What to do in Barcelona during MWC

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By the end of February Barcelona will gather the best experts and the most innovative companies on mobile technology during the Mobile World Congress (MWC), the most important mobile event of the year.

That’s OK, but what we want to tell you today is that… during MWC Barcelona is still Barcelona! If you intend to come to MWC, here are some suggestions so that you can make the most of your free time in the city.

And, also, here’s a reminder about our special offer for entrepreneurs: 1 day at MWC, 4 Years From Now Events and Pioneers Unplugged (that takes place in our hostel) for only 109€! Learn more about our entrepreneurs offer.

Beer and pinchos at Blai street
Poble Sec district and especially Blai Street are a hot spot in Barcelona to have lunch or dinner in an informal way. In just one street you will find bars that offer delicious pinchos at very afforable prices.

Advice: the ideal plan at Blai Street is to eat pinchos while enjoying a well poured beer, a glass of wine or even vermouth.

Restaurants at Enric Granados street
Enric Granados street, in Eixample district between Universitat and Diagonal, is your place if you are up for a nice dinner at a nice restaurant without spending too much money. Crêpes, design burgers, ethnic or vegetarian restaurants, pizza… Plenty of choice in just a fer meters!

Advice: before picking a restaurant, walk around the area and look into every option. There are plenty!

Chocolate with churros at Petritxol street
Petritxol street is a small alley that every good Barcelona citizen knows, but sometimes it goes unnoticed for tourists. It is right in the city centre and it is very narrow, althought pretty long as well.

You will find some curious shops, a well-known art gallery (Sala Parés) and a couple of places where you can taste the best chocolate with churros.

Advice: don’t be afraid of queues! There usually are people waiting in line to have a hot chocolate with churros, and it is worth the wait.

Go online…
If you want to be online even during your free time, Barcelona has one of the most extense free wifi networks in the world. Up to 443 wifi “stations” where you can surf the Internet from your smartphone, computer or tablet without limits and without paying a cent.

Learn more about it: Barcelona Wifi.

…and offline
After so much mobile technology, you will probably need a moment to go offline. An ideal place for that is Ciutadella Park, one of the most popular in town. A green area right in the city centre, next to Arc de Triomf and, more importantly, close to Twentytú!

But there’s no doubt that the best place to take a deep breath and relax is even closer:  our chill out-terrace!

Best entrepreneurs of the year hang out in Twentytú

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If you are a mobile entrepreneur or you want to become one, if you have an idea and you need help, if you want to meet others like you and learn with the best experts and business angels worldwide and, most importantly, if you wish to attend Mobile World Congress for a very low price, keep reading.

From 24th until 27th February, Barcelona hosts the most relevant event on mobile technology of the year: Mobile World Congress (MWC). Thousands of professionals and businesses will gather in Barcelona for 4 days, including well-known professionals such as Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, and Whatsapp’s CEO, Jan Koum.

In Twentytú we want to be a part of it and we want to share the experience with you. That’s why if you stay with us for at least 3 nights (only 25€/night!), you can benefit from a unique offer: attend MWC and the best events for entrepreneurs for just 109€!

Are you in? Book here!

4 Years From Now (24th-26th February)
4YFN gathers some of the best experts on digital entrepreneurship during 3 days of conferences, workshops and much more.

If you are a mobile entrepreneur and you seek inspiration, advice, connections or opportunities, this is your place.
[Real price without our offer: 299€]

Pioneers Unplugged at Twentytú (25th February)
We have been chosen to host Pioneers Unplugged Barcelona event on 25th February. A day for entrepreneurs which takes place for the first time in Barcelona. There, you can be inspired by the conferences of two great experts and also get in touch with people like you.

At 19.00 Welcome to Pioneers Unplugged with Rasa Strumskyte & Pedro Olivares
Science & Entrepreneurship of Hendrik Halbe,
How to apply to the Catalyst Program? of Anna Bofill, Community Development Manager – EMEA Softlayer, an IBM Company
From Zero to Hero thru Visual Management of Marc Florit, Unutopic, Agileholic & Addicted to Delivering Value,

Get to know and be known among mobile professionals and entrepreneurs.

Party with Jackie DJ.

And participate in the Clash of Founder! The winner will get a ticket for Pioneers Festival at Vienna (besides living a unique experience, you can save 600€!) .

