Sants Festivities 2017

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Sants is one of those neighbourhoods of Barcelona that still maintains its popular identity and resists forgetting its centennial heritage. The old industrial district of Barcelona celebrates its festivities from today to the 27th of August, taking over the festivities of Gràcia. 7 days filled with parties, workshops, dances, decorated streets and plus 500 activities that complete the program of one of the most popular neighborhood parties in our city. For more Sants to come, always!

There’s evidence that the Sants festivities are celebrated since the mid-nineteenth century, at which time the neighbourhood was still an independent village called Santa Maria de Sants. However, one of the great attractions of the festivities, contests of decorated streets and squares, didn’t begin until the 1940s, they even had a small break between 1970 and 1984.


Throughout the years it has been tried to preserve the popular traditions and for that reason, still today, many of the most typical proposals are maintained like the giants and big heads called ‘capgrossos’, the exhibition of castellers (human towers), typical food. One of the main themes, ‘correfocs’ that consist of a group of people, usually demons, who parading the streets running, dancing and jumping between fireworks.


The party is on every street

Alcolea, Galileu, Vallespir…and so on, up to 16 streets participate in the Sants festivities competition to be crowned as the best-decorated street. With themes that can go from the cinema, to the animal world or distant cultures. For example, last year there were recreations for all tastes; Star Wars, a town of American Indians or Charlie and the chocolate factory, Oompa Loompas were not missing!

If you want to know the winner of the popular vote for the best-decorated street this year, you should take note that the award ceremony will be held on Saturday 26th at Valladolid Street, midday.

However, the streets not only compete for the best decoration, every year they organize more and more activities. Historical routes around the neighbourhood that will show you how it has become what it’s today, live music and DJ’s every night, workshops of all kinds, dance exhibitions, outdoor cinema and popular foods to recharge batteries; Paella, chocolate, sardines and even an Spanish tortilla contest!You can check all the activities in the program of this year.

Moreover, if you visit Barcelona with your children, you should know that in the festivities there are also many activities for them like drawing contests, children’s workshops such as giant soap bubbles or the fun foam party. Can you think of a better way to get to know the city than from a local’s hand?


Eco-friendly festivities and advocate of social rights

The Sants festivities -as we try to do everyday in our eco-hostel Twentytú– also want to do their bit to the environment. Additional to having a recycling workshop organised by the Barcelona City Council, there is also debates by the hand of Greenpace about the impact of climate change, among other activities, a children’s workshop to build musical instruments with recycled material. Likewise, all the cups provided in establishments for serving drinks will be recyclable to contaminate as little as possible.

Sants festivities also has alternative festivities organised by some of the most popular socially committed entities such as the Independence entity and the Youth entity. Some have their own program full of activities such as a chess tournament, a charity bingo or a night featuring bands from the neighbourhood, among others.

Share your own vision of the festivities with a selfie!

This year, as a novelty, the Association of the Cultural Patrimony Agents of Catalonia (AGePacc) has organised a contest of selfies in collaboration with the Institute of Culture, the Secretariat of Entity and the Commission festivities of Sants. If you are motivated and want to participate, you can share your own vision including the hashtag #BCNSelfie! or #selfiesants in the pictures you upload of the festivities on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

See you in Sants!

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10 things to do near Twentytú

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Twentytú is located in the district of Poblenou, a trendy neighbourhood in the process of transformation. Many of the factories of this ‘Catalan Manchester’ have been renovated in the last years and have become lofts, art galleries, modern shops and charming cafes. An environment full of creativity and entrepreneurship that has grown without refusing its own character as a local community. Today we accompany you on our favourite route around Twentytú and discover all of the things you can do a few minutes away from our eco-hostel.

