L’Eixample, the modernist district of Barcelona

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Today we are going for a walk around one of the most representative and emblematic neighbourhoods of Barcelona: l’Eixample. A network of avenues and streets where to wander with no destination in mind, where you can enjoy jewels of modernism with just looking up. Do you want to join us?

More space and a new way of life

The Eixample of Barcelona was built more than 150 years ago. Eixample in Catalan means extension: ​​a new way of living for its population that today is one of the symbols of the city; Wide streets full of light, terraces to enjoy the atmosphere at street level, courtyards and an architecture full of details and modernist motifs that is admired around the world.

At the end of the nineteenth century Barcelona had the highest population density in Europe because its walls limited its growth. L’Eixample emerged as a new neighbourhood with which to solve this problem and connect the city with its periphery, where industries were beginning to emerge.

Many projects were presented to build this new area of ​​the city, but only the controversial engineer Ildefons Cerdà was able to carry out his project. Most people didn’t understand Cerdà’s avant-garde proposal because according to the most conservative sectors, it was an unattractive and too restrained idea, nowadays it’s one of the symbols of the city thanks to its practicality but also to its unique architectural style in the world.

The Cerdà plan not only pretended to create an advanced and different neighbourhood, but also wanted to improve the living conditions of its population without minding their social class through building spacious homes with all kinds of services nearby; Markets, parks, leisure spaces … He even built some chamfers, anticipating the future traffic in the streets.

Today l’Eixample is a very large district in which houses, restaurants, gardens, cafés and cinemas coexist, among other attractions. However, what attracts most attention is its impressive architecture thanks to which you can move to the golden age of the Catalan bourgeoisie.

A neighbourhood known by foot

L’Eixample today is a must-seeto know the authentic modernist Barcelona, and it also remains as the most populous neighbourhood of the city, so it is a good way to discover the daily activity of Barcelona and its restaurants, shops, local shops, cafés… And if you have expensive taste, you will love the Golden Square, a set of blocks around Passeig de Gràcia, a wide avenue full of shops of the most luxurious brands in the world.

buildings Eixample Barcelona

You don’t need to prepare an itinerary to walk around Eixample. Although some places such as casa Batlló, la Pedrera or Sagrada Família, are a mandatory stop, there are many other buildings that don’t appear in the touristic guides but are small one-of-a-kind treasures; Balconies, portals, façades, interior passages or gardens that reflect the modernism of the neighbourhood. You just need time to stare around you and discover for yourself the surprises that l’Eixample has to offer.

In addition, when the sun goes down l’Eixample becomes one of the favourite places to meet for an afterwork and, later, for the university parties of the youngest. Over the last 20 years, Gaixample has also emerged, an area of ​​bars, shops and entertainment venues for the city’s gay community.

If you want to go to l’Eixample from Twentytú, you can get off at several stops on line 1 where you start the tour; Universitat, Urquinaona, Plaça Catalunya … you decide where to start your route around modernism!

Barcelona World Press Photo: The reality from a lens

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The most important photojournalism exhibition in the world lands in Barcelona with the most spectacular photos taken worlwide. Political conflicts, human mobility and environmental impact are just some of the topics that are immortalised in this year’s World Press Photo that is displayed until June 5th at the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB).

Barcelona has been one of the first cities chosen to host the winning photos of the biggest photojournalism contest, which this year has been advanced to spring. For 13 years now, the exhibition has been set at the CCCB and this year it expects to exceed the 56,400 visitors from last year. 143 photographs will be displayed among more than 80,000 images submitted by 5,304 photographers from 125 countries and it is  only 4 metro stops away from Twentytú hostel!


Among the winners there are three Spanish photographers; Santi Palacios, who has been second in the category of “Current Issues”, and Francis Perez and Jaime Rojo, awarded with first and third prize respectively in the “Nature” category. In addition, the German photographer settled in Barcelona Daniel Etter has won the third prize in the category of “Contemporary themes” with an image that shows two Nigerians refugees crying in a refugee center in Surman, Libya.