Mobile World Congress (27th February)
MWC is the most important event of the year for any professional working on mobile technology. The only drawback is the high price of the tickets, especially for entrepreneus and small start-up businesses. Our 160€ offer includes a one day pass in MWC paying a lot less.
[Real price without our offer: 749€ / 4 days]

Photo exhibitions in Barcelona you can’t miss

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Today’s post is especially written for photography lovers who plan to visit Barcelona this Winter. We present 4 photo exhibitions in Barcelona that you can’t miss, never mind if you are into sports, fashion, history or art!

The streets of Barcelona 1957-2010

Catalan photographer Joan Colom, one of the most relevant in the country, is the centre of this exhibition. An archive of more than 500 images that explain history and daily life in the streets of Barcelona.

In MNAC until 25th May. Free entrance Saturdays from 15pm and first Sunday every month.

Best sport photos

Sport always inspires good pictures. Barcelona Olímpica Foundation knows this well, so every year they organise the FOTOSPORT contest. Now you can see many of the awarded photos, picked among more than 1.500 pictures from 26 different countries.

In Olympic Museum of Barcelona until 23rd February. Free entrance.

Barcelona’s way of looking

Is there a visual identity in Barcelona? Do Barcelona’s photographers look at the world in a special way? That’s what this exhibition tries to figure out, with both artistic and journalistic pictures.

In Virreina until 16th March. Free entrance.

Barcelona prêt-à-porter

This is more than just a photo exhibition: it is a review of Barcelona’s fashion during the last 50 years through the most relevant designers and brands. This exhibition includes a selection of the best fashion photographers and their work.

In Palau Robert until 30th May. Free entrance.

Barça city

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Welcome to Barça city! Are you a football fan? If so, you will certainly know Messi, Neymar and FC Barcelona. Today we present a perfect plan to learn everything about Barça’s history and to live football’s thrill.

Visit Barça Museum and Camp Nou

Barça Museum, open since 1984, is one of the oldest about football in the world. The club’s history is explained throughout trophies and other objects but also with innovative methods, such as audiovisual presentations, interactive walls…

After visiting the Museum, you can go for a tour in Camp Nou (Barça’s stadium) and see the locker rooms, grass, terraces, press and multimedia rooms…

How to get there:
Metro L3: Palau Reial / Les Corts
Metro L5: Collblanc / Badal

Watch a game in the field

If what you really love is to live football’s thrill right in the stadium, nothing better than a Barça game: one of the best football teams in the world! From Spanish Cup to Champions League and also Spanish Liga, there are tickets for every budget.

Visit FC Barcelona’s web for more information.

And celebrate a victory

There is a place where Barcelona fans (culés) gather when their team wins a trophy or an important match: Canaletes fountain. It is in Rambla de Canaletes, in the first part of the famous Ramblas next to Catalunya Square.

Its history goes back to the 30s, when a well-known sports journal had its newsroom right in that area. Culés used to meet there to learn about games and results, and if there were good news, they would celebrate. The newsroom closed, but culés continued to meet in Canaletes to celebrate their victories.

Tthere is also a legend that says that those visitors who drink from the fountain will someday come back to the city. So, you know what to do: drink Canaletes’ water!

In Barcelona with kids

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Coming to Barcelona with kids? If you are travelling with kids, you can also have a lot of fun in Barcelona. Today we tell you about some activities that kids will enjoy… and so will grown-ups!

Zoo de Barcelona

Barcelona’s Zoo, open for more that 120 years now, is one of the favourite places for kids in town. Besides seeing animals from all over the world, including rare or endangered species, they will see them in a reproduction of their natural habitat. Moreover, the zoo shelters a farm where kids can interact with many domestic animals and also a very entertaining show with aquatic animals.

Tibidabo Theme Park

Tibidabo’s amusement park does not have the most innovative or thrilling rides, but it has a special charm. Located on top of Collserola’s mountain, it offers a fantastic view of the city from the heights. Also, due to its perfect size (not too big, not too small), you will get to enjoy it without having to rush.

Barcelona Bosc Urbà

At Forum’s park, you will find this particular “urban forest”: a series of trails and more than 50 rides for adventure lovers, but also for children of any age. Zips, bungee jumping, vines… You can experience the thrill of extreme sports without leaving the city!

Font Màgica de Montjuïc

Montjuïc’s Magic Fountain is one of the traditional attractions in town. Every weekend it lights up to the sound of music, offering a very beautiful show to entertain the whole family.