  • Take a picture in the Agbar tower. Business center that you can see illuminated every night from the terrace of Twentytú, it has become one of the symbols of the skyline of Barcelona. Take a picture and use the hashtag #Twentytú so we know you have been there!
  • Go out and end up in Razzmatazz. To start the night you can visit some of the many pubs that are in the streets near our hostel; Dixi, Sonora, the mythical tavern La Ovella Negra … And if you want to continue the party nothing better than Razzmatazz, a club with 5 stories, each one to fulfil all tastes.
  • Swim in the Mediterranean. 20 minutes away from Twentytú is the Nova Icaria beach, one of the quietest and most familiar in the city. There you can rent sun loungers and umbrellas, play volleyball or ping pong, or have a drink in one of their Beach Bars. Is the perfect place to see the sunset!
  • Go to the National Theatre of Catalonia. Have you paid attention to a kind of pantheon that is very close to Twentytú? That is the National Theatre of Catalonia, where you can watch from small alternative plays to large commercial productions throughout the year.
  • Go to a market. Often different food and/or clothing markets are organized around the hostel. Just check the calendar of the van van market, the Palo Alto or even the most traditional, the Encants where every week they make auctions of anything you can imagine!
  • Start walking on the Poble Nou Boulevard and end up in the sea. If you want to experience the authentic atmosphere of Poblenou, you have to spend an afternoon in its boulevard and take a quiet walk until you reach the sea. Shops, bars, restaurants and social centres where neighbours help improve the neighbourhood. Don’t miss the Casino de l’Aliança, a civic center and bar that has played an important role in the cultural activity of the neighbourhood since 1869!
  • Take a horchata in Tío Ché. It’s not a coincidence that the “Tío Ché” shop has been selling horchata for more than a century, a Valencian drink made with tigernut, perfect for the hot evenings of Barcelona. They also offer ice creams, frozen drinks, sandwiches and homemade nougats in winter … delicious!
  • Factories that talk about their past. If you walk around Twentytú you’ll see that many streets have a marked industrial style, and it’s not an architectural fashion as it could happen in big cities like New York, but it’s a sample of its recent past. High chimneys, gray buildings, large industrial units… all combined with graffiti, modernist houses and great leisure to offer. If you like photography, you’ll love this contrast!
  • Get to know the artistic offer. Although the Design Museum is what most strikes you at first sight, Poblenou has a wide artistic offer in its galleries and museums like Can Framis Museum or the MUHBA Oliva Artés. And if you’re looking for something different, we recommend you the Poblenou cemetery – you can go by yourself or with a guide – a magical place where just a few tourists arrive where you’ll find amazing sculptures and funerary pantheons worthy of being in a museum.
  • Discover the neighbourhood by bike. Twentytú helps you to know Barcelona on wheels. We’ll go through parks, the promenade, beautiful squares … and we’ll explain some curiosities of the city. If you want more information just ask at reception.
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Barcelona walking tours in Twentytú

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The architecture, the good weather and the neighbourhoods with their own character make of Barcelona a city that must be discovered on foot. Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, in Twentytú you’ll be in good hands to learn step by step. Start the route!

The streets of Barcelona have so much to tell that the best you can do is let a professional guide showyou around the narrow Gothic district, unveil the best urban art corners or explain everything about the impressive works of the genious Gaudí.

At Twentytú we trust  Tour Me Out for the Barcelona walking tours, ​​a company with more than 15 years of experience in walking tours, so that our guests know the most emblematic places of the city. A totally free activity that will help you learn the history and secrets of Barcelona, ​​especially those that don’t appear on guidebooks and that you can see with your own eyes during the 2-hours tours.

The tours are held every day of the week, are suitable for all ages and, most importantly, their guides know how to teach in a fun way.

History, modernism or street art, up to you!

So that you can make the most of your stay, we propose different routes from which to choose:

Route through the Gothic District

Imagine travelling back in time, back to a medieval time in which the walls, the cobbled streets and the gargoyles surround you. This is the route through the Gothic District, a neighbourhood in which time seems to have stood still and where you can learn many things about places like the Cathedral, the Plaça Reial, the Roman walls, or the Plaça del Rei, among other must-see spots

Gaudí route

Antoni Gaudí left an indelible mark on our city through his constructions and thus he is one of the stars of many Barcelona walking tours. Maybe you already know some of his most popular creations such as the Sagrada Familia or the Güell park, but behind them there is a lot of history and curious anecdotes that the guys of Tour me out will tell you in an entertaining way! Pick a pair of comfortable shoes, open your mind and enjoy the work of a unique artist in the world.