See to understand

But World Press Photo is not only a simple exhibition of photojournalism: behind the leisure proposal there is a much more important mission; to raise awareness of the problems that we live today and promote solidarity between different cultures. The photographs are not only looking for quality and aesthetics, but their intention is to show a reality and explain a story that, often, goes unnoticed most of the world. Under the slogan “See and understand”, the World Press Photo summarizes many of the issues that have stood out this year as the Syrian war and the mobility of its refugees, climate change and its effects on the planet, and attacks of different Terrorist groups.


This year’s winning photo is the murder of the Russian ambassador Andrei Kárlov. The photographer, Burhan Ozbilici, was at the same inauguration as Kárlov by chance and was able to immortalise the moment just after a police officer off duty fired up to nine times the ambassador.

Parallel Activities for all tastes

And for those who still want more, parallel activities to the World Press Photo have also been organized for all tastes, and even some free, such as a free conference of the winner Jaime Rojo or the projection of the awarded audiovisual works In the prizes of the Digital Narrative Contest.

This year as a novelty there are also activities especially designed for professional photographers such as a meeting with the photojournalist and one of the winners of this year, Santi Palacios, or the master class of marketing given by the reputed Photography Consultant Marc Prüst.

In addition, if you want to look deeper into the interpretation of World Press Photo images, you can take a guided route by an expert in audiovisual language analysis.

Visites guiades a #worldpressphoto2017 #veureientendre #wpp17bcn #photographiceduca

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In addition, remember that if you don’t arrive in time to enjoy the World Press Photo, Barcelona has many more photography exhibition to know the world through different lenses.

Barcelona running races: Charity and sport

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The running races season in Barcelona begins with a combination of charity and sport, a healthy and fun way to help those in need. Do you want to be a supportive runner? Join the race!

The Sagrada Família Mile – May 14th

Do you want to run while you are enjoying one of the most unique monuments around the world? Then you have to sign up for the Sagrada Família Mile, a race that takes place on a circuit around the most famous Gaudí’s temple. You can choose between two categories; the mile (1,609 meters) and the 3 miles (5,179 meters).

If you just want to take part as an observer you can pop into the area or enjoy the live streaming on Catalan public TV, TV3.

Family run- May 21st

If you enjoy running as a family, there are Barcelona  running races for all audiences, the Family Run; Race on wheels for people with mobility handicaps and baby strollers, races for children from 3 to 14 years old and another race for adults who want to run by themselves

Also at the end of the race there is a performance of the children’s TV show Club Super 3 and a party to say goodbye until next year’sFamily Run. If you prefer, you can also take part as a volunteer and help in the collection that will be destined to Aremi Association, which provides help and advice to people, especially children with physical disabilities.

DIR-Guàrdia Urbana Race – May 28th

At the DIR-Guàrdia Urbana race you can run from the mountain to the sea through the Diagonal Avenue. The race is organised by the DIR gym chain with the collaboration of Barcelona police and Barcelona City Council to achieve a very clear objective: to promote the practice of physical exercise among people of all ages.

In addition, you must know that 0.50 euros of each inscription will go to Ictus Barcelona Foundation, ​​an entity that gives support and advice to people who have suffered this type of cerebral infarction.

Run fun for ELA – June 4th

We go a bit further through the calendar to talk about a race which is not so well-known but it is as important: The Sant Adrià  fun run for the ALS (known as Sansi race), a rare disease that affects 6-8 people per 100,000 each year, which means a total of 120,000 new cases every year worldwide.

In this case 2 euros of each registration go to the Miquel Valls Foundation and the ELA Network. Both entities work to improve the lives of patients with this disease and to obtain finance for its research.

