6 Outdoor activities in Glòries

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Now that spring is coming, you may already feel like enjoying the good weather in Barcelona. If you are staying in Twentytú, don’t worry, Glòries is full of outdoor activities; Leisure, culture, sport and a lot of innovation in an area which is always growing. Don’t you know where to begin? Put on some comfortable footwear because we’re starting the route!

BruumRuum! The street lights to your rythm

When the sun goes down in Glòries, Agbar skyscraper is not the only source of light at the area. Every day from 9.30 pm to 11 pm the  BruumRuum project puts color and soundtrack to Joan Antoni Coderch square, a space of more than 3.300m2 that changes forms and lights depending on the ambient noise and the movements of those who pass by. Watch this video to see how it works!

The project has been carried out by artec3 studio and the designer David Torrents, who was also a member of the jury at the first design project of our rooms at Twentytú in collaboration with Design College of Barcelona, BAU

Exhibitions at street level

While Glòries square is still under construction to transform the space into a green area full of services for the citizen, a temporary space has been prepared for pedestrians to cross the square where you will find different pictures and pieces of art in its 80 meters of length. Of course, you’ll have to wait until March 28th, when its first exhibition will be released: ” Prats de Molló (a French village): the meridian of memory”.

Meanwhile you can visit one of the museums of the area, for example the Barcelona Design Museum just about 5 minutes away from Twentytú Hostel .

Superblock:  a espace for leisure and pedestrians

The first superblock of Barcelona is a space delimited by the streets Badajoz, Pallars, Llacuna and Tànger that has become a pedestrian area where many activities are held. This month its final transformation will start, including new picnic tables, a literary tour, markets and green areas and games.

Outdoor sport

And if you are a fan of the sport, you should know that in the northern part of Glòries square (between Meridiana Avenue and Diagonal Avenue) there is a zone enabled to practice sports of all kinds; A stretching space, table tennis facilities and futtoc (a mix of ping pong and soccer) tables, two volleyball courts, an athletic track and even a giant chess board.

In addition, there is a stall where you can borrow sport equipment. The schedule of this loan service is from 16.00 to 20.30 on weekdays and from 10.00 to 20.30 on weekends.

The new shopping centre of Glòries: art and open spaces

The Glòries shopping centre was one of the first in the city, and although it has undergone several remodelling projects since its opening, it’s now when it totally changes its concept with a design full of transparent glass facades that show the whole store as if they are a showcase, trees, giant sculptures of the Spanish designer Javier Mariscal and better accessibility to the 130 stores. An open space that pretends to be more like a commercial street rather than a conventional shopping centre.

Sustanaible Point of Information

And if you still want to know more about Glòries, we encourage you to pop into the provisional Information Point that is located at the crossroads of Caspe Street, Cartagena Street and Meridiana Avenue. It’s made of materials of easy construction and disassembly to generate the minimum environmental impact in the area. There you also have information about the entire process of Glòries transforming and a space for renting electric bicycles.

Sciencie fiction, crowdfunding and filmakers in the Saló del Cinema 2017

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If you are a film buff or addicted to TV series this weekend you have a date with the Saló del Cinema i les Sèries that is going to take place in la Farga de l’Hospitalet. The second edition of this unique event in Spain is going to gather television networks, producers, actors and many more professionals related to the world of big and small screen. Do you want more spoilers? Keep reading!

Definitely many of you know Jon Snow, Walter White or Chewbacca, but what happens until these characters appear on screen? El Saló del Cinema i les Sèries get closer the process of producing, performing and promoting a TV series or film to the general public. A fair dedicated to the audiovisual world that last year exceeded 20,000 visitors and in this edition is going to have 114 exhibitors of companies related to cinema – distributors, publishers, film schools – 34 talks and conferences of experts and up to 25 events during 3 days. If you want to go to this event from Twentytú Hostel, just take the Metro Line 1 to Rambla Just Oliveres station.

Themed exhibits

This year the organisers have prepared several themed exhibits, especially designed for fans of best cinema. The most prominent are dedicated to ‘Star Wars’, ‘Game of Thrones’, Cinema Robots, Cinema Cars and to a sample of original pieces of the Hollywood cinema.


In addition, Filmoteca de Catalunya organizes two exhibitions focused on classic elements of the cinema; One is starred by Macari Gómez Quibus, one of the most important poster designers in Catalonia, and the other is dedicated to pictures taken during the shooting of films of all time.

Do you want to become a screenwriter, dubbing actor or cameraperson?

