplinary event already consolidated as one of the reference national hip hop events of the country.

Duo Kie, Mala Juntera, Nasta and Soprano Suite will be among the artists performing in CCB (Barcelona Cultural Centre) to show the best of his music. Not only that but also urban art has its role. If you get your ticket you will be able to enjoy competitions, graffiti exhibitions, break dance, lectures and other activities that will take place between 12pm and 1am.

Ready to experience urban culture’s essence? Don’t miss Hipnotik Festival!

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Catalonia Day

6th September, 2013 / / No Comments

Catalonia Day is almost here and we want you to know what you are going to find during this special occasion in Barcelona.

In a festive and protest contest next  September 11th is the day when the National Day of Catalonia, also known as the Diada Nacional de Catalunya  is celebrated, commemorating the the Succession War of 1714 when took place the Barcelona’s last defense after 14 months siege. Barcelona defeat against the Bourbon troops meant the loss of Catalan institutions and freedoms, as Felipe V’s victory introduced a uniform political system in almost all his domains, including Castile and Aragon Crowns.

Catalonia Day is a pretty special day to spend in Barcelona with the whole family because all the balconies are filled with Catalan flags and crowds of people stroll around the streets for celebrating the occasion.

Catalonia Day in 2013

However, this year will be especially representative because it will take place the ‘Catalan Way to Independence’, a 400 km human chain inspired in the Baltic countries as Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, which hosted an event  with the same purpose in 1989. The particularity is the chain will be held at 17:14 p.m remembering 1714, the year of the War of Succession. This is going to be the main event in this year’s Catalonia Day.

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Sants festivities

23rd August, 2013 / / No Comments

August is the quintessential month of local festivities. After the traditional Gràcia festivities, which filled with life and colour one of the most emblematic districts of Barcelona, Sants district festivities arrive to the city, to close summer with lots of fun.

From today and until August 30th Sants district has organized a myriad of activities for entertaining all audiences: human towers, cercaviles, and nightly concerts and parties. So if August looked like a quiet month, Sants festivities are to take issue with it, as the streets become filled with a cozy atmosphere and a great dealof people emerge from their homes to stroll around the city.

Do not stay at home during your stay in Barcelona and come to see the most authentic of each neighborhood.

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Piknic Electronik Barcelona

16th August, 2013 / / No Comments

Day and night can mix offering a really attractive outcome. During the summer night and day are increasingly close, but the best is in the result from its merger. We are talking about Piknic Electronik Barcelona, an open-air activity that takes as much advantage from the day-light as from the night rhythm. Since June and till the end of September, Joan Brossa gardens in Montjuïc are filled every Sunday with the best electronic music in the best environment, capturing summer essence over a good picnic.

That is also an opportunity to come with little children, since there is a reserved area for kids and families where 12 and under can get in for free.

Fun does not understand age, it must be experienced!


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