AFNE race – June 4th

In 2003, United in Ethiopia (AFNE) was founded, a non-profit organization created by adoptive parents of Ethiopian children. For 4 years, the association has organised a run to raise funds for different causes in the African country through the Muketuri mother-and-child center; Construction of wells, school supplies, vaccines…

If you want to support this cause, you can start by signing up in the race and enjoy a tour around Collserola, the mountains next to Barcelona.

Besòs-Maresme race

Near Twentytú hostel you will find the Besòs Maresme run, an event which is part of the celebration of this neighbourhood festivities. In addition of being a meeting point for all participating runners, the race organises a collection point for food and children’s hygiene products that will go to the supportive dining room of Gregal cooperative, which helps the neediest neighbours in the area.

From Twentytú we also want to do our bit to help and often organise charity events such as the Solidarity Open Night last December, whose benefits were destined to the Fundació Catalana de Síndrome de Down. If you want to help us, check out our social media 😉

The best ramen in Barcelona: chopstick in hand!

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Noodles, slowly cooked broth, sauces and assorted toppings are the essence of the ramen recipe, one of star dishes of recent years in Barcelona. Many restaurants have joined the ramen trend and offer dozens of varieties of this soup that come from the region of Kobe, Japan. Take note of the essential Barcelona ramen places of the city. On your marks, chopsticks in hand … go!

Ramen-ya Hiro: the must

The most famous Ramen in Barcelona, Ramen-ya Hiro, explains that their secret is the love with which they prepare each of their soups. They must do it very well because every day there are queues that last for hours and those who have tasted their ramen say the wait was worth it.

With a very competitive price-quality, Ramen-ya Hiro bets on elaborate dishes and desserts that will make you fall in love. In addition, it has the essential requirement to ensure that a quality ramen: there even have Japanese customers!


Koku kitchen buns/ramen: ramen in company

Don’t go to Koku Kitchen or Koku Ramen if what you’re looking for is privacy because there, as in other restaurants with ramen fever, dozens of fans of this soup fill their shared tables every day. Besides ramen, you’ll find gyozas, edamame, Japanese snacks and even options for gluten intolerant, vegetarians and vegans.

We recommend their homemade lemonade and their different types of sake, ideal to digest everything you are going to eat!

Simpu ramen: the Japanese ramen

Between the mess of Gothic, you can find this unpretentious place that resembles more a Japanese tavern than one of the modern ramen restaurants that are all around the city. A more traditional atmosphere that is completed with pleasant background music and a friendly service.

Tonkotsu Ramen & Asian Street food: the lunch ramen

Tonsoku welcomes you with a careful decoration and some dishes that look so good you’ll feel sorry for eating them. Although the toppings for ramen are not as varied as in other places, it’s offset by the quality of the ingredients. The atmosphere is usually quieter than in other restaurants and it is a very good option to enjoy a delicious lunch menu.

Mutenshori ramen: for Dragon Ball fans

If you are anime fans, you fall in love with the Mutenshori ramen in Barcelona. A simple menu but with some nice surprises like the dish of sweet potato with wasabi and the dragon balls desert! Also, they tattled us that soon they’ll include a special ramen dedicated to the Son Goku manga… Can’t wait to taste it, right?

Has this post whet your appetite? The options in Barcelona are endless, so here’s a reminder of our recommendations to have Brunch  and the best selection of beach bars in Barcelona. Bon appétit!

This Sant Jordi: books about Barcelona

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Sant Jordi is coming and Barcelona is ready to receive World Book Day: streets flooded with roses, writers at street level and a legend for the most romantic. A day that, surely, will grow in you a desire to know more about our city. Do you want to discover Barcelona from anywhere around the world? With this books about Barcelona you can do it at your own pace and from the vision of those who knew how to reflect the true history of the city into the pages. Keep reading!