Road Street art

If you also want to discover the most modern and urban art of the city, you’ll love this tour about the most original graffiti in Barcelona. You’ll know the symbolism and the influences of each one of them and you’ll be able to know the urban side of the Barcelona’s art. Keep in mind that this tour is organised only on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Are you in for a free walking tour? If you want to sign up for any of the tours, they start every day at 9:45 am in the hall of Twentytú Hostel or, if you prefer, at 16:30 at Plaça Reial. Do you want more ideas to enjoy Barcelona? Check our recommended  plans for Summer nights in Barcelona.


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Twentytú turns 5!

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5 years have gone by since we began our project with excitement, and during these 5 years Twentytú has hosted almost 290,000 guests from all over the world to whom we have done our best to offer a high quality and, especially, sustainable Tourism at our city.

We’re very proud to be able to say that Twentytú has been the first hostel in the world to receive the Biosphere certification recognized by the UN, which guarantees sustainable tourism in an organisation. In addition, we’re also the first building of tourist accommodation in Barcelona to obtain the maximum qualification in matters of energetic efficiency.

Twentytu charity event

The Fashion Market that was organized in our terrace during the Design Day of Poble Nou

These are just some examples of the goals we have achieved, but there’s still much to do. That’s why day by day we continue working to offer quality accommodation full of innovation, commitment to the environment and corporate social responsibility policies.

In addition, since our beginnings we’ve made efforts to collaborate with organisations related to our ideals: associations and social entities like Poblenou Urban District, eco companies like the interior design studio l’Estoc, where they work with recycled materials, or local shops that comply with the principles of fair trade. We participate in events of our neighbourhood Poble Nou and also organise solidarity events to give opportunities to those who need it most, such as the Charity Open Night we organise together with the Catalan Down’s Syndrome Foundation.

A party for all

To celebrate our 5th anniversary of our ecohostel Twentytú, last Thursday, 13rd June, we wanted to get together many of those who helped us get here. Our terrace, with the Agbar tower in the background, was the chosen place to meet up with collaborators, customers and suppliers in a cocktail full of surprises and a lot of rhythm.

twentytu anniversary party

We wanted to thank the audience for their attendance, and above all their support, with a video in which the Twentytú team thanks to all that our hostel has become one of the most importants in the city and an international referent in eco-sustainability. Some members of Twentytú, as the Communication Manager Javier Escolano or the Hostel Manager Josep Aguilar, were some of the stars in the video of gratitude that we leave you below. If you’ve been a guest or collaborator of our hostel, this dedicatory is also for you!

When the sun began to hide, the first cocktails began to show up and trays full of snacks, spikes and tartlets kept passing by as our waiters looked after the guests of the event.

Twentytu hostel anniversary live show

Later, our Communication Manager grabbed the microphone and introduced the soprano Charo Tris, a lyrical singer who has more than 20 years of experience in the world of music. With privileged views of the city, we were able to enjoy a live performance by Charo and Javier, who interpreted several international hits for all tastes, and they even improvised a stage with the furniture of our terrace!

Our tribute to Barcelona’92

When the night began to fall we took advantage of it to do a small tribute to one of the most important moments for the transformation of Barcelona: the Olympic Games of Barcelona’92. Charo and Javier gave us goosebumps with “Barcelona”, the soundtrack of the Olympic Games that 25 years ago was performed by two masters of music like Montserrat Caballé and the deceased Freddie Mercury.

Twentytu hostel anniversary Barcelona 92

Upcoming challenges

With the Agbar tower illuminated behind us, we concluded the event and reflected on the upcoming challenges of Twentytú: to continue growing under a fair and respectful philosophy with the city, offering quality tourism for all ages.

