Ski in Barcelona

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Barcelona is a good destination to enjoy the good weather, but it’s possible to do winter activities too. There are many ski resorts near Barcelona where you can see the snow and enjoy snowboarding and skiing. Just a few hours from the big city you can enjoy a sunny ski day.

La Molina



This ski resort is the closest to Barcelona. It’s easy to get there with public transport, like the train or the bus. La Molina has four different ski areas and there are about 61 kilometers of ski routes, the highest altitude of them reaches 2,445 meters. In addition to the normal ski slope, there are some specialties such as a dog sled track, two snowshoe tracks, a snow park, a super pipe, an Audi driving circuit and three competition stadiums that are used in the professional events.

The ticket for a single day costs 41€.

La Masella

This ski resort it’s only three kilometers away from la Molina, so the easiest way of transportation is by train in case you don’t have a car, like to La Molina. There is a ski pass for both stations, La Masella and la Molina, so you can enjoy the best ski slopes.

One-day ticket price for an adult: 41 €. And the price of the ticket for a single day to access the two ski resorts, named Alp2500, is 44 €.




Another destination that is just 3 hours away from Barcelona is Andorra. There are many ski resorts in this country, and is the favorite destination for shoppers and ski lovers.

You can choose between Grandvalira or Vallnord ski resort. The first one is for expert snowboarders, whether if you go with the family or you are a beginner, the best option is Vallnord.

Grandvalira offers six sectors, 65 ski-lifts that addresses you to 110 different runs and four freestyle snow parks that will keep every skier entertained for days. Even if you just would like to take a break from the hills, you can build your own igloos, drive snow bikes and do much more fun snow activities in the other areas of the center.

Grandvalira pass costs 46€.

Vallnord have 3 different stations, Arcalís, Arinsal and Pal. There are 45 ski-lifts, 3 snowparks, bumps areas, slalom and carving areas, and a freestyle area, and much more.

The pass to Vallnord for a single day is the 36€.

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Chocolate shops in Barcelona

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There are few pleasures in life like a cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter afternoon. Today on the blog we want to travel back and remember those perfect snacks when you were little. In this case, we make you a route through the best chocolate shops in Barcelona. Forget about the calories and get ready to enjoy!

La nena


Located in Gracia neighbourhood, it’s an ideal local to spend a winter afternoon playing a table game and drinking a cup of chocolate with “churros”. For those who count every calorie, there is the chocolate shot version, and the Swiz (chocolate with cream). We also recommend their homemade cakes. The dark chocolate one is irresistible!

Valor Chocolaterie

Next to the Barcelona cathedral there is a perfect place to try any of their cups of chocolate varieties. Also you can try their cakes, chocolates, coulants or chocolate shakes. An amazing place for chocolate lovers. And a wonderful place to regain strength if you are visiting the city.



One of the most famous locals in Barcelona is, without a doubt, the Escribá chocolate shop. It’s in the middle of “Rambla de Barcelona”, an old and charming building that invites you to go in at the moment you pass through. If the weather is good, you can sit in the terrace, have a big cup of chocolate and enjoy everything that happens around you.


If there is a street in Barcelona dedicated to chocolate this is Petritxol Street. Since immemorial times the city citizens have gone to the centre to have a snack at one of the chocolate shops located in this street. Today, one of the most renowned because of its quality and its products design is Xocoa.

Granja M. Viader

The history of this place is magical. Opened in 1870, it was where the most known Catalan chocolate milkshake was born: the Cacaolat. It is one of the oldest bars in the city and, apart from the chocolate, you can taste wonderful yogurts made from goat and sheep’s milk, delicious cheeses and fresh milk. And to accompany the fantastic chocolate, ask for one of their deserts. It’s scrumptious!

So if you’re tired and you want to rest a little bit while you walk around Barcelona, look for one of these chocolate shops. I’m sure you will have an amazing experience and you would remember better when you were young.

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Christmas traditions made in Spain

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If you come to Barcelona on Christmas you should know some of our Christmas traditions. If you trust the saying “when in Rome, do as the Romans”, you should bring to the city a red piece of underwear, eat “neulas”, buy a “caganer” or give blows to trunk “el tió”. Merry Christmas!