Live Barcelona in first person

For now, everything is going well

Is there a better way to know Barcelona than with the memories of someone who has lived here all his life? Andreu Martín presents us ‘For now, everything is going well’, almost 400 pages that review the Barcelona since 1920, going through the Franco dictatorship and the transition to the present day. The book was written with a simple and close humour that will help you understand how it has become the city that is today.

Nowadays Trending Topics

And if you are looking for a more recent novel that will allow you to capture the essence of Barcelona in 2017, ‘Barcelona’ by Grégoire Polet – French writer who lived for 8 years in the city – is a good beginning. In its pages he speaks about Trending Topics like independence, tourism or class struggle. All of this happens through a history with characters from different origins that reflect the reality at the streets of the city. Essential for those who have a more critical spirit 😉

Rocker Barcelona

Books about Barcelona: Barcelona city

The multifaceted singer Loquillo, which we already talked about in our post ‘Music videos shot in Barcelona’, also wants to give his vision in ‘Barcelona city’, an urban chronicle of rock and troubled times from Franco’s death to colonel Tejero coup of February 23rd, 1981. The rocker explains it this way: “Barcelona is its backdrop: a Barcelona that no longer exists, my Barcelona, ​​of which there are only ashes left …” The eighties melancholy is very present in the writing of the Catalan rocker.

The modernism neighbourhood

Books about barcelona: eixample

What do the Masonic architecture, the Cabala and the Roman topography have in common? All of them are united in the ambitious project of Ildefons Cerdà; l’Eixample. In The Barcelona of Cerdà’, the historian Xavier Hernández discovers all the history that hides behind that construction which is the basis of the most populous district of Spain. Discover the figure of Cerdà, urbanist, jurist, economist and politician, who was the impeller of one of the most representative neighbourhoods of modernism of Barcelona.

24 hours: then and now

Do you want to travel to 1950 Barcelona? In 1951 Luis Romero won the Nadal prize thanks to ‘La Noria’, a totally faithful reflection of the Barcelona of the 50’s thanks to a story that takes place in 24 hours. Last year  a special edition of Romero’s novel was published along with ‘Gira Barcelona’, an updated version through the voice of 12 Catalan writers that explain a full day in the city at different neighbourhoods.

Monuments without queues

Barcelona has a great cultural heritage thanks, especially, to the number of architecture, painting and art genius who decided to settle in the city. Picasso, Dalí or Gaudí are not only in the museums, but you can also get to know them through the pages of the publications of the Dosdearte publishing house. Among their titles there is one dedicated exclusively to modernism, the biography of Antoni Gaudí and even a book on the complete history of F.C.Barcelona!


The best anecdotes to know Barcelona

If you expect to visit Barcelona again and want to do it as an expert in its legends and curiosities, ‘The anecdote book of Barcelona’ is a must. There you will find dozens of unlikely anecdotes that talk about the origin of the city, its neighbourhoods and more curious stories accompanied by some fun illustrations. It’s perfect to explain something about the city to children, a story they will never forget!

Have you already chosen your books about Barcelona for this Sant Jordi? Also, don’t forget our tips to share solidarity in Sant Jordi’s Day that we proposed you in the blog!

Secret spots in Barcelona

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Today we become your private guide to show you the secret spots of Barcelona, ​​those that are far from the tourist itineraries but are worth visiting to know the true essence of our city. How well can you keep a secret?

Hidden terraces

If you walk on the streets of Barcelona you’ll find bars, cafés and restaurants everywhere. However, they are not always visible at first sight and many places hide inside them beautiful oasis full of vegetation where to escape the stressful lifestyle of the city. Ideally, the chance will lead you to them, but just in case, we give you some names to start the tour; The Café de l’Estiu in the Gothic, the eco-shop Olotuki in Gràcia, the solidary bar Mescladís or the terrace that is hidden inside the bohemian Antic Teatre.