Precisely now, we’re working in the process of acquiring the seal of environmental quality that the Generalitat de Catalunya grants to those tourist accommodations that prove their commitment to reduce the climate impact.

terrace Twentytu hostel barcelona

While we wait for the sixth anniversary party, we remind you that on our terrace there are activities every day! Barbecues, dance classes, musical show, karaoke, … you choose. If you want more information ask any member of our staff, they will be happy to explain further 😉

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Plans for Summer nights in Barcelona

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In the Summer everyone gets the desire to do things and squeeze every minute of their day. If you’re also a night animal you’ll love these plans for Summer nights to take advantage of the city when the sun goes down. Live the night!

Modernism and jazz in the moonlight

Imagine the scene; a glass of sparkling cava, live music and an environment designed by one of the geniuses of Catalan modernism, Antoni Gaudí. When the sun goes down the Palau Güell and La Pedrera open their doors so that you can enjoy jazz concerts on their rooftops. In addition, a small guided tour is included in both spaces. Prices range from 30 to 35 euros.


Outdoor cinema

As every year, Summer nights are outdoor movie nights at several spots of the city. A good way to remember great classics like Manhattan, recent hits such as La La Land, or more alternative feature films like the Israelite Bar Bahar.

Music in the parks

More than 30 green spaces in the city host concerts of all kinds during Summer nights; Orchestras, choral formations, classical music or young talents from the city’s music schools. In addition, after each show, guided tours are offered to learn about the social and environmental benefits of the parks in the city. Check their calendar, you have time until 31st August.


History and tradition routes

And if you want to spend a mystery Summer night, nothing better than doing one of the routes organised by Cultruta to learn more about Barcelona’s history and traditions. You have two options to choose; aroute through the places where the most violent events and crimes of Ciutat Vella took place, or a tour of the best kept secrets and legends of neighbourhoods such as L’Eixample, El Born or El Raval.

The routes are in Spanish, Catalan, and if you do a request, also in English 😉

Culture at nightfall

Every Wednesday during the Summer CaixaForum Barcelona offers different activities for culture, music and performing arts lovers. For free or for a token price of 6 euros, you can sign up to see how to create an urban work of art, dance to the rhythm of African music or review the history of magic in cinema.


Full moon at sea

The guys at Surf House Barcelona offer a multitude of water activities, but we chose the Full Moon Paddle Surf, a paddle surfing trip on Barceloneta beach to enjoy the full moon, with a Moritz beer in hand. When you come back to mainland a fresh cocktail will be waiting for you so you can keep the party going!


Night Out cada noche en Twentytú

We talk about partying and you don’t know where and how to start? Don’t worry, you can sign up for Night Out, where you’ll go with Twentytú hostel guests and from other hostels in Barcelona around the best clubs in town. If you want to sign up, you only have to ask at reception or meet the rest of the group at the terrace at 23:00. In Barcelona the party never ends, so we have fun from Monday to Sunday!

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The World’s Largest Café del Mar arrives in Barcelona

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Café del Mar is reinvented and arrives in Barcelona turned into a multispace where you can enjoy market food, live music, chillout areas and even a sunset right on the Mediterranean. Sounds good, doesn’t it? We tell you everything about the world’s largest sunset club!

An idea made in Ibiza

40 years ago Ibiza was kind of an undiscovered paradise, there were still no big clubs nor crowds, and bohemians and hippies lived together with the local people on the white island. Within a few years, concretely in 1980, the Café del Mar was founded, a privileged place from which many say that the best sunset on the island is seen and which today has become an icon you can’t miss at the island.

Now, after 37 years of history and having created their own record label, the Ibiza concept arrives in Barcelona on a large scale; More than 4,000 square meters, 4 floors, a club with capacity for 1,000 people, in addition to the city club with more VIP and private areas, and only a few tram stops from Twentyú!

The sunset, the expected moment

Although the club is also open at night, the promoters of Café del Mar Barcelona want to keep the club as a place to enjoy during the day while waiting for the expected moment; the sunset. Now the sunset experience is also lived on the high seas aboard the Café del Mar Boat, where you’re going to be received with a welcome cocktail, circus and dance performances and music with the Barcelona skyline in the background.

As night falls Café del Mar is transformed into a nightclub with the performance of international DJs like Erick Morillo, who was at the opening party, or César de Melero, who will set the rhythm until the sun rises again. The ticket price is 15 euros.

