Jazz Clubs in Barcelona

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Barcelona City Council has recently passed a law that allows live music in bars and restaurants all over the city, as long as they play it on a determined schedule and in soundproofed rooms to avoid disturbing neighbours. So, now it’s time to enjoy the best jazz in town! Here’s a list of the best jazz clubs in Barcelona.

Harlem Jazz Club: The magic of jazz

It is probably the most emblematic jazz club in Barcelona. Since the beginnings its owners have been committed to live music, usually jazz, but sometimes they feature swing, funk, soul or bossanova, among others Those who have been fortunate enough to visit Harlem explain that this club offers a truly magical feel that only a real jazz club could ever have.. It gets crowded so don’t expect to have a seat unless you are there early. Good music, delicious cocktails and enviable atmosphere in the heart of the city.

Jamboree: for both tourists and locals

It’s a must for jazz fans. In the middle of Plaza Real, it is a place with character since 1960. Every Monday you have a date with the innovation at Jam sessions and concerts on Tuesdays and Sundays. If you want, after concerts you can stay on the disco, a really popular spot for tourists and locals to dance in its two rooms – pop-rock and hip-hop. Jamboree has put Barcelona on the route map of several tours of international jazz artists.

Little Italy: Italian food with Jazz.

If what you want is to have a meal while you’re listening to good jazz, Little Italy is the place to be. Instead of New York, this Little Italy is in Barcelona’s old town, where you can enjoy a wide variety of Mediterranean gastronomy with an Italian touch in a vintage atmosphere. Live jazz music creates a perfect atmosphere while the audience has dinner every Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday from 9.30 pm.

Jazz clubs en Barcelona

Milano cocktail: come back to the 40’s

We stay in Italy to discover a cocktail bar with the authentic 40’s style: red couches, elegant uniformed waiters and, as could not be otherwise, live jazz every night with double session at 8.30 pm. You delight with some food or drink their own cocktails in a relaxing ambience. If you still have the strength, the DJ plays soul, funk, Latin music or jazz until 3 a.m.

JazzSí Club: the future of Jazz in Barcelona

This is the club run by Tallers de músics, a music school located in the city outskirts. Music students are the ones that organize their live jazz sessions every Wednesday with generous serving of imagination and innovation. There, musicians can test their abilities and play for an audience for the first time. A different experience far from listening to experienced professionals but with a rare and unique extra: the real improvisation. The prices are for students too: only 4 euros with drink included.

Jazzman: not in the city guides

It’s an intimate space where to experience jazz closely, especially due to the reduced size of the place. This is the charm of Jazzman, where you can hang out with veteran artists and new jazz talents every Monday night. The rest of the week you can listen to jazz music too, but not live. This is the kind of place that you don’t find in the city guides, so take our advice and enjoy this cozy jazz club.

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The best escape rooms in Barcelona

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If you want to test your logic and wit , the escape rooms are your game. Discover your private investigator abilities while you get out of a room in less than an hour. A new and funny leisure way that you can enjoy with your friends or family in Barcelona, as there are more than 15 places dedicated to that in the city.

¿Are you ready to escape?

Juego Enigma Room Escape: feel like an special agent

We start the review with one of the most difficult escape rooms in our city, where leaving the room is not going to be easy. In that game you put yourself in the shoes of a secret agent and have to resolve the mystery working with your team. If you want a special “late minute offer” in that room escape you can leave your email in its booking website and they notify you when they are available with discount.

How to get there: Maragall (Line 4 and Line 5)

Chicken Banana: Mafia or a human experiment?

In this escape room you can capture the lord’s mafia Félix Manchunga or try to run away from a mental hospital where evil Doctor Steinberg wants to experiment with you. Immerse in the history and solve the mystery in only an hour. It’s advisable to be a group of 3 to 6 persons.

How to get there: Poble Sec (Line 3)

Rommin Escape: Exercise your brain

Highly recommended to curious people who like to be the film’s main character. As they explain, the one muscle that you exercise is your brain, so we recommend to have some coffee before in order to be fully awake. The action happens in a mysterious house of Gràcia neighbourhood, where you should be able to resolve different enigmas to get out of it.