Temple of Augustus

The Sagrada Familia, the Cathedral, the Parc Güell … you can discover many of Barcelona jewels just following the crowd. But today we are talking about one that, instead, is hidden between the medieval streets of the Gothic. At number 10 on Paradís Street there is a small courtyard where you will find four imposing Roman columns built at the end of the first century in honor of the Emperor Augustus. The Temple of August is one of the few Roman constructions that remain in good condition in Barcelona, ​​since many others were demolished to use their stones in other buildings when the city began to grow.

Templo Augusto lugares secretos Barcelona

Towns transformed into neighborhoods

Barcelona is not a particularly large city – London occupies up to 15 times more -, however, it has been growing thanks to the annexation of different towns that are now neighbourhoods of the city. We encourage you to visit them and discover that many of them still maintain a certain rural atmosphere, as well as traditions and festivals typical of the villages. Choose where; Sant Martí, Sants, Les Corts, Sarrià … There you will find squares anchored in time, neighborhood markets, streets with low houses … Remember not all the charm of Barcelona is  in the centre!

La Contrasenya: Password required to eat

A few minutes away from Twentytú you’ll find ‘La Contrasenya’, a clandestine bar that serves Mediterranean food with correct prices and a very close service. For sure, it’s not only a restaurant, but also an art gallery, as well as a place to learn how to cook thanks to workshops that are organized every week. If you want to taste their specialties, you will have to send an email to their owner Angela and she will reply with the instructions to reach this mysterious and picturesque place. We can’t say anything else, it’s top secret!

The Statue of Liberty in Barcelona

Although Barcelona already has the statue of Columbus to welcome the newcomers by sea, it also has its own Statue of Liberty. If you walk in Passeig Sant Joan you shouldn’t miss a small modernist library called Biblioteca Arús, the first public of the city and opened in 1895, which keeps at its main entrance a two metre replica of the New York symbol.

War history outside museums

Barcelona is also full of history, and not all of it lays at museums. If you want to know more about the civil war the city underwent 80 years ago you can visit the 307 shelter, one of more than a thousand antiaircraft shelters that were built in the city to protect the civil population.

Another of the most impressive examples of the war is in the city centre, specifically in Felip Neri Square, where you can clearly see the shrapnel marks of a bomb launched by the nationalists on Barcelona in 1938.

Refugios lugares ocultos Barcelona

These are just some of Barcelona secret spots, ​​ we will let you discover the rest for yourself. Do you dare to tell us yours?

Primavera Sound, Sonar and other 2017 Music Festivals

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Days are longer, temperatures are rising, terraces are crowded and also … music festivals are back in town! Primavera Sound, Sonar, Cruilla … the offer is diverse and the tickets are selling fast, so here’s a review of the most outstanding musical dates so you don’t miss your bracelet!

Primavera Sound 2017

For the second consecutive year all festival tickets are sold out and Primavera Sound keeps proving itself as the city’s landmark festival. This year’s edition features Frank Ocean, The XX, Bon Iver, Van Morrison or repeaters such as Arcade Fire and Metronomy who have already visited the festival in the past.

However, they are not the only ones because up to 200 groups are going to be in stages with styles as varied as the most Brit pop of mythical bands such as “The Zombies” versions of the great Bowie by Seu Jorge or the presentation of the new project of the virtuous Jonny Greenwood, a member of Radiohead.

If you have not arrived in time to buy your Primavera Sound full festival ticket, don’t worry, this year they have enabled a secure exchange of tickets between individuals to avoid abusive prices and falsification of tickets.


The festival of advanced music returns this year with a new stage, the SonarXS, and its bet to enjoy the music throughout the day – remember that you have day and night tickets – so that the rhythm doesn’t stop. 150 artists among which we find such powerful names as the French duo Justice who present their new work ‘Woman’, legends of hip hop like De La Soul or the dance music star Eric Prydz.

If you feel like knowing more, we leave the complete lineup divided by day and night Sónar.

In addition this year Sónar crosses borders, and even oceans, to export its brand to cities as different as Buenos Aires, Bogota, Reykjavik, Istanbul and even Hong Kong!


