Catalan Responsible Tourism Awards

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Remaining true to our main premise, Twentytú will take part next October into the 2013 Catalan Responsible Tourism Awards, a recognition granted  by the Congress of sustainable tourism.

Every distinction is an achievement for us, especially if we can count on your support while meeting our goals.

There are too many ways to be responsible and this is the main message of these awards, created with the aim of recognizing outstanding achievements in responsible tourism. Bearing this in mind, the prize pay tribute to the following: the best small and large accommodation, the best contribution to the local economy, the best provider of accessible and inclusive tourism, the best provider of responsible excursions, the best in cultural heritage management through tourism, the best in natural heritage and environment protection through tourism and finally the best new initiative in responsible tourism.

If you are familiar with our service we would be very grateful if you nominate us in the category of ‘Responsible tourism’. You just have to send an email to with the information below:

  • Company Name
  • Contact details of the company (e-mail, telephone and name of contact person) if available
  • Category nominating in
  • The reason for the nomination
  • Your details as nominator (name, contact details)

Nominations will close on May 31st! You have till this date to make your contribution to this sustainable project!

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Twentytú, new member of Barcelona Sustainable Tourism

17th May, 2013 / / No Comments

In today’s post we are happy to announce Twentytu’s collaboration in Barcelona Sustainable Tourism. The new program created by the organization ‘Turisme de Barcelona’ aims to promote sustainable city tourism, a goal Twentytú wants to be part of and it has been able to join it thanks to the A rating  given by the European certification of energy efficiency.

Twentytú has achieved a place in a project that opens participation to businesses that contribute environmentally, economically and socially to sustainability; with the purpose to position Barcelona as a reputable destination. What is more, Barcelona Sustainable Tourism tries to raise awareness about sustainability and encourages people to get to know  Barcelona as a city committed  to environmental sustainability.

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Bike Tour

15th May, 2013 / / No Comments

The bike tour will head over to ‘La Barceloneta’, the neighborhood where the old part of the city joins the sea. There you will find an interesting mix of superb disco clubs, lovely beach bars and a great number of seafood restaurants.

Our tour continues through “El Raval” Formerly known, (well, it continues to be somehow) as the Red District. This part of Barcelona has been for centuries home of nightclubs, cabarets and taverns where sailors used to have fun after reaching the local port.

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Barcelona walking tour

14th May, 2013 / / No Comments

Duration: 3h

Get ready to enjoy a free Barcelona walking tour tour over 2000 years of history. We will walk along an ancient city full of local markets, monuments and narrow streets while getting to know remote secret places such as little romantic squares as well as streets with an interesting story behind.
Friday and Sunday the Free walking tour goes through the Old Town whereas on Saturday we plan to visit the Modernist district and some Gaudi masterpieces.

Sign up now!

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Cooking experience

14th May, 2013 / / No Comments

Duration: 3h

Price: 15 euros

Enjoy our Live Cooking Experience in Barcelona while you learn from our Chef how to use Spanish ingredients to make some typical dishes that will impress your friends and family when going back home!
On Friday you will find out how to prepare the king of the Spanish dishes: an excellent Spanish Paella! In contrast, on Saturday you will make a mix of ‘tapas’ and you’ll be taught how to make Sangria, a traditional Spanish drink.
The activity will take place at our awesome roof terrace, where you can relax and chill out with others fellow travelers!

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Nautical experience tour

11th May, 2013 / / No Comments

Have fun while sailing the Mediterranean sea! Even if it is your first time, you will have the opportunity of a nautical experience tour to end up the experience sailing a boat.


Now it´s time to sail! Come and enjoy the breeze of the Mediterranean…You will feel the unique sensation of moving on water and being led by our instructor you will sail a boat!

Enjoy unique town views from the coastline!


Tour start:  Saturdays at 4.30 pm

Lenght: 2 hours


  • Medical insurance
  • Life vest
  • Use of lockers and changing rooms

If you need more details just ask in our reception.

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X Games Barcelona

26th April, 2013 / / No Comments

This year’s summit of extreme sport is concentrated at the X Games Barcelona from 16th to 19th of May. Barcelona will have the greatest skateboarding, BMX, Moto X and Rally figures such as Travis Pastrana, Pierre-Luc Gagnon, Kyle Loza or Marcus Gronholm, in an event that has become an icon of the extreme sports competition. But X Games are not only extreme sport; they also are linked to music, fashion and urban art. They are a lifestyle, in essence.