How to get there: Fontana (Line 3)

Keys escape room

Cronologic: go back to the eighties

Near Twentytú hostel is Cronologic, one of the first escape rooms in our city, concretely the second open in Barcelona. In that adventure you go back to the eighties to resolve an enigmatic riddle. The best advice of its owners  is to stay calm and listen to any comment from the team because that can be the key to unlock the door to the present.

How to get there: Clot (Line 1 and Line 2) or 20 minutes walk from Twentytú

Picadero Room Motel: wink all night

Picadero Room Motel attempts to be so real that on its website they offer their hotel rooms to visitors as a real hotel that is- as they explain- “one of the best options for not sleeping a wink all night”. Each game lasts 90 minutes and it can have 2 to 6 players. Also, if you’re fast enough you will go into the top 20 ranking of that escape room.

How to get there: Joanic (Line 4)

Proyecto Target: 160 meters to escape

“Barcelona hides the greatest secret of the humanity”. Based in this promising premise, Proyecto target presents its escape room. A 60 minutes countdown where you have to forget that it’s just a game and who you are in real live. A 160 meters space to find clues, solve puzzles and test your intelligence with only a goal: to leave the room as soon as possible.

How to get there: Plaça Espanya (Line 1)Door escape room

Room of riddles: starts the coundown

This escape room started in Amsterdam and shortly after two rooms more were opened in Antwerp and Barcelona. In this case, you can live two different adventures; you can try to be chosen the harbour master of Barcelona or you can find the final will of Fabiolo, a successful art trader. You only have an hour to get the code to escape.

How to get there: Ciutadella-Vila Olímpica (Line 4)


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8 Barcelona bars with free tapas

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In Spain it is generally common to get a free tapa when you order a drink or beer, but in Barcelona you should look for the most generous bars if you don’t want to pay for it. And when we say tapa we mean a delicious typical Spanish side dish, not poor crisps or a few olives.  If you want to enjoy the best food from our city and, also, for free, joinus at the best free tapa bars in Barcelona.

Gata Mala: free tapas in Gràcia

This bar is not for claustrophobic because it is always full but that’s for a good reason. Their delicious tapas are free when you order a beer; potato omelette, Russian salad, sausage pieces with bread…all of them handmade and with the best Spanish products. Maybe you have to struggle for a space in the bar, but it will be well worth it. This offer is only available at afternoon/night.

How to get there: Metro L4 Joanic

Casa Mayo: Galician specialities

Near to Sants Estació you can find this typical Galician bar with a simple decor and amazing tapas such as quiche or chistorra pinchos. In a familiar atmosphere and friendly and personalized service, be sure to try the Galician octopus and lacón, the Galicia culinary specialties.

How to get there: L5/L3 Sants EstacióBoquerones

El Moll de Rebaix: away from tourists in Barceloneta

This little tapas bar in the depths of Barceloneta is the perfect site if you don’t like the typical tourist places. The wooden bar waits for the local people to offer its best tapas surrounded by walls full of classic cinema. Fried fish and other delights as pimientos del padrón (chily peppers) or migas (bread crumbs with meat or vegetables) are free while you’re drinking a cold beer. The tapas are served by Parra family, and the owner grew up on the neighborhood.

How to get there: L4 Barceloneta

Nou ambiente del Sur: the taste of Southern Spain

You probably know that the most typical tapas zone is the south of Spain, especially cities such as Málaga or Granada, where free tapas are another tourist attraction. In Ambiente del Sur you can eat little snacks with serrano ham, croquettes or calamari rings, for example, and obviously a piece of its famous and enormous potato omelet.  Don’t expect a modern local or nouvelle cuisine, just homemade food and low prices.

How to get there: L1 RocafortPulpo-gallega


Bar Casa Lolo: the best Spanish food

Another place where to find the best Spanish food… ¡and for free! In this case, you should know that the other way round: first order the tapa and for the same price you get a free drink. Gazpacho, eggplant with honey and other little dishes with the best Spanish taste.