If you dream of working in the film industry el Saló is the right place to make contacts thanks to the Great Mixer, a Networking meeting where actors, producers and directors are going to exchange experiences and projects of all kinds. In case you haven’t let go too much during the meeting, at the end there’s going to be an open question time to distribution professionals, all of it with a free Moritz beer for all participants.


But if you want to go into action you also have other more practical options in the event: A slam of writing where you can see how the screenwriters create their stories, improvised performances related to the cinema by Planeta Impro, recreations of action scenes with film specialists and even the possibility of dubbing a movie scene and take the shooting home.

New and old acquaintances of the Cinema

The organizers of Salón del Cinema i les Sèries have invited some public figures of the Spanish cinema to participate in several talks and round tables; Javier Olivares, the creator of the series ‘The Ministry of Time’, Kike Maíllo, director of the films ‘Toro’ and ‘Eva’ or actor Roberto Álamo, winner of a Goya for ‘La gran familia española’.

In addition, new film professionals will also find their place in the event. The attendees will be able to contribute to one of the 16 projects that have been selected; In addition to being able to participate through crowdfunding in its financing, one euro of each ticket will destined to the production that each visitor chooses.

Do you want to know more about what happens behind the scenes? You can buy your tickets in advance or at the box office of the same enclosure.

10 music videos shot in Barcelona

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Barcelona is a luxury set that has locations of all kinds; Sea, mountain, corners with history, modern buildings and, above all, so much charm. That’s why bands from all over the world choose their streets to record their music videos. Stories of love, of lack of love, of overcoming and of new experiences. Do you want to know them? Hit the play button!

Big Mistake (1997), Natalie Imbruglia

If you watch this music video by Australian Natalie Imbruglia very closely, you will probably recognise some of the spots, as it was filmed nearby Twentytú hostel Barcelona!

The video, which is inspired by one of the scenes on the film Week-end by the French-Swiss director Jean-Luc Godard, Imbruglia is chased by a suitor who has to overcome several obstacles to reach her. You will have to wait until the end of the video to find out if he finally catches her.

My inmortal (2000), Evanescence

Amy Lee, the lead singer of Evanecescence, turns into a ghost that wanders through the gothic streets. The band couldn’t have chosen a better spot because the Felip Neri Square, where much of the video is set, is erected on an old medieval cemetery.

Slow (2003), Kylie Minogue

The Australian Kylie Minogue set her ‘Slow’ music video at one of the most impressive swimming pools in Barcelona, ​​the municipal swimming pool of Montjuic, where 11 years before that the Olympic Games of Barcelona’92 were celebrated. Despite the sunny weather of Barcelona, ​​the shooting had to be postponed twice because of something quite unusual in Barcelona: rain!

Crazy (2010), Shakira

The Colombian Shakira, shortly before moving definitively to Barcelona, ​​brought her madness to the city to shoot the video for the first single from her album ‘Sale el sol’. In it  you can see the singer doing his particular “crazy stuff” in different places of Barcelona, like skating among thousands of fans, even bathing in a public fountain or riding a motorcycle without a helmet (for these last two crazy things she received a fine from the city hall).

New Lands (2011), Justice

The Barcelona production company Canada, with Redbull’s collaboration, paid tribute tothe cinema of the 70’s doing its particular version of the film Rollerball (1975), to put image to the song New Lands of the French duo Justice. A futuristic and action-packed music video that was shot on Horta’s Velodrome under the expectation of a crazy audience. Do you believe that a match like that would fill the Camp Nou like a Barça-Madrid?

Little numbers (2011), Barcelona

In the music video of ‘Little numbers’ the female duo of indie-pop Boy share out good vibes among the people of Barcelona. Children, the elderly, waiters, young students … all of them are caught up in their optimism and dance to the rhythm of this catchy song you possibly know because it appears in several ads.

Bad boys (2015), Inna

To rhythm of Arab music, house singer Inna presents a Barcelona that may well be Los Angeles; Skateparks, beaches, graffiti and many palm trees. It’s not the first time that Inna shoots in Barcelona streets, ​​where she even made an acoustic at the foot of the Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar with a look and a musical style quite different from what we are used to see from her..

Ain’t Nobody (2016), Felix Jaehn ft. Jasmine Thompson

The young Emma Thompson chose Barcelona and its imposing skyline with the sea in the background to shoot the video of this collaboration with the German DJ Felix Jaehn. Do you want to enjoy the same views? You only have to go up to the bunkers of Carmel, some anti-aircraft batteries of the Civil War that are just one of the viewpoints over Barcelona.

Young you (2016), Kakkmaddafakka

The Norwegian rock band of impossible spelling also chose Barcelona to shoot a song that speaks about those loves that show up at the most inopportune moment. While the lead singer of the band tries to comfort the girl he just left, we can see several places of the city that you surely recognize as Colón Square, Mapfre towers or a beautiful sunset from Barceloneta Beach.