Beyond the competition, there will be an area for fans located in the heart of the city where young riders will be able to take part in different activities; the X Fest, a shopping area open to the public; and the X Music, a concerts program in which the most recognized groups of the moment, such as the hip hop band 50 Cent, the rapper Nach and the Russian DJ and producer Zedd, will take part in.

For another year X Games are anticipated as an extreme show that will feature stratospheric jumps, frantic skids and impossible tricks!

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Saint George’s day

19th April, 2013 / / No Comments

Saint George’s day, known as La Diada de Sant Jordi, in Catalan, is just around the corner, and with it, is the desire to soak up the city in red. It can be considered as the “love and culture” day in Catalonia, since there is no other day in which stories around the world and affection go out for a walk as one.

It is said that tradition never dies, and Sant Jordi is just one of the kind, the most beautiful and celebrated in Catalan region. Stands plenty of books and roses become the stars in a day in which literature and flowers become lover’s gifts and a symbol of their love.

We can say that, even though culture is widely spread, since it does not understand of gender or age, the rose, a flower known for its beauty, fragrance and color, is reserved for her.

But most of the rites, beyond being important for themselves, are renowned for all the history they contained. And in this case we find a lovely legend behind Saint George’s day. It is said that in a village called Montblanc lived a dragon that terrorized its inhabitants. When food became scarce for the beast, concerned about the situation the villagers decided to sacrifice a person every day in order to calm the dragon´s fury. They decided who the victim was going to be by doing a daily draw.

A few weeks later a stroke of bad luck led the young daughter of the king to be the ritual’s victim. But when everything was ready, a mysterious knight named St. George showed up to fight against the dragon and saved the princess. They say that, from the dragon’s blood grew the reddest of roses. Hence the origin of giving a rose and celebrate San George’s day. Regarding the book, its origins date back to 1995, when UNESCO declared April 23rd as the International Book and Copyright Day, in commemoration of some great writer’s death like Cervantes, Shakespeare and Josep Pla.

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Barcelona Beer Festival

29th March, 2013 / / No Comments

Barcelona Beer Festival 2nd edition is in the verge of coming into the city and it is ready to attract great attention. This edition will take place at Las Arenas mall from March the 8th till the 10th.

In this year’s event 150 brewers are going to disclose homemade beer culture through full activities programs, many tastings, conferences and round tables. One of the main highlights of this edition is a special tasting for deaf-mute people and beer for those who are gluten sensitive. Furthermore, the assistants may choose from among 300 different beers from which 30 have not yet come to light and 75 are present in the Spanish market for the first time.

If you are a beer lover and want to get close to home made beer culture, don’t miss this original festival!

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Xavier Uñó, Carrot’s Café owner

29th March, 2013 / / No Comments

From Moby Dick’s island (Nantucket) excelled the idea of introducing a new concept of sandwich in Barcelona. This initiative has been woven over 20 years of experience at Hotel Management field, and has materialized in Carrot Café, the top sandwich restaurant at 22@ district. That’s a bit about what Xavier Uñó told us, with whom we spent a nice time around a lemon tea.

After 2 summers in Nantucket, Xavier found out the huge variety of breads with which could a sandwich be made of, and after that he went back to his hometown with a new project in the backpack that would eventually take on form over the years.

A Hotel Trade School´s student and fond of American culture, the creator of Carrot Café has quality as his main feature: “I get the best products for my restaurant. My point is that even if you come for coffee, it is a quality coffee. Everything must be on the same line and I don’t move from this line”.

Besides, we can highlight his products variety, as he uses 10 types of bread to make a wide range of sandwich combinations fruit of his creation, and also he has more than 40 imported beers, something unheard of in a sandwich bar.

Carrot Café is based on the 3 rule: it is divided in 3 spaces (one for a quick coffee, and the other two for lunch and dinner), the menu in 3 different specialties (bagels, foccacia and Maresme bread) and offers 3 types of lunch menus (executive, vegetarian and fast lunch).
But if variety is the spice of life that should always be combined with a friendly manner, at least that’s what Xavier thinks, and he proves it with his kindness and his willingness to satisfy customers.

With the same sincerity, the owner of this modern sandwich bar has admitted he is a dessert lover, which he makes from scratch at the restaurant, especially carrot cake and cheesecake, yes you get it, very American.

It is worth mentioning that, as its slogan says, Carrot Café is “much more than sandwiches” because it offers a personal and differential touch both in its design and culinary diversity.

Do you fancy coming and checking it out?

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