How to get there: L5/L3 Sants Estació

El Capritxo: for seafood lovers

The place has been specially designed for seafood lovers where with only 2 euros you can be delighted with one of the fish varieties that the owner cooks following the best Andalusian style. Prepare your stomach for sepia, prawns and small fried fish inside the bar or at the terrace.

How to get there: L3 Plaça del Centre

Bar Mingus: craft beers in the city centre

In the middle of the Gothic, just behind the city council, you can find this little bar with 6 craft beers tap and a cool decor. The walls are covered with skateboards and cheerful music sounds in the background.  If you’re looking for free tapas in Barcelona’s center, that’s the place.

How to get there: L4 Jaume I

Café de los Angelitos: music and chill by the beach

This bar is a tribute to famous Buenos Aires bar with the same name. Every day until 10 pm you can taste a free tapa with your drink; asparagus with sauce chef, omelette, patatas bravas (fried potatoes with spicy tomato sauce)… You can also stay at night to drink one of its fresh cocktails in a relaxed environment.

How to get there: L4 Barceloneta


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Metro’s new L9 is ready for Mobile World Congress

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From last Monday Barcelona becomes the mobile capital thanks to the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2016, one of the most important tech events around the world. As every year, the Congress gathers the best mobile brands and the greatest technological breakthroughs that soon will be on the market. This year the stars at MWC are the graphene, the material of the mobiles of the future, Samsung S7, Acer Liquid Z630 and LG G5, the first device with interchangeable modules.

The L9 just in time


This year the MWC is more accessible than ever, as the new line 9 of Barcelona Metro arrives to the fairground, specifically at Europa Fira station just next to the congress. The south of  the line, called L9 South, arrives to the airport and to the Congress and  was inaugurated only two weeks ago, the 12th February.

The recently opened line 9 connects both airport terminals, the exhibition sites and, also, industrial zones with Barcelona’s centre.  The trains are driverless and work with an automatic smart system that’s checked by the control center in real time. All 15 stops have lifts and mechanical stairs and the journey from the airport to MWC only takes 22 minutes.

The longest line in Europe

The line has another section called L9 North –launched in December 2009- that will be connected with the South section in the future. Then it will become the longest automatic metro line in Europe and one of the most modern railways  in the world.

Nearly 30 million passengers per year are expected to use this new line, and among them are the 100.000 visitors of the tech Congress.

The startups of the future

The 4YFN (4 Years From Now) is the youngest space at the MWC where you can find innovative solutions that in the future may become international business. In this edition there are many interesting ideas to improve our lives. For example you can find a smart bulb that learns from your behaviour and turns on and off by itself, an app for interacting with your laptop through your vision or Badi, the app that is known as the flatmates’ Tinder, an application where you can find to find the perfect person to share a flat with, with whom you have similar hobbies, preferences, etc.

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Barcelona districts: Gracia the smallest neighborhood

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From the top of Barcelona, La Vila de Gràcia is one of the most charming and genuine places of the city. Birthplace of personalities as the philologist and engineer Pompeu Fabra or the flamenco singer el Pescaílla, this neighborhood with soul of city is one of the unforgettable places that you don’t want to miss if you’re visiting Barcelona.

The neighborhood has been a part of Barcelona since 1897 and has been an important addition to its local culture. Its bohemian charm has turned it into a cool neighborhood and an artists’ refuge, where you can find from little ateliers with the best contemporary art to popular taverns with the best Catalan food. If you want to know what makes the smallest district of the city so special, come with us and discover it.

The squares where you live Gràcia

The squares are the heart of Gràcia, an open space between its alleys and perfect for visitors who want to merge with its population. There are many to choose, it depends on your interests. If you want to enjoy the sun and the beer in a square full of live, your place is Sol square where you can always find bustle and happiness. If you prefer music you can walk to Raspall squar, where the gipsy community of the zone have always met, and if you want to walk across the history, in Diamant square you can visit the bomb shelters of the civil war.