Although it’s been only 7 years since its launch, Cruïlla can brag of being at the height of the biggest festivals and that’s why this year it presents a lineup full of renowned artists like Jamiroquai, Two Door Cinema Club, Pet Shop Boys or the prodigy of Rock Ryan Addams, who has not been in Barcelona since 2002.

If you come with small children or are a large group, you should know that children under 15 have free admission and that groups of more than 10 people can enjoy a 15% discount.

Just watch the funny presentation video of Cruïlla lineup so you start feeling the rhythm!

Barcelona Beach Festival

If you are in Barcelona, ​​you can’t miss a festival on the sand! Armin Van Buuren, Axwell to Ingrosso or Martin Garrix, among other djs are going to bring rhythm to the night of July 15th in Barcelona Beach Festival.

In addition to the artists, you should know that one euro of each ticket is given to different charities such as Associació pro persons with a physical disability Sant Adrià or Barnabitas Youth Association, among others, solidarity actions like the one we organize in our hostel Twentytú with the Solidarity Open Night solidarity.

Festival of the gardens of Pedralbes

And although there is still a week left for the presentation of their lineup, we can’t forget this festival with one of the best environment; the Festival of gardens of the Royal Palace of Pedralbes. An oasis in the middle of the city that is filled with music in the months of June and July.

To whet your appetite, we remind you that last year the festival was attended by artists as diverse as veterans Tom Jones, Patti Smith or The Cranberries and new promises like The Lumineers or Milky Chance.


And if you’re a rock soul your festival is Rock Fest that is celebrated in Can Zam this summer with rock icons like Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, Deep Purple or the Spanish veteran rocker Rosendo.

Also, if you want to sleep outdoors, you should know that they also have a camping area where you can share your rocker passion with the rest of the audience. Let’s rock!

Remember that we also started our own ‘music festivals’ on the terrace of our Twentytú hostel that opened its bar on Friday 17th with live music, dances and many more surprises that we will reveal. We’ll keep you posted!

Dance Swing in Barcelona

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Some years ago the Swing Fever landed in Barcelona. In the dozens of schools and meetings that are organized throughout the city you can learn lindy hop, Charleston, Boggie Woggie or any other variety of this frenetic dance that emerged in the USA during the interwar period. Do you want to jump to the dance floor? We tell you where and when you can enjoy the best Swing in the city.

Barcelona, ​​where the Swing phenomenon began

In the late 1990s Swing was perceived as a very distant and old-fashioned dance in our town until Lluís Vila opened the first Swing school in Gràcia, called Balliball (now BallaSwing) in 1997. Many of the teachers who are teaching today in different Barcelona schools were his first students and those responsible for the passion for the Swing that spreads all over our streets, especially now that the good weather is coming.

According to David de la Fuente, president of the Association of BCNSwing, in Barcelona there is Swing over 359 days a year, with an average of 3.5 events at day and a community of 5,000 usual dancers who come every week to dance schools.

Where to dance Swing

Ballaswing, the Swing pioneers

We started talking about the school that imported Swing to our country: Ballaswing. The Swing pioneers in Barcelona have three schools in three different neighbourhoods; Gràcia (link), Sants and also in Poblenou, only 10 minutes away from Twentytú Hostel.

This Sunday is the first day of ‘Swingui Qui Vingui’ where you can dance on the rambla of Poblenou to the rhythm of the best Swing DJ’s. If the dance whets your appetite, you can also join the paella that is organized later in the restaurant of the cultural centre Casino l’Aliança.

Apolo: Jazz & Swing for all audiences

One Sunday a month the Apolo Club shows one’s best face to move to the southern United States of the early twentieth century. 80 years after its opening as a dance hall, Apolo hosts the Jazz & Swing, an event where the Barcelona Jazz Orchestra offers the music and dancers do their dance steps.