Relax, music and much more

But the new club not only offers chill and good music, but also a surprising culinary experience with Chef Juan Jiménez, who has received several cooking awards in recent years. The gastronomic proposal comes close to the sea and focuses on the Mediterranean market cuisine; fresh Fish from the market, old cow’s ribeye, oysters or tuna tataki, among other options.

If you still want to refresh yourself after feast, you have two options: jump in the pool to take a swim or go up to ‘The Sky’, the roof that tops the building. There, you can enjoy amazing views in front of the sea and also taste cocktails by Daniel Sampere, the former bartender of Mutis, one of the most famous clandestine afterworks at Barcelona.

If you can’t swing by Café del Mar in Summer, don’t worry, because with colder weather its doors will remain open, but only from Thursday to Saturday at night.

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David Bowie is exhibition is in Barcelona

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Barcelona is the only stop in Spain of  David Bowie Is, an exhibition dedicated to the life and work of the white duke of music, who passed in January 2016. An explosion of design, fashion, audio-visual resources and a lot of music, which we can enjoy until next 25th September in the Museum of Disseny. We’ve already been there and give you the keys to enjoy it. Let’s dance!

The posthumous exhibition of David Bowie arrives to Barcelona after create a big expectation and, it’s no wonder, the showing has been the most visited of the Albert Museum of London in its 164 years of history. Bowie, his style, his aesthetic, his impossible costumes and his discography full of hymns finally meet in one single place, and fortunately, is only 500 meters away from Twentytú!

According to many of those who have been to the exhibition, the visit resembles what attending one of its shows might have felt like; Lights, Bowie images everywhere and up to 300 objects (albums, costumes, photos, instruments, original manuscripts of songs …) that make the exhibition a unique experience, no matter which is your music style.

A unique exhibition for a unique visionary

The show has been designed by theatre producers, film directors and people from the audiovisual world so that it’s not only a journey through their lives, but also for his creative process, inspiration and future vision.

David Bowie Barcelona único

Bowie was always ahead of his time; Sang a song in a ficticious language before George R. Martin did, launched Internet music before there was iTunes or Spotify, and more than once he explained that his main motivation to get into the world of music was to leave his mark on the society. The exhibition is just another sign that Bowie was a visionary and his ideas are still in force today.

Barcelona, one of the 9 chosen

The organisers of David Bowie Is told that, although it’s hard to believe, before being exhibited at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, few museums were interested in the exhibition. Now, before a million and a half visitors worldwide, there are many museums that want to have the duke in their cities.

bowie is in Barcelona

Barcelona has been one of the chosen hosts and Rafael Giménez, co-promoter of the exhibition, explains that thanks to its “renamed artistic sensitivity”, in summer it becomes “the European capital thanks to its great music festivals “.

Not only in the Hub

But Bowie won’t only be among the Museum of Disseny walls, but its figure will be recognised in complementary activities that are organised in very different Barcelona places. On the one hand, the “Bowie Talks” are held from 29th May to 26th July, a series of talks, discussions and round tables in which Bowie experts are going to participate, including Kansai Yamamoto, the creator of one of the most iconic costumes of the artist.

In addition, the Barcelona Symphony Orchestra (OBC) organises the concert “Bowie Symphonic”, a cello and orchestra cover of the singer’s latest album.

Remember that in Twentytú we are music lovers and this summer we invite you to one of our favourite areas at Twentytú; our terrace, where in addition to live music, you can enjoy amazing views and a lot of activities. We will be waiting for you!

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L’Eixample, the modernist district of Barcelona

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Today we are going for a walk around one of the most representative and emblematic neighbourhoods of Barcelona: l’Eixample. A network of avenues and streets where to wander with no destination in mind, where you can enjoy jewels of modernism with just looking up. Do you want to join us?

More space and a new way of life

The Eixample of Barcelona was built more than 150 years ago. Eixample in Catalan means extension: ​​a new way of living for its population that today is one of the symbols of the city; Wide streets full of light, terraces to enjoy the atmosphere at street level, courtyards and an architecture full of details and modernist motifs that is admired around the world.