The summer party is in Gràcia

During all summer the most anticipated event is la fiesta Mayor de Gràcia, which takes placebetween the 15th and the 21st August and turns the neighborhood into a festival of light and colour, with streets and squares decorated by the neighbors. Over the week you can enjoy concerts, exhibitions, children’s activities, parades, dance and theatre, among many other things.


But the party doesn’t end at the end of summer, and Gràcia neighborhood has many parties all year long. For example the Sant Medir’s party, known as the sweet party, a pilgrimage from Gràcia to the chapel with the same name as the celebration, where they throw candy for kids and that is celebrated the 3rd of March.

Sonorous territory on LEM


The LEM festival is a little festival of alternative music that has been celebrated ¡for 20 years! From 1996, the nonprofit association Gràcia Territori Sonor organizes this event where more than 1079 artistic projects by more than 200 artists have participated. From the 17th February, they are organized “Meeting in time-space” and the last has been this Thursday ¡be attentive for don’t miss the next!

Despite these great plans that we suggest you, the true heart of Gràcia must be discovered on foot. Walk around the streets, contemplate the corners and feel its lifestyle of this particular place with its own rules.

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Twentytú chosen best green hostel in the world…..again

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We are celebrating the HOSCAR Best Green Hostel prize we just won that says we are the best ecological hostel in the world. HOSCARS are given by Hostelworld to the best hostels all around the globe. And now it’s the second time we’ve got this award!

Since we opened Twentytú, back in 2012 we’ve received the HOSCAR’ Green Hostel’ prize two times, meaning we are the best eco-friendly hostel ever.

This prize is one of world’s most prestigious award and this years celebrates its 13th edition. But what really make us feel proud is that this award is based on the valuation that Hostelworld.com guests make every year.


Sustainability is one of our foundations, this is the way we created Twentytú and this is the way we keep working to improve day by day. But we are not alone in this battle, as our CEO Ignasi Uñó tell us “it’s proven that todays costumer is more and more sensitive and enjoys responsable tourism policies. That’s the reason this award is so precious to us

With this new HOSCAR ‘Best Green Hostel’ we keep growing in recognition and making us walk in the same way, the right one. Last year we became the first hostel in the world with a Biosphere certificate, in 2014 we were awarded with the Best Hostel prize in the global Stay Wise’s Prize for Young Tourism. In our land we’ve been granted by Descobrir magazine and Responsible Tourism organization as we are the best start-up in responsable tourism.

Thank all of you for your support in our way to a better Green tourism.


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Find out all the fashion in Barcelona

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Barcelona blossoms with plenty of little fashion shops created by young designers. It’s easy to discover a jewel in any quarter of the city, but we want to make your research even easier and we are showing you some of the most chic boutiques in Barcelona. Let’s go shopping!

Born District: Como agua de Mayo


This is a very special clothing store we are talking about. Here, every garment is really exclusive, mesmerizing and delicate. Just like its name Agua de Mayo which is refered to the rains in May, but also to something you wanted or desired. As soon as you come across their articles you’ll find out that the name fits perfectly this store, because you’ll have the urge of having everything, as if you had desired them all your life. If you want to keep updated with all their bargains and discounts, you can join them in Facebook.

Located in C/Argentería 43-45

M L1 Urquinaona

Gràcia District: Modart

Modart is an atelier owned by Carme Trías, a designer that makes a wide range of designs from wedding and party gowns to casual clothes for women. Her style is really something and in between her work you can find everything: from dresses just like the ones seen in films to clothes inspired by local artists. If you want something unique and a bohemian touch in your life, don’t hesitate, go to this shop.

Located in C/Astúries 34

Metro L3 Fontana

Gotic District: Guantería Alonso y La Manual Alpargatera

Guantería Alonso is a really special shop founded in 1905 and exclusively focused in selling gloves. The place keeps its original furniture inside and a modernist façade outside. The shop is even included in the mordenism route organized by Barcelona’s City Hall. Quite a must!