El final de los días  (2016), Loquillo

And we finished this review with a local artist, rocker Loquillo, who also chose Barcelona to shoot a video / short  based on a love story between two girls in the 80’s, a time when same-sex relationships were still a taboo. As a curiosity you must know that the young man who appears in the video is Loquillo’s son, who plays the role of his father 30 years ago. Will there be a happy ending?

Do you know music videos shot in your city? We would love to hear about it!

The transformation of Glòries: sustainability and services

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Glòries Square, just over 500 metres from Twentytú, has always been a link between some of the most important avenues in Barcelona and also serves as a border of two large districts; l’Eixample and Sant Martí. Until now, however, it had been a gray space focused on facilitating car circulation, a vision very far from what the architect Ildefons Cerdà had envisioned, as heBarcelona to be a city of parks and gardens. Now Glòries is renewed and bets on a large green space, an important public transport station and different facilities for pedestrians. Do you want to discover more about this great project? From our nearby location we give you all the details!

A large green area which respects historical elements

The main idea of the project is to turn what until now had been a cement-built area and a multitude of lanes in different directions into a large green area full of pines, holm oaks and hackberry, without any interruption of traffic. A park of about 12 hectares that will recover some of the historical spaces of the area as the hydraulic structure Rec Comtal, which will become a wet garden; the ship of Cartagena Street, which will have different uses; or the old Factory of Umbrellas, which could be reused for constructing a Centre of Fashion Professional Training.

Better connections

In addition, the new Glòries wants to be a reference of the good public transport connections at the city. With several accesses from different points of the square, an interchange of tram, metro and bus will be built. The tramway line of this section is expected to join with the lines that finish their route in Francesc Macià Square. This latest initiative will allow metropolitan cities such as Esplugues, Cornellà or Sant Feliu to have direct transport to the 22 @ district and all its services.

Thinking of people

The Glòries project doesn’t want to be just a reference of modernity and infrastructures, but has as main objective to improve the quality of life of the neighbours and visitors of one of the fastest-growing zones at the city.

The project also includes a a building of 1012 flats, of which 50% will be social housing. In addition, the plan features a Primary Care Center, a nursery and a residence and/or flats for the elderly.

On the other hand, as we already do in Twentytú, Glòries will bet on spaces that are sustainable and respectful of the environment; the circulation of cars will be redistributed – they will run through tunnels under the green area thanks to the burial of Gran Vía Avenue- and new bicycle lanes will be established to ease the coexistence of pedestrians, cars and cyclists.

Although some of the new features are partially finished, such as some new residential buildings or a space for cultural activities, the construction of the part and the rest of the equipment is not expected to begin until 2018.

We leave you a spectacular video that explains the winning project for the new park called Canòpia Urbana, which will turn Glòries into a new unprecedented area of leisure and services.

A solidarity Open Night in Twentytú Hostel

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solidarity open night in twentytú

Once again, the district of Poblenou celebrated on December 16 the expected Open Night party formed by more than 80 spaces associated with Poblenou Urban District whose objective is to open the doors to all the public to offer activities of all type, as for example, aerial dance shows, exhibitions, gastronomic days or concerts.

The Open Night turned into a magical night vert enthusiastic to all the visitors. In particular, Hostel Twentytú, took advantage of this opening of doors, with its consequent influx of capacity, to organize an evening of solidarity whose share of the benefits would go to the Catalan Down Syndrome Foundation. To this solidarity event, the young people of the Joan Llongueres School of Music wanted to join it offering a spectacular and entertaining rock concert and, afterwards, put the finishing touch the chorus of boys and girls with Down Syndrome belonging to the Foundation and the School which became the stars of the event.

Open Night solidario Twentytú Hostel

After the musical part, being held in the Twentytú room, the evening continued in the terrace with a Show Cooking of Fideuá accompanied by a DJ session with the breathtaking views that this space offers.

Open Night solidario Twentytú Hostel

On the other hand, other establishments celebrated their Open Night with success. Specifically, Sala Razzmatazz celebrated its already legendary “Open Night After Party” or the organization Poblenou Urban District that carried out the activity called “Urban Club” that was held in the multifunctional hall of the BAU (Center of Design University of Barcelona) filling the Concert space, cocktails, swing dances and gastronomic spots.

Finally, we have to say that, it has already reached to the third edition and it seems that many more are expected due to its gradually positioning  as one of the most important festivities in  Barcelona since every year it fulfills its objectives: To show the different spaces of Poblenou, the neighborhood itself, its history and, above all, to enjoy an unforgettable evening.