At the end of the nineteenth century Barcelona had the highest population density in Europe because its walls limited its growth. L’Eixample emerged as a new neighbourhood with which to solve this problem and connect the city with its periphery, where industries were beginning to emerge.

Many projects were presented to build this new area of ​​the city, but only the controversial engineer Ildefons Cerdà was able to carry out his project. Most people didn’t understand Cerdà’s avant-garde proposal because according to the most conservative sectors, it was an unattractive and too restrained idea, nowadays it’s one of the symbols of the city thanks to its practicality but also to its unique architectural style in the world.

The Cerdà plan not only pretended to create an advanced and different neighbourhood, but also wanted to improve the living conditions of its population without minding their social class through building spacious homes with all kinds of services nearby; Markets, parks, leisure spaces … He even built some chamfers, anticipating the future traffic in the streets.

Today l’Eixample is a very large district in which houses, restaurants, gardens, cafés and cinemas coexist, among other attractions. However, what attracts most attention is its impressive architecture thanks to which you can move to the golden age of the Catalan bourgeoisie.

A neighbourhood known by foot

L’Eixample today is a must-seeto know the authentic modernist Barcelona, and it also remains as the most populous neighbourhood of the city, so it is a good way to discover the daily activity of Barcelona and its restaurants, shops, local shops, cafés… And if you have expensive taste, you will love the Golden Square, a set of blocks around Passeig de Gràcia, a wide avenue full of shops of the most luxurious brands in the world.

buildings Eixample Barcelona

You don’t need to prepare an itinerary to walk around Eixample. Although some places such as casa Batlló, la Pedrera or Sagrada Família, are a mandatory stop, there are many other buildings that don’t appear in the touristic guides but are small one-of-a-kind treasures; Balconies, portals, façades, interior passages or gardens that reflect the modernism of the neighbourhood. You just need time to stare around you and discover for yourself the surprises that l’Eixample has to offer.

In addition, when the sun goes down l’Eixample becomes one of the favourite places to meet for an afterwork and, later, for the university parties of the youngest. Over the last 20 years, Gaixample has also emerged, an area of ​​bars, shops and entertainment venues for the city’s gay community.

If you want to go to l’Eixample from Twentytú, you can get off at several stops on line 1 where you start the tour; Universitat, Urquinaona, Plaça Catalunya … you decide where to start your route around modernism!

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Barcelona World Press Photo: The reality from a lens

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The most important photojournalism exhibition in the world lands in Barcelona with the most spectacular photos taken worlwide. Political conflicts, human mobility and environmental impact are just some of the topics that are immortalised in this year’s World Press Photo that is displayed until June 5th at the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB).

Barcelona has been one of the first cities chosen to host the winning photos of the biggest photojournalism contest, which this year has been advanced to spring. For 13 years now, the exhibition has been set at the CCCB and this year it expects to exceed the 56,400 visitors from last year. 143 photographs will be displayed among more than 80,000 images submitted by 5,304 photographers from 125 countries and it is  only 4 metro stops away from Twentytú hostel!


Among the winners there are three Spanish photographers; Santi Palacios, who has been second in the category of “Current Issues”, and Francis Perez and Jaime Rojo, awarded with first and third prize respectively in the “Nature” category. In addition, the German photographer settled in Barcelona Daniel Etter has won the third prize in the category of “Contemporary themes” with an image that shows two Nigerians refugees crying in a refugee center in Surman, Libya.

See to understand

But World Press Photo is not only a simple exhibition of photojournalism: behind the leisure proposal there is a much more important mission; to raise awareness of the problems that we live today and promote solidarity between different cultures. The photographs are not only looking for quality and aesthetics, but their intention is to show a reality and explain a story that, often, goes unnoticed most of the world. Under the slogan “See and understand”, the World Press Photo summarizes many of the issues that have stood out this year as the Syrian war and the mobility of its refugees, climate change and its effects on the planet, and attacks of different Terrorist groups.


