Refresh your summer with the best swimming pools in Barcelona

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In August the summer heat doesn’t leave Barcelona, ​​so there’s nothing better than to take a dip. The beach is one of the major attractions of our city, but if you don’t feel comfortable with the sand, you have alternatives to spend the day in a relaxed atmosphere to cool yourself off. Today we’re going to revisit the best city pools’ routes for all tastes and all ages.

Torre de les aigües: the beach of the Eixample district

A large tower stands in the center of this beautiful pool in the middle of the modernist Eixample district. Moreover, instead of the usual grass, you’ll find a very comfortable fine sand to sunbathe like if you were on the beach. The pool has an acceptable size having in mind that is placed in the middle of the city and the entrance is very affordable: it costs only 1.55 euros. Besides, for 8.90 euros you have a credit for 10 tickets.

torre de les aigües Twentytu

Picornell pool:  feel olympic

Picornell swimming pools are located at Montjuïc park, famous for being one of the most memorable scenarios of the Barcelona ’92 Olympic Games, and also for being the stage where the video for the suggestive song “Slow” by Kylie Minogue was filmed. The admission ticket costs 11.85 euros for adults, but you’ll also have access to the gym and the spa zones. Moreover, if you practice nudism, there are special schedules to practice it in the indoor pool.

Creueta del Coll Park: the Summer pond

This large pond, located in Gracia district, is transformed into a swimming pool during the summer to let you cool yourself off during the hot summer days. The pond is a part of the park which shares the same name. It wasopened in 1976, and it’s open from the sunrise  until sunset.. Although
it’s not a traditional pool, it also offers you all kind of services, such as showers, umbrellas and a sickroom for any emergency.  How much costs the entry? Just 2.25 euros!

creueta del coll Twentytu

Atlètic- Barceloneta Swimming Club: with a view to the Mediterranean

If you want to enjoy a swimming pool and a beach day, Atlètic-Barceloneta Swimming Club is your best choice. Birthplace of the Barcelona water polo team, ​​has enviable views ofthe Mediterranean Sea that you can enjoy even if you’re not a member of the club for just 12.90 euros.

Forum Baths: the sea pool

In the surroundings of Twentytú Hostel you can find this saltwater pool that, although it’s close to the sea and has an access by stairs built with cement. It’s a very quiet place, perfect to go with children because it provides facilities like showers, bathrooms and closets, and also a surveillance chair provided by the Red Cross.

baños forum twentytu

Esportiu Llobregat Park: Cool design

It’s one of the most modern swimming pools in Barcelona and was designed by the renowned Portuguese architect Alvaro Siza Vieira. The pool is a part of the sports complex with the same name located in Cornellà, a town that is located just over 20 minutes from Barcelona by train. The admission fee is 5.20 euros and you can spend all day there (from 10:30 am to 7:30 pm).

We’re sure that suddenly you feel the urge to take a bath, so choose the pool that you prefer and jump in to it right in!

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Survival Manual for Gràcia Festivities 2016

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The streets of Barcelona’s Gràcia District are completing the details of their preparations to fill of colour and fantasy one of the most emblematic neighbourhoods of the city. The normal life of this district is transformed for over a week to receive the thousands of visitors that are attracted to this show for the sight. Today we give you the keys to make the most of the smallest district of Barcelona and its festival.

The first notice of Gràcia festivities appears in a newspaper dating from 1850 where there is already talk of how neighbors decorated their streets -even when the neighborhood wasn’t part of the city of Barcelona- for the arrival of the festivities. A tradition that endures until today, and it’s not surprising, because each year brings more curious people desirous of living the festivity as a neighbour more. Although this is a difficult task, if you’re not a regular at the Gràcia festivities, don’t worry about that because we’ll give the keys to survive the most colourful festivities in Barcelona:

Don’t stay only at the most famous streets

We know you’ll want to go see the streets that everybody is talking about, as Verdi or Travessia de Sant Antoni, but is better don’t go with the flow and forget to follow the crowds. There are 20 streets waiting, included two new this year and any of them can be a winner!

Don’t forget to look up

Although less known, there is also a balconies and entrances competition, where about thirty communities are involved in decorating their own homes.

Gracia Festivities Hostel Twentytu

Join the popular food and forget the fast food

We also recommend that you take a cold beer and a tapa in one of the many bars there to regain strength.