Red underwear for New Year’s Eve

It’s not an exclusive Catalan tradition but since years ago is becoming typical and now, the last night of the year, red color takes center stage. The origin comes from medieval times where red clothes were forbidden. This color was associated to the devil, the blood and the witchery but it was also a meaning of life. It’s because of the last reason that people wanted to wear a red piece, they though that could bring good luck. The fact that it was underwear was to hide from the prohibitions of the time.

So in New Year: wear red underwear and eat 12 grapes by the sound of the 12 strikes.

The sweetest of Christmas: nougats, marzipans, the “roscón”, shortbreads


If you are lucky to eat in Christmas Eve, Christmas, St. Stephen (Sant Esteve) or other festivities in our land, remember to have the chance to try our deserts. The king of the parties is, without a doubt, the nougat. There are many varieties but the most traditional are the Alicante (tough) and the Jijona (soft). If you have stomach for more confectionaries you can try marzipans and shortbreads.

In Catalonia there is the tradition to eat “neulas” or wafers at the end of big Christmas meals. There are people who dip them into the “cava”. It is common for children to eat one after another without stopping.

And on the Three Kings Day, to end all these big meals, we finish with the king cake (roscón de reyes). An old tradition that began with rounded cakes full of figs, dates and honey. And it has become a sponge cake with candied fruit, pumpkin or cream depending on location, and especially with a couple of surprises inside. We expect you to be the king of the party, and not get the bean, or you will pay the cake.

The “caganer” and the “caga tió”

In this case we talk about Catalan Christmas traditions, and both are a little bit weird. On the one hand, it is common in Catalan cribs to find where the “caganer” figure is hided. It is an individual, crouched down with his buttocks in the air, making his physiological needs. If you go through a Christmas market do not forget to take one.

The other tradition is for Christmas day, where little kids pick a stick and give blows to a trunk with a painted face. During the days leading up to Christmas, children have been feeding the “tió”, so that on December 25 “shits” them gifts. It certainly is a different tradition.

With this list you’re ready to spend a Christmas as a Barcelona citizen. Merry Christmas!

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Christmas Shopping in Barcelona

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Don’t miss the opportunity to make the Christmas Shopping in Barcelona with all the advantages we offer.

This winter the shopping could be cheaper. After Black Friday and before sales, you can come to Barcelona and get discounts in many shops staying in TwentyTú hostel. An initiative made with the collaboration of Barcelona Tourism Shopping Line.
If you book one night in the hostel you will receive a welcome gift pack that includes a bag of Barcelona Tourism, a VIP card with discounts to use in the shopping centers of Diagonal Mar and the Maquinista, a map with the main commercial spots of the city, the Time Out magazine and a gift of the Arenas shopping centre.


TwentyTú is a perfect place for families and friends. Even if you want to come alone! Whatever is the option you choose you can stay in a private or shared quadruple room for only 15€.

You can book by telephone at 93 238 71 85 or via email with the promo code: BOTIGA.

Don’t wait until the last moment; the promotion is valid until December 29.

If you want more information about the hostel visit our website.

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Be a tourist in your city

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This is the second year that Twentytú Hi- tech Hostel joins with other hotels, tourist apartments and hostels, with the aim of promoting Pobleu Nou district. The objective is to reissue back the ‘Fes el turista a la teva ciutat’ (Be a tourist in your city) campaign.

This initiative offers the opportunity to stay, the weekend of 11th – 13th December for only 10€, in different touristic places. The idea is to be involved with your city as if you were a tourist, and take part in different activities related to the districts where the establishments are located. The campaign and the bookings are managed through, a website design only for this event.

This is a perfect opportunity for those who want to live the experience with the family or a group of friends.


The ‘Fes el turista per la teva ciutat’ program offers a lot of gastronomic and cultural activities. Those who are interested could sign up for the cycling or walking tours to find the most unknown corners of Barcelona.

Twentytú offers two activities fort the weekend:

  1. Walking tour: You could visit old factories converted into printing, architecture and artists’ studios and lofts or galleries that are going to open their doors for this initiative. You may see the contrast of old industrial colonials that remain intact next to new and modern buildings of the neighbourhood. Also, museums like Vila Casas Foundation or the Design Museum of Barcelona.
  2. Cycling tour through the innovation district: A cycling tour through the Sant Martí district where many corners of Poblenou will be discovered. The postindustrial core converted into an avant-garde, technological and responsible with the environment place; singular buildings; a community garden where are developing permaculture; or the most popular night places.