This year’s winning photo is the murder of the Russian ambassador Andrei Kárlov. The photographer, Burhan Ozbilici, was at the same inauguration as Kárlov by chance and was able to immortalise the moment just after a police officer off duty fired up to nine times the ambassador.

Parallel Activities for all tastes

And for those who still want more, parallel activities to the World Press Photo have also been organized for all tastes, and even some free, such as a free conference of the winner Jaime Rojo or the projection of the awarded audiovisual works In the prizes of the Digital Narrative Contest.

This year as a novelty there are also activities especially designed for professional photographers such as a meeting with the photojournalist and one of the winners of this year, Santi Palacios, or the master class of marketing given by the reputed Photography Consultant Marc Prüst.

In addition, if you want to look deeper into the interpretation of World Press Photo images, you can take a guided route by an expert in audiovisual language analysis.

Visites guiades a #worldpressphoto2017 #veureientendre #wpp17bcn #photographiceduca

Una publicación compartida de Photographic Social Vision (@photographicsv) el

In addition, remember that if you don’t arrive in time to enjoy the World Press Photo, Barcelona has many more photography exhibition to know the world through different lenses.

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Barcelona running races: Charity and sport

11th May, 2017 / / No Comments

The running races season in Barcelona begins with a combination of charity and sport, a healthy and fun way to help those in need. Do you want to be a supportive runner? Join the race!

The Sagrada Família Mile – May 14th

Do you want to run while you are enjoying one of the most unique monuments around the world? Then you have to sign up for the Sagrada Família Mile, a race that takes place on a circuit around the most famous Gaudí’s temple. You can choose between two categories; the mile (1,609 meters) and the 3 miles (5,179 meters).

If you just want to take part as an observer you can pop into the area or enjoy the live streaming on Catalan public TV, TV3.

Family run- May 21st

If you enjoy running as a family, there are Barcelona  running races for all audiences, the Family Run; Race on wheels for people with mobility handicaps and baby strollers, races for children from 3 to 14 years old and another race for adults who want to run by themselves

Also at the end of the race there is a performance of the children’s TV show Club Super 3 and a party to say goodbye until next year’sFamily Run. If you prefer, you can also take part as a volunteer and help in the collection that will be destined to Aremi Association, which provides help and advice to people, especially children with physical disabilities.

DIR-Guàrdia Urbana Race – May 28th

At the DIR-Guàrdia Urbana race you can run from the mountain to the sea through the Diagonal Avenue. The race is organised by the DIR gym chain with the collaboration of Barcelona police and Barcelona City Council to achieve a very clear objective: to promote the practice of physical exercise among people of all ages.

In addition, you must know that 0.50 euros of each inscription will go to Ictus Barcelona Foundation, ​​an entity that gives support and advice to people who have suffered this type of cerebral infarction.

Run fun for ELA – June 4th

We go a bit further through the calendar to talk about a race which is not so well-known but it is as important: The Sant Adrià  fun run for the ALS (known as Sansi race), a rare disease that affects 6-8 people per 100,000 each year, which means a total of 120,000 new cases every year worldwide.

In this case 2 euros of each registration go to the Miquel Valls Foundation and the ELA Network. Both entities work to improve the lives of patients with this disease and to obtain finance for its research.

AFNE race – June 4th

In 2003, United in Ethiopia (AFNE) was founded, a non-profit organization created by adoptive parents of Ethiopian children. For 4 years, the association has organised a run to raise funds for different causes in the African country through the Muketuri mother-and-child center; Construction of wells, school supplies, vaccines…

If you want to support this cause, you can start by signing up in the race and enjoy a tour around Collserola, the mountains next to Barcelona.

Besòs-Maresme race

Near Twentytú hostel you will find the Besòs Maresme run, an event which is part of the celebration of this neighbourhood festivities. In addition of being a meeting point for all participating runners, the race organises a collection point for food and children’s hygiene products that will go to the supportive dining room of Gregal cooperative, which helps the neediest neighbours in the area.

From Twentytú we also want to do our bit to help and often organise charity events such as the Solidarity Open Night last December, whose benefits were destined to the Fundació Catalana de Síndrome de Down. If you want to help us, check out our social media 😉

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