Makest the most the other shows!

Although the decorated streets are the main attraction of Gràcia festivities, you shouldn’t forget that there are many more activities that you can enjoy. Concerts, dances, plays, the fair… and of course, the famous “Colla de Diables de Gràcia”, a large group of people of all ages are dressed as a devil to provide a show of fire, music and unmatched dance.

Evils Gracia festivities Hostel Twentytu

Be patient

You’ll soon realize that you’ll be queuing for everything; to go to the bathroom, to order food, to access the streets, and even, to leave them. Heat will be another one of your companions during the day, so prepare a survival kit with a fan and water because we are sure that you will need it.

Download the Festes de Gràcia app

If you don’t want to lose any of Gràcia festivities, we suggest you to that download the mobile app which is now for Android and iOS and in wich you’ll find all the events and services available. In addition, there are also spots where QR codes are placed and let you know the daily Schedule of each place.

Streets of Gracia Festivities Hostel Twentytu We give you a preview of what you’ll find this year between the streets of Gràcia to whet your appetite; masquerades, the Catalan rumba or the Jules Verne’s universe are just some of the themes that await you between 15th and 20th August.

See you in the streets!

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Play Pokémon Go in Barcelona

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Pokémon Go also lives in Barcelona streets, ​​where Charmander, Bulbasaur or Squirtle await you in many corners of the city. If you want to discover all about the local Pokémon keep reading.

More than a week ago the phenomenon of augmented reality arrived to Spain, although the most anxious had the game even some days before. Barcelona was beginning to flood small pocket monsters that have revolutionized people of all ages. Now Pokefans daily meet at many spots around the city to hunt those Pokémon which they have not caught yet, why not, share tips and tricks to get more and more creatures.

In addition, it seems that Pokémon have adapted very well to the Barcelona environment, and you can find Pokémon adapted to water, such as Tentacool octopus or rock Onix near the Port Olímpic, and to the ground as Pidgeot, something similar to a dove who is having a bad day, and it lives in several city parks.

Gyms and PokeStops

If you’re a Pokefan you must know that you can only find PokeStops when you go out to hunt. However, more advanced users explain that Ingress -the first game of the creators of Pokémon Go- has locations that match most of the time with Pokémon Go stops.

Anyway, we can assure you where there are the most important gyms in Barcelona where you can train your Pokémon. Specifically, you have to get close to places as emblematic as Sagrada Família, Arc de Triomf FC Barcelona Miniestadi and Agbar Tower, very near to Twentytú Hostel.



The favourite places to hunt Pokémon in Barcelona

Although Pokémon can be found anywhere in Barcelona, the favourite places by hunters and Pokémon experts are located in the largest parks, especially at Ciutadella Park, and the beaches around Barcelona’s coastline.

The city center is another preferred place by these little monsters to hide. Gothic, Ramblas and Via Laietana are just a few examples.

The madness Pokémon lands even in the City Council

A few days ago the authorities announced that they had to stop two Japanese tourists from chasing Pokémon inside Rovira tunnel, a place not enabled for pedestrians. In addition, a German tourist climbed on Monday the façade of Ars Hotel, one of the tallest buildings in Barcelona, ​​to record a video while he was searching Pokémon until the police asked him to quit his adventure.

Now fanaticism also comes to politics. Last Friday an Eeve, something like a kind of fox, appeared and revolutionized the city council, as the deputies started tweeting about the intruder. Even a deputy of Partido Popular compared the Mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau, to Team Rocket, a criminal gang from the popular animated series.

Barcelona, ​​a pioneer in augmented reality

Although Pokémon Go has been a revolution, it’s not the first augmented reality game that exists. The Barcelona studio Novarama pioneered with the creation of a game called Invizimals in 2014 for Play Station that, although with less success, was a hit worldwide.

Now that you know everything about Pokémon hunting in Barcelona we can only say good luck in your search and… Gotta catch ’em all!

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Born: history and modernity

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Today we dig into one of the most bohemian neighbourhoods of Barcelona to unveil what it is that every day brings thousands of visitors to this unique area of the city. In Born you won’t need any streets maps because from the first minute you will want to to get lost across its streets waiting to find which is the next surprise around the corner.