Museu d’Idees i Invents de Barcelona (MIBA)

The Museum of Ideas and Inventions in Barcelona is a singular place: there you will find inventions that change lives, the most visionary or practical ideas, but also the most absurd inventions you can think of (a mop with a microphone on top, for instance).

Children’s Festival

During the Christmas season, you can take your kids to the Children’s Festival, which is held in the city from 27th December to 4th January. We guarantee you will have a lot of fun with games, concerts, activities, workshops…

And, of course, if you are coming to Barcelona with kids, do not forget that at Twentytú we provide perfect accommodation for families!

New Year’s in Barcelona

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Are you celebrating New Year’s in Barcelona? Here’s a perfect plan for Saint Sylvester’s Day, New Year’s Eve and the 1st of January. If you do everything we propose here, you won’t even have time to sleep!

Saint Sylvester: the man of the noses

Saint Sylvester’s Day (31st) is known in Catalunya as Dia de l’Home dels Nassos (The Man of the Noses’ Day): a man with as many noses as days left in the current year. He walks around the streets of Barcelona, hoping to be found by the kids in town… so that they realise he has as many noses as everyone: one!

That same day you can participate in La Cursa dels Nassos (The Noses Race), a 10 kilometres popular race through the city. So do not forget your trainers at home!

New Year’s Eve: the twelve grapes

In Catalunya, as in Spain, we see the year off with the traditional twelve bells, that are broadcasted by every TV channel in the country. For each bell that rings, one has to eat a grape until counting twelve, in order to have good luck during the year that begins. And you cannot miss the traditional toast with Catalan cava right after the bells.

Party in Plaza Espanya

This year, for the first time, Barcelona will become one of the cities that welcomes the New Year with a big party. In Maria Cristina Avenue and Montjuïc’s Magic Fountain, there will be a huge celebration with a visual musical show and fireworks that will be seen worldwide. And, of course, the twelve bells!

Two giant screens, a 15 metres tall figure that represents “the Millenium being” and a big explosion of fireworks will be the starts of the evening, though there will also be grapes and toasts.

After the party: the first swim of the year!

After the night party, the bravest welcome the New Year by swimming in the Mediterranean Sea in the morning. New Year’s swim has become a tradition at Barceloneta, and it gathers hundreds of people unafraid of low temperatures. And after the cold water there is a prize: a hot cup of soup!

Shopping in Barcelona

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Want to go shopping in Barcelona? If that’s the case, you will find anything you are looking for, whatever your style is and how much money you want to spend! Today’s post is a guide of some of the most important commercial areas in the city.

City centre: affordable fashion

Walking around Plaza Catalunya, you will find huge fashion shops of some famous chains, such as Zara, Mango, H&M, Benetton, Springfield, TopShop… And if you are looking specifically for shoes, Pelai Street is you place: in just some square meters you will find most of the shoe shops in the city centre.

Moreover, in the same area you can also buy souvenirs and presents of all sorts: from the classic magnets and T-shirts to more elaborate handmade works of art.

Where? Metro L1 Catalunya

El Born and Gràcia: design and alternative

In El Born neighbourhood there are some of the most sophisticate shops in Barcelona. You won’t see famous brands there. But there are many shops of less famous designers who offer as much quality as well-known fashion stores. And also great restaurants and tapas bars!

Where? Metro L4 Jaume I

Gràcia is your place if you are looking for a more alternative style. Here’s what you should do: go for a stroll in the neighbourhood, full of shops and workshops of handmade products. And you can always end the day having a beer at one of its terraces. Gràcia is also popular for its fun nightlife.

Where? Metro L3 Fontana /Metro L4 Joanic

Passeig de Gràcia: luxury brands

Almost every important luxury brand owns a shop in Passeig de Gràcia. Even if you can’t afford buying expensive clothes and jewels, it is worth it to go window shopping and walk down one of the most beautiful avenues in the city. And you will see wonderful modernist buildings such as La Pedrera.

Where? Metro L2, L3, L4 Passeig de Gràcia

Els Encants: antiques and bargains

Els Encants is one of the oldest flea markets in Europe, existing since the 14th century. Every week it shelters about 100.000 buyers and hundreds of antique stores, street traders, obsolete products… And, as we told you a while ago, a new Encants market has been opened recently, with an avant-garde design but keeping the old spirit.