And if you don’t have enough, Friday 11th December the Open Night organized by Poblenou Urban District is taking place. It’s an open doors journey that invites you to know the district with discounts and special activities. Twentytú will offer, on its terrace, a ‘paella’ cooking show from 20h that will be followed by a concert of acoustic music.

Do not miss the opportunity to live a new experience in your own city. We will wait you!

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The best photo exhibits at Barcelona

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Barcelona and photography have been linked for many years, but currently there is a boom of photographic exhibits at the city. If you like photography and you’re coming Barcelona soon don’t miss these exhibits starting with the World Press Photo.

World Press Photo

One of the most important international photo contests arrives to Barcelona until December 13th. The CCCB exhibits the 134 winning pictures and 7 winning multimedia works of this contest. Be prepared to see shocking, live, real and quite striking images.

Home obsession


This exhibition by the Belgian Magdalena Bors shows us scenes without glamour on two different series. ‘Homeland’ and ‘The seventh day’ are exposed at the exhibitions room of gas Natural Fenosa until Febrary 12th of 2016. You’ll see a collection of daily images from a different point of view and where the colors have a great prominence.

Ona Ola Wave


This is a photographic exhibition for surf lovers. The exhibition introduces the audience to the world of surfing since its inception in 1777 until today. You can see photographs of landmarks, videos and even a collection of the oldest surf boards manufactured in Spain. If you want, you can go to the Maritime Museum to see this exhibit, you have time until January 17th.

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Barcelona Sculptures

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One of the pleasures of being a tourist in a city is walking around through the corners and discover little hidden treasures. Some of these treasures of big cities are the sculptures that decorate the streets. In this case we talk about Barcelona, where you can find the Botero Cat (Gato de Botero), the Head of Barcelona of Lichtenstein (Cabeza de Barcelona) or the Fish of Frank Gehry. ¡Let’s start the tour!

El Gato de Botero (The Cat of Botero)

If you want to take a picture of this enormous animal you should go to the Rambla de Raval. A curiosity of this sculpture is that its site has been seeking for years. The Cat has been in Ciutadella Park, Drassanes, and the Olimpic Stadium. Finally it was decided to place it in Rambla del Raval, where is known for its grandeur and fat. Fell free and take a picture with it!

El Mamut de 1907 (The Mamooth of 1907)


We don’t leave aside animals to talk you about this impressive Mamooth of more than 3 meters high. Located in Ciutadella Park, it has become a must visit for young and old.

El Pez de Frank Gehry (The Fish of Frank Gehry)


In this case we have to use the imagination to see a Fish in the sculpture of the famous architect Gehry. If you go to the Vila Olímpica beach, it wouldn’t be difficult to see it because of its copper color and its big height.

La Cabeza de Barcelona de Roy Lichtenstein (The Head of Barcelona)


If you continue walking through the coast until Port Vell you could see this work of the North American author. Lichtenstein wanted to honour the city for the Olympic Games of 1992, and its famous architect Antoni Gaudí. Is obvious that he don’t wanted to put in aside the artistic current of Pop Art and its influences in the comic world. Lichtenstein made is sculpture that highlights for its colour and big size.

La Dona i Ocell de Joan Miró (The Woman and the Bird)


And you finish our artistic tour with a Barcelona artist, Joan Miró. With a piece of imagination we can see, through this imposing work with brilliant colors, the female figure topped by the bird. A reference of the artistic icons of the Barcelona city located in Parc de Joan Miró, near Plaza Espanya.

These are some of the artworks sprouted out in Barcelona. Obviously there are more, but we will continue the tour in another article. If you prefer the independent art reed the Street Art post.

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What to do in a rainy day in Barcelona

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Barcelona has a good weather almost all year, which is the reason why tourists come to visit the city. But in autumn and spring usual rain some days. On rainy days you can see people with bags on the head, a lot of cars stuck or people running everywhere. Today at the blog we explain you what to do in a rainy day.