Born is one of those neighbourhoods that have history carved on the streets, but that also dares with the latest trends in more than 500 shops and restaurants. A place that blends art and antiquity equally and that captivates tourists, but also locals, thanks to its many attractions.

But perhaps it’s less known than the Gothic, especially because its location is a bit further from the center of the city, it’s the perfect place if you want to learn about the most cosmopolitan Barcelona and take the chance to immerse, without even realizing, in living history of the city.

Santa maria del mar Twentytu hostel

The Born name comes from the word tournament because the area hosted medieval tournaments of the city, popular festivities and processions between the thirteenth and seventeenth century. In addition, many of its streets still retain the name of the trades that were developed centuries ago in its narrow streets; merchants, sailors, artisans and other professionals who came and went around the world to do business in this waterfront.

Born today

Although now it’s part of the most cosmopolitan Barcelona, the Born still retains much of its charm, the same that has attracted many artists and design lovers to establish here their shops, stores or museums. It’s something like the Barcelona’s Montmartre where we can also find dozens of unique tourist attractions.

Some of the must-see spots on Born are the church of Santa Maria del Mar, one of the most spectacular examples of Catalan Gothic, modernist Palau de la Música or Born Centre of Culture and Memory, an archaeological site of the century XVIII which is already ranked as the third most visited tourist attraction in Barcelona. In addition, the neighbourhood has important art centers such as the Museum of Pablo Picasso and Barbier-Mueller Museum, the only museum of pre-Columbian art in Europe.

Born Market Twentytu

But not everything is culture because leisure is another of the strengths of this neighborhood bordering the Mediterranean. Roads candles, illuminated signs and colored flags invite visitors to come to find tiny restaurants with wide gastronomic offer, bars with live music or clubs for all tastes.

Born Twentytu Hostel

Born is the ideal place to spend a full day without having to leave the same neighbourhood. Open your mind and get ready to experience the most authentic Barcelona throughout the centuries.

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Summer outdoor cinemas in Barcelona

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In summer several spaces of Barcelona are transformed in Summer outdoor Cinemas, outdoor places where over two months will happen dozens of love stories, horror, musical or action adventures. Parks, castles, beaches… any place is good to enjoy the magic of cinema but we bring you only the best.

Sala Montjuiïc-Open-air film festival Barcelona

See a film in a pit of a former military fortress of the seventeenth century is possible since it opened in 2002 everyone as known as “Cinema a la Fresca”. But it’s not only a good place to watch movies under the stars but also projected shorts film, they offer an ecopicnic so you can dine and live music while the public expects the movie to start. There is a free bus leaves from España square and that leaves you just 100 meters from the Montjuïc’s castle. The  tickets  worth 6 euros and usually end quickly, so try to buy them in advance.

Sala Montjuic- Hostel Twentytu

Poble Espanyol: short film and music

If when you go to the cinema you never know which film see, on Mecal Air, ​​summer cinema in Poble Espanyol, they offer a bit of everything; horror, humor, entertainment, love … every Friday or Saturday session dedicated to a different genre films. For 3.5 with flyer.

In addition, the guys at Sing-along  also come to this architectural museum with his show. A mixture of film and karaoke with actors who will guide the dance for the most forgetful. Titles as Dirty Dancing, Grease or Moulin Rouge in the main square for 12 euros.

Beach cinema twentytu

Free cinema on the beach

What better place to enjoy a movie that the beaches of our city. On the beach of Sant Sebastià (Barceloneta) you don’t only see movies but have live music and a short film before the film starts. Not for lovers of the most commercial cinema made in America, because  they always project cinema d’auteur or independent films.

In addition, this year the cinema has the novelty that is also transferred to other nearby cities to Barcelona, ​​specifically, El Prat, Badalona and Mataró.

Gandules cinema Twentytu hostel

Gandules: 7 Deadly Sins

Although we have to wait until August, Gandules 2016 is presented as one of the most alternative cinema festivals this summer in Barcelona. Gandules means hammocks in Catalan and is where you will see the movies if you arrive with enough time because the entrance is free and limited capacity. The 7 deadly sins are the protagonists of this cycle run by the Centre for Contemporary Culture in Barcelona (CCCB).

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The best Beach Bars in Barcelona to enjoy Summer

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The Summer has started and that means that the Beach Bars season is open in Barcelona; sun, good food, music and Mediterranean breeze. What more could you ask for? The correct answer is the best selection of Beach Bars to make the most of the summer.  Let’s go for it!