Don’t forget that the next date is March 26th and the only requirement that you must meet is to want to have fun!

Spank the Baby, ready for the dance parties

If you want to learn Swing in record time, you are just in time because Spank the baby begins their intensive courses of different dances, levels and figures of the Swing. Their dance parties are famous, like theirthe St Patrick’s Party edition with live dance exhibitions. or  ‘Grilled swing’ as we told you in our post about calçots in Barcelona.

If you can’t get enough with Swing lessons, remember they also offer Hip Hop, Capoeira or Salsa classes, among other disciplines.

Swing maniacs for beginners, leaders and followers

Swing Maniacs is a good place if you want to take your first steps in the Swing world. They have different schedules and different locations to choose the one that fits you best depending on whether you’re leader, a follower or a couple. In addition, they organize events for companies, activities for schools and private classes for parties, birthdays or celebrations.

If you are a beginner this Saturday you can go to one of his great parties for beginners where there will be a food contest –you must take your best recipe- and an intensive dance course to the winner.

Temple Swing: 10 years of rythm

In the Temple Swing it doesn’t matter if you have a dance partner or not, there all Swing lovers find their place; Balboa, Swing solo, Jazz steps … dances for all tastes in the heart of the city.

If you want to try just once or if you are only at the city for a few days, you can go to one of their Dance Party Sundays  dance party or to any of the events that they organize every week.

Remember that Swing doesn’t take holidays, so don’t lose the rhythm and check the upcoming events with Swing schools.

Brunch time in Barcelona

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The brunch is already a classic in Barcelona. A mix between breakfast and lunch imported from the United States that whet the appetite to anyone. Eggs Benedict, natural smoothies, sweet and salty pancakes, Bloody Mary … do you want to know more?  Keep reading to find out where the best brunch in our town is.

Milk Bar & Bistro

In the spring of 2005 two Irish couples brought to Barcelona one of the first brunch of the city. A simple but safe menu that you can combine with some of the dozens of cocktails that  they, as proper Irish, know how to prepare in its rightful measure. As a curiosity we recommend you try their delicious…noodles burger!

Also, if it gets late, remember that they also organize after works after 6 pm.

Carrot Café

And if you’re looking for a different brunch, your place is Carrot Café right next to Twentytú.  They have unique and very special plates that you’ll only find there and that will make you want to repeat very soon.  As regular costumers we recommend you to taste some of their sandwiches, especially those made with wasabi, curry or squid ink bread. Don’t forget to try its carrot cake… they say it’s the best in town!

Brunch & cake

Although you must be patient to find a table where to taste this brunch, when you see their plates you will know that the wait has been worth it. The most famous Brunch & cake  is in Enric Granados Street but you can also enjoy it next to the beach at Brunch & cake by the sea. Their sweets and their secret recipes are cooked following their slogan: “in grandmothers we trust “.

Can Dende

Ten minutes’ walk from Twentytú you will find this charming place with Brazilian soul – his owner is from Sao Paulo – with high quality products and totally homemade plates. Don’t get surprised to see a dog walking around: he’s Dende, the owner’s pet and the inspiration for the name of the place. Don’t miss their exotic plates and, above all, their star dessert called ‘happy childhood’.

Picnic restaurant

Picnic restaurant is an international brunch next to Ciutadella’s Park led by Jaime from Santiago de Chile and Tara from California. Each season they change the menu to create new and original plates and prepare their famous cocktails, such as Sweet Iced Tea or Pink Lemonade. Remember they only have brunch from Friday to Sunday.


With a lovely décor the Trópico restaurant offers a very assorted menu full of plates so attractive and colorful that you’ll feel sorry for eating them! As they explain, their menu is one around-the-world trip through the flavor of the tropics; Arepas with perico from the Caribbean, pancakes typical from Morocco or a bowl filled with red fruits as they are eaten in the Amazon. Which one do you prefer?