Let’s cook

The tourists increasingly want to learn how to cook traditional dishes of their destiny. The Mediterranean diet is famous for its variety flavours and healthy food. On the Boquería market is there are cooking shows. Try to go and see one.  And you can learn to make a ‘paella’ on Twentytú’s terrace.

Go shopping

When it’s raining a good plan in Barcelona is to burn out your credit card. There are different malls on the city and outlet malls too. If you want to increase your wardrobe, or you just want to try the new arrivals, just visit the Glories mall close to Twentytú, Diagonal Mar mall or Las Arenas mall. If you prefer to go to an outlet you should visit Heron City mall.

Cinema and popcorn

No matter where you are. Going to the cinema in a rainy day is always a good plan to spin out hours. You can find different cinemas around the city. But if you prefer to see a film on original version read this post.

There are also more traditional options like visiting museums, or going to touristic spots as Sagrada Família.

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The best restaurants in Barcelona

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To choose a good restaurant in a city that is not yours is not easy. In order to make a selection of the best restaurants we can follow the opinions of food critics, or follow the reviews rankings of customers. Today we mix both opinions to create a list of the best restaurants.

Good, nice and cheap restaurants

It’s possible to have a good lunch or dinner in Barcelona under this assumption. Weare talking about locals where to enjoy a great meal at low prices quality and price are not incompatible.

  • Can Ravell. It’s a delicatessen shop of gourmet products, and there are a dining room at the back shop where they offer simple dishes of seasonal cuisine.
  • Cañete’s Bar.This place to eat tapas at Raval district highly recommended for those newcomers to the city. Central, with traditional tapas and other start-ups such as eggplant with honey make this make this place into a “must”.
  • Carrot Café. If you stay at Twentytú don’t lose the opportunity to taste their wonderful sandwiches or their amazing cakes. Many customers affirm it’s a splendid experience, especially when they’ve tasted its famous cheesecake.

Luxury restaurants

The best restaurants in Barcelona offer also fine dining: Barcelona’s gastronomy is in vogue. You must pay a visit to these restaurants if you want to check it out:

  • Dos Palillos. Critics and customers agree to define this restaurant like a funny and peculiar gamble. A former Bulli’s chef is the owner of this local that offers good Asiatic fusion cuisine dishes a long bar with an open kitchen.
  • Do you want to eat at the chef’s house? This is a unique and original experience where the owners serve the food in their own dining room. If you want to taste their food, that combines Latin and Mediterranean roots, be sure to book at table in advance!
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The markets of Barcelona

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These days Barcelona brings out its gastronomic sense to the streets for the 6th edition of the fair “Mercat de Mercats” (Markets of Markets). From 23 to October 25 Plaza de la Catedral de Barcelona will be filled with flavors and colors of the world to raise awareness of the variety of products that are part of the Mediterranean diet.


This edition is plenty of new things such as: the “Guest Country” initiative with the Peruvian chef Gaston Acurio, the “star product”, the “Artists Market” or the tasting Europe-America area. A program full of activities with Gastronomic Workshops, chefs’ demonstrations, talks and above all, good product to buy and taste.

Barcelona has always been a model in terms of the extensive network of markets that form the neighbourhoods of the city. You can’t miss some of the most emblematic.


Boqueria Market

It is the temple of markets and therefore one of the most visited sites in Barcelona. It is located in a former convent but the current building dates from the XIX century. Wander through the streets that form the shops can sometimes seem a bit cumbersome because of the large influx of visitants. But it’s worth to relax, and be carried along with the scents and colours that leave behind more than the 250 stalls. If you find a place, do not hesitate to make a “tapa” on one of the bars of the market.


Sant Antoni Market

Located on the edge of the Raval and the Eixample neighborhoods, Sant Antoni market is one of the highlights in Barcelona for its activity on Sundays. Just around the landmark building there is an alternative market ideal for books lovers, comics, coins, stamps and vinyl. A place of exchange that gradually has become a flea market where we can find even clothing.

Currently it is rehabilitated and is expected to be fully open by 2016.


Santa Caterina


Designed to be looked from the air, the Santa Caterina market transports you to a garden of colors and undulating forms. Its roof hides a wonderful restaurant called “Cuines Santa Caterina”. With natural products you can taste dishes from around the world through a practical, surprising, and delicious menu.

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