Hipnotik Festival Barcelona

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Ready for Hipnotik festival? Barcelona’s most urban side comes tomorrow to light. This is the message of Hipnotik Festival 10th edition, a multidisciplinary event already consolidated as one of the reference national hip hop events of the country.

Duo Kie, Mala Juntera, Nasta and Soprano Suite will be among the artists performing in CCB (Barcelona Cultural Centre) to show the best of his music. Not only that but also urban art has its role. If you get your ticket you will be able to enjoy competitions, graffiti exhibitions, break dance, lectures and other activities that will take place between 12pm and 1am.

Ready to experience urban culture’s essence? Don’t miss Hipnotik Festival!

Catalonia Day

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Catalonia Day is almost here and we want you to know what you are going to find during this special occasion in Barcelona.

In a festive and protest contest next  September 11th is the day when the National Day of Catalonia, also known as the Diada Nacional de Catalunya  is celebrated, commemorating the the Succession War of 1714 when took place the Barcelona’s last defense after 14 months siege. Barcelona defeat against the Bourbon troops meant the loss of Catalan institutions and freedoms, as Felipe V’s victory introduced a uniform political system in almost all his domains, including Castile and Aragon Crowns.

Catalonia Day is a pretty special day to spend in Barcelona with the whole family because all the balconies are filled with Catalan flags and crowds of people stroll around the streets for celebrating the occasion.

Catalonia Day in 2013

However, this year will be especially representative because it will take place the ‘Catalan Way to Independence’, a 400 km human chain inspired in the Baltic countries as Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, which hosted an event  with the same purpose in 1989. The particularity is the chain will be held at 17:14 p.m remembering 1714, the year of the War of Succession. This is going to be the main event in this year’s Catalonia Day.

Sants festivities

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August is the quintessential month of local festivities. After the traditional Gràcia festivities, which filled with life and colour one of the most emblematic districts of Barcelona, Sants district festivities arrive to the city, to close summer with lots of fun.

From today and until August 30th Sants district has organized a myriad of activities for entertaining all audiences: human towers, cercaviles, and nightly concerts and parties. So if August looked like a quiet month, Sants festivities are to take issue with it, as the streets become filled with a cozy atmosphere and a great dealof people emerge from their homes to stroll around the city.

Do not stay at home during your stay in Barcelona and come to see the most authentic of each neighborhood.

Piknic Electronik Barcelona

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Day and night can mix offering a really attractive outcome. During the summer night and day are increasingly close, but the best is in the result from its merger. We are talking about Piknic Electronik Barcelona, an open-air activity that takes as much advantage from the day-light as from the night rhythm. Since June and till the end of September, Joan Brossa gardens in Montjuïc are filled every Sunday with the best electronic music in the best environment, capturing summer essence over a good picnic.

That is also an opportunity to come with little children, since there is a reserved area for kids and families where 12 and under can get in for free.

Fun does not understand age, it must be experienced!


The Gràcia festivities: A carnival of creativity

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From August 15th to the 21st the Gràcia district hosts one of the most popular and followed festivities of the city: The Gràcia festivities. The streets and squares of this emblematic neighborhood transform themselves into a carnival of colors, textures, and original art proposals. Besides enjoying the variety of activities that take place both during the day and at night (live concerts, public suppers, kids oriented performances, street theater, parades, etc) we highly recommend allowing yourself to get blown away by just walking through  the district´s rumbling streets.

Every year each neighbor association decides the theme of the decoration that will garnish their streets.  And every year there is a contest where the best garnished public square, balcony and street are awarded with a special recognition.

Barcelona: An outdoor movie theater experience

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With this sizzling heat it is inexcusable not to want to walk through the city in search of a chilly place to relax. This task seems like an unreachable feat, but if what you are looking for is a big screen to watch some great movies, Barcelona transforms itself into an outdoor movie theater.  Make note at the following suggestions you cannot miss:


CCCB. Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from August 6th till the 22nd at 10pm. Free entrance.“El Pati de les Dones” or Women´s Courtyard of the CCCB becomes the scenario of the Gandules cycle. This year it focuses on the everyday problems of the 21st century.


At “La plaça del Baluard” or Bastion Square in Poble Espanyol. Every Friday until August 30th. Starts at 8pm. Tickets sold at 6,5€, reduced to 2,8€ if you show a flyer. It is an outdoor short movie experience, a place to have a picnic while enjoying an exquisite selection of memorable short movies.