Brunch in the city

And what about a brunch in the middle of a typical Spanish main square? Brunch in the city is an event celebrated in Poble Espanyol (link) during spring Sundays that combines electronic music, shade spaces to relax between dances, activities to enjoy with kids and brunch for all tastes. Don’t forget that when the summer arrives, this event is moved to Joan Brossa gardens.

And although we love to import traditions from all over the world, we must don’t forget our own, so we remind you of the best places to have vermouth in Barcelona.


Calçots in Barcelona: 7 popular calçotades for all tastes

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Tradition, fun and many calçots. This is what you will find in several calçotades that are organized throughout Catalonia. A popular party that is mixed with many other hobbies like music, sport or nature. Do you want to discover wich is your calçotada? Here are 7 calçotades to satisfy the greediest stomachs!

Calçotada is a catalan tradition where calçots (a slim onion) are grilled over a fire, wrapped up in newspaper and eaten by dipping them in a delicious sauce. Groups of friends and family gather around tables in the countryside wearing paper bibs and gloves to avoid getting dirty.

Although the most traditional calçotada is celebrated in the town of Valls, where the celebration gathers more than 60,000 people every year – the town has only 25,000 inhabitants- Barcelona is also a good place to get to know first-hand this great gastronomic festival.

Valls calçotada was celebrated on January 28 th and 29 th, but there are still many opportunities to enjoy this slim onion that is accompanied with a sauce based on romesco, nuts, bread and vegetables. Don’t know where? Put on  a bib, gloves and take  note of our proposals:

Calçots near Twentytú

Very close to Twentytú hostel also they prepare a popular calçotada, concretely in the square Font i Sagué where you will be able to know closely the people of Clot neighbourhood. This calçot party is still being organised but if it is like the ones from previous years it will be a success!

Gràcia, the neighbourhood of festivities

Without forgetting the greater Gràcia festivities,the neighbours of the district are always planning new activities to enjoy its streets. This Sunday the commission of Ciudad Real street organises a calçotada popular in the Ateneu Roig cultural center which, in addition to calçots, includes another traditional Catalan  food: botifarra with beans. You can buy early tickets for 15 euros in Ateneu, or the same day, for 17 euros.

Skating and calçots near the beach

Calçots Castelldefels Twentytu Hostel BarcelonaFuente: Flickr

And if you’re a sport lover, this plan is perfect for you: a 35km route from Barcelona to a  calçotada en Castelldefels Castelldefels and all on wheels! The route starts at the shopping center “El centre de la Vila” and ends at Can Pere Martí restaurant with a menu of calçots, botifarra and grilled potatoes. Don’t worry if you eat too much, the return to Barcelona is going to be by train.

Calçots at the foot of the Sagrada Familia

Very close to the Sagrada Familia temple you can also eat calçots. In this case the calçotada popular is organized by the youth organization of the district, Arran Sagrada Família, which is always searching for alternatives to the problems that arise every day to the most disadvantaged groups. If you want to know more details you have to be very attentive to their Facebook event.

Grilled swing

And if you want to burn everything that you have eaten during the calçotada nothing better than dancing! On March 4 th and 5 th ‘Spank the baby’ swing school organises a  calçotada with a lot of rhythm. Two days along wich, in addition to eating calçots, you can learn to dance, attend concerts and participate in a lot of activities.

Neighbouring calçotada in Sants

The festival committee of Alcolea de Dalt-Sants organizes many events throughout the year; Sardanas, paellas, dances, parties … and of course, calçotades! The  next is on March 5th and is going to be celebrated in Alcolea street, taking advantage of the arrival of the good weather

The untraditional calçotada of Valls

And if you want to travel to the true origin of calçots, you are still in time to go to Valls, but in this case it’s a modern and untraditionald calçotada that is organized by the B-Free Group event company on March 19th. A different celebration that offers music, vermouth, tasty food and very good vibes.


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