Where? Metro L1 Glòries. ¡Very close to Twentytú!

La Roca Village: brands outlet

At La Roca Village there are hundreds of outlet boutiques of well-known brands, but with lower prices as usual. Although it is not in Barcelona, it is easy to get there, as there is a direct bus line right from the city centre.

How to get there? Check the bus timetable.

Christmas in Barcelona

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Christmas in Barcelona is magic, among Christmas markets, lights, nativities and even a huge ice rink. So, what can you do in the city during this holiday? Keep on reading!

Santa Llúcia Christmas Fair

Right in front of the Cathedral, in the heart of the city, there has been a Christmas market every year since 1786. There you can buy all sorts of nativity scenes and figurines, and also holiday decoration.

Christmas Fair in Sagrada Família

This fair is not as old as Santa Llúcia’s, but it is also big and you will find all kind of festive products. And it is located just next to Sagrada Família, the well-known modernist temple by Antoni Gaudí. Even if you do not want to buy anything, it is worth it to take a walk and live the festive atmosphere under one of the most famous buildings in the world.

Go ice-skating in Plaza Catalunya

As it has become a tradition these last years, during the Christmas period you can go ice-skating right in the ctiy centre. Moreover, this year the ice rink’s design has been renovated to make it even more Christmassy.

Giant Nativity in Plaza Sant Jaume

In front of Barcelona’s Town Hall you can visit a giant nativity with a very original style. This year it is inspired by the city’s rooftops during the 20th century. You can see everyday scenes of what used to happen in Barcelona’s rooftops during the last century, but with a Christmas touch.

Christmas Lights

If you go for a walk these days, you will certainly run into the traditional Christmas lights. 85 kilometers of lights have been installed this year all over the city, and there are new designs in main streets such as Passeig de Gràcia, Aragó street or Gran Via.

If you are still a little bit lost, have a look at the post we wrote last year about Catalan Christmas traditions. Happy Christmas in Barcelona!

The Nerd Triangle

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What is the Nerd Triangle? If you are crazy about comics, videogames, manga, science fiction and fantasy, whether in novels or films, you will like this: there is in Barcelona a triangle like the one in Bermuda but for geeks and “nerds”. That is a couple of streets where you will find the best shops in Barcelona… and there is no easy way out from there!

What will you find there?

The “Nerd” Triangle is unique in Europe: at no other European citiy will you find such a cluster of specialised shops as in Barcelona. There are two main stores that you can’t miss:

Gigamesh: it has two specialised shops in the Nerd Triangle, one for books and another one for games. It is well-known for being the editor of Game of Thrones in Spanish.

Norma Comics: it is Norma Books’ shop, which is the one that publishes all comics based on Nintendo characters, among others. It has been open for more than 3 decades in the same area, though it has grown throughout these years.


But there are other shops, less famous and some of them smaller, where you can buy all kinds of desired articles. Kaburi, Freaks, Ninja, InGenio… If you walk around the zone, you will find books, T-shirts, cards and videogames and even costume play products.

And some of them have a bar and areas where you can relax, read or try the games. Welcome to the “nerd” Mecca in Barcelona!

Where is it?

Most of the shops spread between Sant Joan Street and Ali Bei Street, two steps away from Arc de Triomf (Metro L1 and train). And within walking distance from Twentytú!


Twentytú receives the ISO 50001 certification of energy efficiency

27th November, 2013 / / No Comments

We are pleased to announce we have been given the ISO 50001 certification. This recognition allows us to go a step further in our scale of sustainable values, offering to our customers, administrations and staff greater confidence in terms of the energy saving that Twentytú Hostel promoted and implemented in its facilities and in its way of working.

We have received the certification from Marian Muro, general director Generalitat de Catalunya’s Tourism Department, and Avelino Brito, AENOR’s general director. AENOR is the Spanish agency that grants ISO certifications, meeting the international rules on consumption, services and industry.

What is ISO 50001?

ISO 50001 is an international standard developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), which establishes the requirements to implement maintain and continually improve the energy management system.

Following our sustainable policy, Twentytú Hostel applied a system that meets ISO 50001 requirements and allows us , through a reduction in consumption and in the emission of greenhouse gases , be safer and more energy efficient.

This is how we guarantee our commitment to environmental sustainability and technological innovation, as two of our core pillars in giving a reasonably priced quality service.

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