Pez Vela: at the foot of the W Hotel

Under the luxurious W Hotel, also known as Vela Hotel, you’ll find this Beach Bar under the same name that’s part of Tragaluz Hostelry Group. A simple but safe menu to enjoy the views, which are as delightful as its food.  Usually it’s very crowded so we recommend you book if you don’t want to wait.

Chiringuito Las Sardinitas:  the traditional Beach Bar 

Don’t expect any cool decoration or original or exotic food in this emblematic  Bar at Barcelona’s coastline, but it serves its purpose; a relaxed atmosphere with the best selection of fish dishes, especially from the southern Spain. Quite reasonable price to be next to the sea.

Beach Bars Barcelona Twentytu

Vai Moana: blue sea of ​​Polynesia

Via Moana means “Blue Sea” in Rapa Nui, the native language of the enigmatic Easter Island, and it’s the name of this Beach Bar that preserves the mystery of this island in its decoration. Dishes for all tastes and tropical cocktails to enjoy a sunset at the Bogatell beach.

Bambu Beach Bar: chill out on the beach 

In the last beach of Barcelona to the North, we find this cozy Beach Bar with a Chillout atmosphere to relax and leave the worries behind. The kitchen is ruled by Jordi Samper, one of the disciples of  the worldwide famous chef  Ferran Adrià, who offers a simple but delicious menu: burgers, salads, sandwiches and tapas. Do not miss the champagne cocktails when it’s very hot.

Twentytu Barcelona Beach Bars

La Guingueta de l’Escribà: chefs’ Beach Bar

La Guingueta is the beach version of Xiringuito de l’Escribà, a restaurant located a few meters across the beach.  The Michelin Star chef Carles Abellan and Joan Escribà, descendant of the popular family of pastry chefs, have joined forces in this project to provide simple but top quality cuisine. If you resist heat well, finish your tasting taking one of the irresistible ice creams of the Masterchef Jordi Roca, member of Celler de Can Roca, one of the best Restaurants in the world.

Surf House Barcelona: healthy fast food 

The guys of Surf House Barcelona choose the authentic California lifestyle at its Beach Bar in Mar Bella. At their huge surfboards tables you can enjoy refreshing smoothies and an interesting mix of American and Mediterranean food. Pay attention to its activities schedule if you are someone who just can’t be laying on the towel.

Beach Bar Barcelona Hostel Twentytu

Xiringuito Aigua: urban Beach Bar

In the outskirts of Gràcia district we find this urban Beach Bar which you can enjoy at any time of year. An oasis in the middle of the city that offers dishes to taste with time and unhurried.

Although the Beach Bars in Barcelona are synonymous of sun and relax, don’t forget that after sunset the party doesn’t stop so don’t forget to check the night parties’ schedule!

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Where to practice language exchange in Barcelona

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If you’re you always show off that you can speak a second language, but in the moment of truth you can’t find the words, language exchange is the best way to practice your conversation in a second language.

Replace grammar books for a drink, dinner or coffee, and choose from the selection that we have prepared of the best places to practice language exchange  ​​in Barcelona:

The Phillarmonic Club: the authentic English pub

Surely it might not be useful to get you a polished English accent, but this bar feels like an authentic British pub. Usually there are people who wants to have fun, so it’s also a good place to make new friends.

Language Exchange is organized every Monday at 8:30 am, but if you  improve your level you can sign up in the Quiz Games by teams that are hosted every Thursday night.

English pub Twentytu young hostel

Monkey Factory: music and languages

When you arrive to this pub near Diagonal Avenue you won’t find a disgusting welcoming… on the contrary: free nachos and shots, and friendly waiters who introduce you to the other participants.  As soon as you get there they deliver you a tag where you have to write your name, your mother tongue and  the language that you want to practice to facilitate the language exchange.

This linguistic activity takes place every Tuesday at 8:30 am. We also recommend their live concerts on Thursday night.

Billiards Bar HDP: close to oriental languages

If you like Oriental languages ​​you should know that it’s  possible to learn Chinese and Japanese in Barcelona and, also, for free! Every Wednesday at 9 pm a group of students and language teachers, called Mundiñol, practice Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and even Catalan in this bar.

