The most successful swimsuits of the syncronized swimming team

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They may seem very common to you, but words like Miedo (fear), Mar (sea), Raul, África, Dalí or Yesterday are just some of the names given to the most successful swimsuits with an Olympic spirit.

Pretty cool, don´t you think so? You can have a glance of this pieces at the Museu Olímpic i de l´Esport, the Olympic museum of Barcelona, until September 1st.

At the exhibition you will get to know more about the golden age of the Spanish synchronized swimming team, so tied in with the evolution of the swimsuits used by swimmers to compete in the most important competitions that have taken place throughout the 21st century. To please, to get emotions, to impress, to have fun, to surprise… these have been the essences of the ornaments considered must-haves in order to compete in the highest ranked sport events.

The exposition showcases swimsuits from the last three editions of the Olympic Games, putting a special emphasis on the ornaments as a decisive element of the whole swimming routine. The girls of the synchronized swimming team have donated some of the most popular suits to give the public a chance to get to see them up close, and admire their colors, texture and see how they are being preserved.

We are talking about swimsuits that have accompanied their wearers to the path of success.

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Holi festival of colours Barcelona

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There are days in which anything goes. Everything around you can stay the same; however, nothing looks as usual. Suddenly a powerful strength captures you and you feel the need to leave behind all formalism and composure. It’s time to live spontaneity with arms wide open. This is the spirit of Holi festival, a popular Hindu celebration for welcoming spring.

Like any major festivity, Holi (Joli) has its history, which refers to the burning of Joliká. Its largest celebration takes place in India and lasts 16 days, a very special party that appeals to the masses and many tourists. Holi festival of colours Barcelona is about joy, burst of colors; it’s all for receiving spring in the best possible way. The party’s essence is throwing colors to each other as an expression of freedom and disinhibition. This contagious belief has moved to different countries in recent years and tomorrow arrives at Barcelona to burst into colors!

Are you coming to celebrate it?

Holi. Festival of Colors. 2012 from The Good Line on Vimeo.

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Barcelona Harley Days 2013

28th June, 2013 / / No Comments

Ready to be a sensation, Barcelona Harley Days 2013, this year’s most anticipated biker’s event, will be held next July 5th 6th and 7th at Barcelona. Harley-Davidson motorbikes will take over the Catalan city for the delight of all those who want to share a memorable journey while surrounded by cool motorbikes all in a genuine and unique atmosphere.

With the aim of celebrating both its 110 Anniversary and its 5th edition, Barcelona Harley Days 2013 will be held together at ‘Barcelona Fira’ in Montjuïc on the first week of July. Known as Harley-Davidson Europe’s biggest urban event, Barcelona Harley Days is free and aimed at public of all ages. The great new feature this year is a commemorative tent showcasing retrospective look at the American brand throughout the last 110 years. Classic designs will be exhibited, interactive games will be played and there will be also room for big music performances and many other surprises!

Are you coming to delight yourself in this motorcycling experience?

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“Sant Joan” festivity

21st June, 2013 / / No Comments

“Sant Joan” festivity is one of the most celebrated nights of the year in the Catalan Countries. Not only because it is known as the Fire Night, Witches Night or even Blond Night, but because it is the shortest one of the year, just when the summer solstice begins.

Throwing firecrackers and other fireworks as well as meeting friends over the fire while enjoying a good piece of Coca’s cake, are some of the traditions that take part each 23rd of June.

At Twentytú we don’t want to miss any chance to have fun by your side. This is why next Sunday 23rd of June we will be more than happy to count on you at our flat roof party.

You will have the opportunity to take a drink and a piece of coca cake all along with music and the best views of Barcelona. All for just 3 euro! And those who don’t want a fleeting night we will take you to the beach where you will be able to continue the party as long as you want.

Go and get your ticket for the Catalan festivity of the year!

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A night in Barcelona like a local

17th June, 2013 / / No Comments

Ready to party in Barcelona?

In our activity “Live the night like a local” we will spend a night in Barcelona visiting 3 bars and we will end up in one of the best town’s club. You will be able to enjoy 3 beers while getting a free entrance to the club!