Located in C/Santa Anna 27

Metro L1 o L3 Catalunya


La Manual Alpargatera is the first workshop ever devoted to the creation of fashion alpargatas. The shop is settled in Barcelona since 1940 and is responsible of making the alpargata a modern shoe. In the old times the alpargata was the traditional peasant shoe, but this changed 20 years ago when “La Alpargatera” dared making the alpargata a fashionable shoe and transforming this light footwear into a classical souvenir of Barcelona. Those shoes are perfect for summer and can be worn both by men and women, so if you are planning a visit to sunny Spain in summer, this is the best footwear for it.

Located in C/Avinyó 7

Metro L3 Liceu

Eixample District: Misty Rose

Misty Rose is the shop everyone wants in their town; luxury pieces at a perfect price. They stand out for their classy and at the same time urban style. If you have a craving for retro garments and accessories and want to go shopping in a chill and cozy place, this clothes store suits you really well.

But if jumble sales are your thing, we can still propose you a few choices: Lost&Found Market and Flea Market. Both of them offer a huge range of second hand clothes and accessories. Perfect for vintage addicts! If you want to pay a visit to these wonderful markets, you gotta pay attention to their sites and feed to know when and where they are doing it.

Wanna go shopping while visiting Barcelona? Try out these local designers and their made in here fashion! You won’t get disappointed.

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Discovering Poble Nou and the 22@

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Today we’d like go for a walk around Twentytú and its outskirts, to show you Poblenou district and the famous 22@ district. Since a few years ago this area has suffered a wondrous transformation, not only due to its brand new buildings and avenues, but also because of several fresh and young companies who have settled there, always keeping the harmony between its industrial past and an innovative present. Let’s go rambling!

The transformation of Glorias neighbourhood began more than 20 years ago with a shopping mall that has become its central axis. Bit by bit new constructions were added, making the space one of Barcelona’s hallmark.

Agbar Tower

Created in 2005 by the international architect Jean Nouvel, Agbar tower is a good example to show the architectural mutation of the city.

We shall not discuss the tower look-a-like with its 140 meters cylindrical shape that have provoked laughter among tourists and neighbours.  But we cannot argue with the fact that Agbar Tower is now a main part of Barcelona’s skyline with a unique light and colour night show that astonishes everyone.

Nowadays the tower still hosts Barcelona’s Water Company, but soon it will become a luxury hotel. We hope by then we can still climb on to the 38th floor to enjoy the wonderful views of 22@ district from above.

Design Museum and Encantes Viejos


Although Agbar Tower is an impressive piece of a building, we should not forget about two new remarkable constructions in the area. We are talking about DHUB Design Museum, known as “The Stapler” and also about “Encantes Viejos” space, a huge stainless steel roof that also works as a mirror in the heights.

With these two new additions, and other several works to clear the square, a project is finished which allows to walk around and gives back to the citizens a place formerly occupied by cars.


El arte tiene un papel importante en este barrio. El nuevo Museo Can Framis de la Fundación Vila-Casas expone cerca de 300 obras de pintura contemporánea, situado en una antigua fábrica textil del Poblenou datada a finales del s. XVIII. El arte es pasado, presente y sobretodo futuro, sobre esta última etapa el barrio tiene el Centro Universitario de Diseño de Barcelona, BAU que acerca todas las facetas del diseño a los futuros artistas.

También la Universidad Pompeu Fabra estableció su campus de comunicación en el 22@, cerrando así el círculo con el resto de equipamientos  dedicados al sector de las comunicaciones.

Technology, sustainability and creativity

But Poblenou district transformation goes way further than a couple of impressive buldings.  The main idea of this urban regeneration was to create the city most technological location, hosting companies related with ICT, design and innovation with structures as sustainable as possible. A great example of this is Twentytú, as you know, the most sustainable hostel in Barcelona and first in the world with a Biosphere Responsible Tourism certificate.

This project makesit  easier for tech companies, institutions, pubic administrations, investigation centres and universities around to group together and share knowledge and activities, represented by 22Netwrok Association.  Under this concept, Poblenou Urban District association was created, focusing in the promotion of this area as Barcelona’s new Art and Creativity District.
Litte by Little, this dream is becoming a reality, always keeping its inner essence; the industrial core, full of structures and buildings restored for new purposes. If you are walking around the area, don’t hesitate: take a picture an share it on our social media Facebook and Twitter!