Friends language meeting Twentytu

Las empas: attentive to your watch

Kitty is the organizer of the English- Spanish exchange every Thursday between 8 pm and 10 pm that is organized in “Las Empas”, an Argentinian restaurant in the neighborhood of Gracia. Although there are times set for each language, probably, as it night goes by and you drink more Belgian beers, you have more desire to speak your new language.

The Language Exchange Friday

To finish the workweek, we enter  the Estació de França, not too crowded by travelers but a must for anyone who wants to know the most stately Barcelona. In the bar located at the right of the spacious hall every Friday at 8 pm a group meets to practice their speaking. If the night goes well and you want to continue the party, you can keep on learning in a nightclub or pub in the area, certainly at that time you will have lost your embarrassment.

Language exchange twentytu hostel

Babellia Books & Coffee: books for everybody

The café-bookstore Babelia has clients of all nationalities thanks to its extensive multilingual library and, therefore, it’s not unusual to find a native seeking people to exchange languages on its board ads. Post your ad or search on of your interest and start practicing a new language! In this case, there is no place or fixed schedule so you are the only ones who have to agree on the appointment.

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Barcelona Design Week: the appointment of designers

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Barcelona once again becomes the capital of the design from 2 to 12 June at the hands of the BCD (Barcelona Centre de Disseny), the Centre for the promotion and revitalization of design founded over 40 years ago. For the eleventh year Barcelona Design Week will be the meeting point for professional designers, entrepreneurs and design lovers who wants to attend.

More than 70 activities distributed over eleven days and open to the city with workshops, talks, tours and exhibitions, where, in addition to soak up ideas, you can do networking with people and companies from all over the world.

Design is the future: learn about future trends

One of the highlights of this year is the second edition of the Design is the future. For three days it will be a debate of design innovation, as an expression of what awaits us in the near future. 15 national and international speakers will make workshops, talks and presentations about projects that are succeeding in the world, never-seen ideas and experimental design. If you want to know how the design will change the future of society, note down in your agenda June 6th, 7th and 8th.

In addition, remember that the Barcelona Design Week assesses all aspects of the design and applies them to everyday things of life. Along these lines stands out the Design in Tech Report 2016, where will be explained the increasingly close relationship between design, technology and business, and the Design4food; an open debate about the role of design in the field of nutrition, taking advantage of the haute cuisine trend.

Work Design Week: network design cities

This year’s novelty is the Work Design Week, a network of nine cities that will join Barcelona to promote the work and collaboration of designers. The selected cities are New York, San Francisco, Melbourne, Mexico City, Helsinki, Eindhoven, Beijing, Tokyo and Seoul, places that also have their own Design Week.

A sample of the beginning of this cooperation is the presence of a fortnight of Catalan brands in the New York Design Week and the International Contemporary Furniture Fair last week. The latter is a very important event at international level where they tend to go 30,000 people each year.
hub diseño barcelona Twentytu

Opening party

The Barcelona Design Week opens next Thursday June 2nd at Design Hub Barcelona, ​​ the design museum in the city which is located very close to Twentytú Hostel Barcelona, where you will be received by a DJ, a cold beer and a variety of Foodtrucks to tempt the palate. In addition, the Design Week opens its doors with the exhibition “Interfaces”, a commemorative exhibition of Simon, an electronics’ company which was founded over 100 years ago in a small family workshop in Olot.

Don’t forget that Twentytú Hostel  bet on the young and innovative talent of BAU University Center of Design in Barcelona, with whom we often collaborate with several contests and initiatives to strengthen the design in our city.

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Barcelona trekking routes

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Barcelona is located between the sea and the mountains, and although beaches are one of the most appealing attractions to visitors, there are many activities that you can do to enjoy the mountain. Trekking is the best way to discover the natural surroundings of Barcelona on foot; spectacular places a few kilometers from the city where you can discover the flora and fauna of our city and stay in touch with nature. Get comfortable shoes, pick some fresh water and prepare to discover the green Barcelona. Let’s start the route!