Sala Montjuïc

Starting at 8:30pm. Tickets sold at 6€ plus 3€ if you want to get a lounge. Advance ticket sale with a picnic offer. Movies preceded by a concert of either jazz, flamenco or by a short movie showing. Open every Monday, Wednesday and Friday until August 7that “El Espai Fossat of Santa Eulàlia”.


 Or Free Outdoor Cinema at the Beach. Every Thursday from July 26th till August 30th. Starting at 9pm. Free entrance. The San Sebastian beach turns into a movie theater where you will enjoy the best movies showcased at last year´s Catalonia´s film festivals.

The most successful swimsuits of the syncronized swimming team

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They may seem very common to you, but words like Miedo (fear), Mar (sea), Raul, África, Dalí or Yesterday are just some of the names given to the most successful swimsuits with an Olympic spirit.

Pretty cool, don´t you think so? You can have a glance of this pieces at the Museu Olímpic i de l´Esport, the Olympic museum of Barcelona, until September 1st.

At the exhibition you will get to know more about the golden age of the Spanish synchronized swimming team, so tied in with the evolution of the swimsuits used by swimmers to compete in the most important competitions that have taken place throughout the 21st century. To please, to get emotions, to impress, to have fun, to surprise… these have been the essences of the ornaments considered must-haves in order to compete in the highest ranked sport events.

The exposition showcases swimsuits from the last three editions of the Olympic Games, putting a special emphasis on the ornaments as a decisive element of the whole swimming routine. The girls of the synchronized swimming team have donated some of the most popular suits to give the public a chance to get to see them up close, and admire their colors, texture and see how they are being preserved.

We are talking about swimsuits that have accompanied their wearers to the path of success.

Holi festival of colours Barcelona

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There are days in which anything goes. Everything around you can stay the same; however, nothing looks as usual. Suddenly a powerful strength captures you and you feel the need to leave behind all formalism and composure. It’s time to live spontaneity with arms wide open. This is the spirit of Holi festival, a popular Hindu celebration for welcoming spring.

Like any major festivity, Holi (Joli) has its history, which refers to the burning of Joliká. Its largest celebration takes place in India and lasts 16 days, a very special party that appeals to the masses and many tourists. Holi festival of colours Barcelona is about joy, burst of colors; it’s all for receiving spring in the best possible way. The party’s essence is throwing colors to each other as an expression of freedom and disinhibition. This contagious belief has moved to different countries in recent years and tomorrow arrives at Barcelona to burst into colors!

Are you coming to celebrate it?

Holi. Festival of Colors. 2012 from The Good Line on Vimeo.

Barcelona Harley Days 2013

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Ready to be a sensation, Barcelona Harley Days 2013, this year’s most anticipated biker’s event, will be held next July 5th 6th and 7th at Barcelona. Harley-Davidson motorbikes will take over the Catalan city for the delight of all those who want to share a memorable journey while surrounded by cool motorbikes all in a genuine and unique atmosphere.

With the aim of celebrating both its 110 Anniversary and its 5th edition, Barcelona Harley Days 2013 will be held together at ‘Barcelona Fira’ in Montjuïc on the first week of July. Known as Harley-Davidson Europe’s biggest urban event, Barcelona Harley Days is free and aimed at public of all ages. The great new feature this year is a commemorative tent showcasing retrospective look at the American brand throughout the last 110 years. Classic designs will be exhibited, interactive games will be played and there will be also room for big music performances and many other surprises!

Are you coming to delight yourself in this motorcycling experience?

“Sant Joan” festivity

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“Sant Joan” festivity is one of the most celebrated nights of the year in the Catalan Countries. Not only because it is known as the Fire Night, Witches Night or even Blond Night, but because it is the shortest one of the year, just when the summer solstice begins.

Throwing firecrackers and other fireworks as well as meeting friends over the fire while enjoying a good piece of Coca’s cake, are some of the traditions that take part each 23rd of June.

At Twentytú we don’t want to miss any chance to have fun by your side. This is why next Sunday 23rd of June we will be more than happy to count on you at our flat roof party.

You will have the opportunity to take a drink and a piece of coca cake all along with music and the best views of Barcelona. All for just 3 euro! And those who don’t want a fleeting night we will take you to the beach where you will be able to continue the party as long as you want.

Go and get your ticket for the Catalan festivity of the year!

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