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Ski in Barcelona

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Barcelona is a good destination to enjoy the good weather, but it’s possible to do winter activities too. There are many ski resorts near Barcelona where you can see the snow and enjoy snowboarding and skiing. Just a few hours from the big city you can enjoy a sunny ski day.

La Molina



This ski resort is the closest to Barcelona. It’s easy to get there with public transport, like the train or the bus. La Molina has four different ski areas and there are about 61 kilometers of ski routes, the highest altitude of them reaches 2,445 meters. In addition to the normal ski slope, there are some specialties such as a dog sled track, two snowshoe tracks, a snow park, a super pipe, an Audi driving circuit and three competition stadiums that are used in the professional events.

The ticket for a single day costs 41€.

La Masella

This ski resort it’s only three kilometers away from la Molina, so the easiest way of transportation is by train in case you don’t have a car, like to La Molina. There is a ski pass for both stations, La Masella and la Molina, so you can enjoy the best ski slopes.

One-day ticket price for an adult: 41 €. And the price of the ticket for a single day to access the two ski resorts, named Alp2500, is 44 €.




Another destination that is just 3 hours away from Barcelona is Andorra. There are many ski resorts in this country, and is the favorite destination for shoppers and ski lovers.

You can choose between Grandvalira or Vallnord ski resort. The first one is for expert snowboarders, whether if you go with the family or you are a beginner, the best option is Vallnord.

Grandvalira offers six sectors, 65 ski-lifts that addresses you to 110 different runs and four freestyle snow parks that will keep every skier entertained for days. Even if you just would like to take a break from the hills, you can build your own igloos, drive snow bikes and do much more fun snow activities in the other areas of the center.

Grandvalira pass costs 46€.

Vallnord have 3 different stations, Arcalís, Arinsal and Pal. There are 45 ski-lifts, 3 snowparks, bumps areas, slalom and carving areas, and a freestyle area, and much more.

The pass to Vallnord for a single day is the 36€.

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Chocolate shops in Barcelona

23rd December, 2015 / / No Comments

There are few pleasures in life like a cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter afternoon. Today on the blog we want to travel back and remember those perfect snacks when you were little. In this case, we make you a route through the best chocolate shops in Barcelona. Forget about the calories and get ready to enjoy!

La nena


Located in Gracia neighbourhood, it’s an ideal local to spend a winter afternoon playing a table game and drinking a cup of chocolate with “churros”. For those who count every calorie, there is the chocolate shot version, and the Swiz (chocolate with cream). We also recommend their homemade cakes. The dark chocolate one is irresistible!

Valor Chocolaterie

Next to the Barcelona cathedral there is a perfect place to try any of their cups of chocolate varieties. Also you can try their cakes, chocolates, coulants or chocolate shakes. An amazing place for chocolate lovers. And a wonderful place to regain strength if you are visiting the city.



One of the most famous locals in Barcelona is, without a doubt, the Escribá chocolate shop. It’s in the middle of “Rambla de Barcelona”, an old and charming building that invites you to go in at the moment you pass through. If the weather is good, you can sit in the terrace, have a big cup of chocolate and enjoy everything that happens around you.


If there is a street in Barcelona dedicated to chocolate this is Petritxol Street. Since immemorial times the city citizens have gone to the centre to have a snack at one of the chocolate shops located in this street. Today, one of the most renowned because of its quality and its products design is Xocoa.

Granja M. Viader

The history of this place is magical. Opened in 1870, it was where the most known Catalan chocolate milkshake was born: the Cacaolat. It is one of the oldest bars in the city and, apart from the chocolate, you can taste wonderful yogurts made from goat and sheep’s milk, delicious cheeses and fresh milk. And to accompany the fantastic chocolate, ask for one of their deserts. It’s scrumptious!

So if you’re tired and you want to rest a little bit while you walk around Barcelona, look for one of these chocolate shops. I’m sure you will have an amazing experience and you would remember better when you were young.

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