  • Meeting point: Hostal reception
  • Start: 10.00 pm every Friday and Saturday night
  • Price: 12 Euros
  • Including: 3 drinks, discount for the second drink and club ticket.
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Rooftop Wake Up Sessions

11th June, 2013 / / No Comments

Would you like to travel to the inside? Join the Rooftop Wake Up Sessions, an opportunity to enjoy life through movement.

We offer a space to connect with yourself, a place to revitalize and nurture your senses, thoughts and feelings, with a fresh mix of different Body Movement techniques.

Come up and give yourself a good treat!

Enjoy an inner tour to yourself and feel the pleasure of feeling real in Barcelona. Welcome the city in you


  • Place: Hostel flat roof
  • Start: Saturday 8.30 a.m
  • Price:  FREE SERVICE based on voluntary tips
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Sónar 2013

10th June, 2013 / / No Comments

After the recent success of Primavera Sound festival, the 20th edition of one of the season’s most expected musical events: Sonar International Festival of Advanced Music and New Media Art. This famous festival arrives next June 13th, 14th, 15th and 16th at Barcelona to live up to audience’s expectations. During the day the show will take place at Fira de Barcelona-where it has been transferred- while at night tha action will move to Fira Gran Via, the summit of the big night show.

So if you want to enjoy a broad repertory of today’s music, combined with both new media and digital creations, Sonar is the opportunity to delight yourselves with live performances of some of the biggest names of the international music scene.

Last but not least, after an intensive day you can take rest at Twentytú Hi-Tech Hostel, one of the most comfortable and sustainable hostels in Barcelona. Wether you came on your own or in group, we have different kinds of rooms and state of the art facilities to suit everybody’s needs. Furthermore we are located in 22arroba district, an area well connected to public transportation from which you can easily go to the music festival. Not only that but we are also 2 steps from Las Glorias shopping mall and just a short walk from the beach!

We are waiting for you!

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Catalan Responsible Tourism Awards

27th May, 2013 / / No Comments

Remaining true to our main premise, Twentytú will take part next October into the 2013 Catalan Responsible Tourism Awards, a recognition granted  by the Congress of sustainable tourism.

Every distinction is an achievement for us, especially if we can count on your support while meeting our goals.

There are too many ways to be responsible and this is the main message of these awards, created with the aim of recognizing outstanding achievements in responsible tourism. Bearing this in mind, the prize pay tribute to the following: the best small and large accommodation, the best contribution to the local economy, the best provider of accessible and inclusive tourism, the best provider of responsible excursions, the best in cultural heritage management through tourism, the best in natural heritage and environment protection through tourism and finally the best new initiative in responsible tourism.

If you are familiar with our service we would be very grateful if you nominate us in the category of ‘Responsible tourism’. You just have to send an email to with the information below:

  • Company Name
  • Contact details of the company (e-mail, telephone and name of contact person) if available
  • Category nominating in
  • The reason for the nomination
  • Your details as nominator (name, contact details)

Nominations will close on May 31st! You have till this date to make your contribution to this sustainable project!

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Twentytú, new member of Barcelona Sustainable Tourism

17th May, 2013 / / No Comments

In today’s post we are happy to announce Twentytu’s collaboration in Barcelona Sustainable Tourism. The new program created by the organization ‘Turisme de Barcelona’ aims to promote sustainable city tourism, a goal Twentytú wants to be part of and it has been able to join it thanks to the A rating  given by the European certification of energy efficiency.

Twentytú has achieved a place in a project that opens participation to businesses that contribute environmentally, economically and socially to sustainability; with the purpose to position Barcelona as a reputable destination. What is more, Barcelona Sustainable Tourism tries to raise awareness about sustainability and encourages people to get to know  Barcelona as a city committed  to environmental sustainability.

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Bike Tour

15th May, 2013 / / No Comments

The bike tour will head over to ‘La Barceloneta’, the neighborhood where the old part of the city joins the sea. There you will find an interesting mix of superb disco clubs, lovely beach bars and a great number of seafood restaurants.

Our tour continues through “El Raval” Formerly known, (well, it continues to be somehow) as the Red District. This part of Barcelona has been for centuries home of nightclubs, cabarets and taverns where sailors used to have fun after reaching the local port.

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