Paseo de las Aguas

If you want to see the city from a different perspective this is your route. A flat terrain but with unforgettable views, El  Paseo de las Aguas starts at the foot of Tibidabo Mountain, particularly in the Pla de les Maduixeres, and continues to the Mirador del Xiprers in the town of Esplugues de Llobregat. Along the way you will see all of Barcelona from a height and enjoy different viewpoints. Therefore it is ideal if you want to shoot perfect pictures of Barcelona’s skyline. The road is 18 kilometers fully enabled since 2008 when it opened a bridge to cross the Vallvidrera road.

How to get there: By Tramvia Blau or  by bus 111. Get off at Tibidabo stop.

Paseo de las aguas Twentytu Hostel


If you don’t  want to move away of Barcelona, ​​Collserola is the route you must choose because it’s the natural border of the city from the West and, also, you have easy access to go there. This green lung of the city gives you many options to choose Barcelona trekking routes, so you can investigate among its many trails. 8 km full of contrasts because, besides nature, you will encounter charming uninhabited houses and small residential areas of new construction.

How to get there: By metro Line 11 Torre Baró / Vallbona  or by  trainBarcelona / Torre Baró

Collsera Twentytu Hostel

El Turó de l’Home

50 kilometers away from Barcelona you’ll find the highest point of the Montseny, declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO and with a road full of contrasts, where predominate beeches. To access you must park in the parking Passavents and follow the signalized route. It has a distance of 9 kilometers and a vertical drop of 551 meters.

How to get there: by car.Turo de l'home Twentytu hostel

Route of Sant Jeroni

It’s the most common way to reach the summit of the imposing rock massif of Montserrat. Just 50 kilometers North West from Barcelona you can start this gentle hike which boasts stunning views of many points of Catalonia. Choose from the 800 steps to climb from the monastery or the Ermites: a way that, even though it’s more complicated, it has some spectacular landscapes. Before travelling the 12 kilometers of the trail don’t forget to visit the Moreneta, the patron saint of Catalonia, in the monastery, and ask her a wish.

How to get there:  R5 train, get off at the stop Monistrol de Montserrat

Montserrat Twentytu hostel

If you feel like having more you can ask for more information to associations like the Hikers Centre of Catalonia  where every week there are excursions to discover the natural surroundings of Barcelona.

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The Encants market in Barcelona: if you search, you will find!

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A few steps from Twentytú Hostel you can find the Encants market, a space full of life and with over 700 years of history, where you can buy anything you look for; new and old items, second-hand clothes or unique relics  just besides the new remodeled Plaça de las Glòries.

The Encants market, also called Fira de Bellcaire, is a market that has its origins in the thirteenth century, when two medieval markets located in different sites of the city  where unified. Since 1200, the date of the first mentions about the Encants, the commercial spot has changed its location until in 2013 moved permanently to its current location, an area of ​​over 15,000 square metres between Caspe and Castillejos streets.

The name of the Encants has its origins in the Middle Ages when it hosted public auctions which in Latin is called “En Quantum”, expression that derives in the name “Encants”. At that time, these auctions were used mainly to sell the assets of the deceased in order to pay their possible debts and leave the remaining money to his family.

Encants from XIII century - Albergue Twentytu

Buy, sale and auction

The Encants market is one of the oldest in Europe and also one of the busiest. Every week it is visited by 100,000 people around the world who seek, bargain and, often, find the best prices on books, furniture, clothing, antiques and any object you may be looking for. 500 traders open their stalls to offer from handicrafts to CDs, but also secondhand clothes or the latest technology. The movement of the Encants rests some days of the week, so remember it is open only on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays from 9 am to 8 pm.

In addition, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7 am to 9 am it is time for action; Encants auction. A place where only the highest bidder will be the winner if you play your cards right; stocks of different shops, empty rooms and even flats. Even if auctioning is not your forte, you can visit this unique spectacle because it’s the only market in Europe where to practice this kind of sale.

Encants Hostel Twentytu

The new Encants

With the last renovation in 2013, the new Encants offers a wide range of restaurants, parking for 300 vehicles, and even fitting rooms. In this way the Encants maintains its spirit of a traditional market with all the comforts of a modern shopping center. A spectacular deck of 24 meters in height, formed by mirrors, reflects the unstoppable market activity and also protects visitors in rainy days.

New Encants Hostel Twentytu

We recommend you get up early if you want to get the best bargains and to not give up if you don’t find what you were looking for at the first attempt. Ask merchants of the stalls because we assure you that somewhere in the Encants you’ll find what you’re looking for.


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