Guide to enjoy Christmas in Barcelona

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The Christmas spirit is spreading all over Barcelona streets and plans multiply for those who are visiting our city. Markets, fairs, concerts and much more to experience the Christmas holiday like locals do!

Christmas Markets

In Barcelona there are many Christmas markets but three of them stand out; the Santa Llúcia market (in front of the cathedral), the Sagrada Familia market (at the foot of the famous Gaudi building) and Fira dels Reis in Gran Vía Avenue. The first two are open until December 23rd and the last one until January 6th. Although you probably have already decorated your home, you can always pick some typical souvenirs of our Christmas tradition as the Tió or Caganer.

Chistmas in Barcelona  Fira Santa Llúcia

And as in Twentytú we can’t stop thinking about Sustainable Tourism, we recommend you the Responsible Consumption Fair that takes place in Catalunya Square, where more than 40 stands are showing their sustainable products and services as leisureor educational activities, poetry reading and musical performances.

The poetic Nativity Scene by the Barcelona City Council

The traditional Nativity Scene, set by the Barcelona City Council at Sant Jaume Square, has arrived with controversy this year. That’s because baby Jesus, Saint Joseph and the Virgin Mary rest in bubbles along with other elements that aren’t related to traditional Christmas; a calf with skis, a couple dancing or a tree with hanging houses.

Snow in Barcelona

In our city this year it is expected to snow, but not in the way are you imagining. Until 9th January the façade of Casa Batlló, one of the symbols of modernism in Barcelona, ​​is covered with more than 3,000 snowflakes throughout the day. The colour white also has a leading role inside the building as snow falls on a large Christmas tree that you will see only if you buy the entrance ticket. In addition, you should know that all money collected from the sale of tickets between 19th and 9th  January is going to be donated to the Fundación Aldeas Infantiles SOS Catalunya, a charity for orphaned children.

Ice skating and a giant slide

Who says that you can’t ice skate in Christmas in Barcelona? In Hospitalet, just over 15 minutes from the center of the city, you will find is Kaliu Park, a playful space that has a 1,600 square meter ice rink and a 50 meter long ice slide. In addition, in the same enclosure there is a Christmas fair for children where you will surely live Christmas again like when you were a child!

Kaliu Park is open from 11am to 2pm on weekdays and until 4pm on Fridays, Saturdays and Holiday Eve.

Nadal Cup

And if you want to start the Christmas day with energy and contribute to the history of Barcelona, ​​you can join the Copa Nadal, a swimming race that has been organized for more than 100 years to welcome the holiday season. You still have time to register!

Let’s go to the theatre with “Els pastorets”

The Gran Teatre del Liceu organizes each year for Christmas the most typical concert of these dates; Els Pastorets de Folch i Torres, the Catalan piece that has been played most times until the date. This play is the most typical representation for these dates throughout Catalonia and it explains the origin of Christmas from the point of view of the shepherds.

 The Three Wise Men Parade

And to finish and say goodbye to Christmas in Barcelona, there is nothing better than to get close to seeing one of the most magical shows of these days: the Three Wise Men Parade of Barcelona, which is going to begin on January 5 at 16.30 in the Moll de la Fusta.

Christmas in Barcelona Three Wise Men Parade

We just have to wish you a Merry Christmas from the Twentytú team. We hope that we can enjoy the holidays all together!

The best afterworks in Barcelona

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When offices close and it’s the time to go home, in Barcelona there is always a better alternative to relax and recharge batteries: the afterworks. Locals where to connect with coworkers, new friends or people from different countries when you seek to escape the routine, schedules and boredom. Do you want to sign up for this afterwork fashion? We give you the best selection!


As if it were a Social Club of the 50’s, Collage is a place full of elegance and good manners. Their barman prepare cocktails – in the menu you have the history of each one of them – that are adapted to the seasonal products and to the new trends from all over the world. The best? Watch as their waiters prepare the cocktails as if they had a secret powder; Flowers, vegetables, fruits and even fire!

Metric Market

From 7pmthe Metrik Market goes from being a daytime food market to a gastrobar and musical night club for all those who want to enjoy the Barcelona brand; cobblestones like those of the Eixample’s tiles or an old boat of the theme park of Montjuic. They Often organize snacks, live performances or art exhibitions, so don’t forget to check their schedule.

Hyde Club

If you want to travel to New York without leaving Barcelona, you can’t miss the afterwork at the Hyde Club. Every Thursday from 8.30pm they host a party that welcomes the weekend and is enlivened with concerts or sessions of international DJs. To eat you have free appetizers based on sushi, pasta, pizza or risotto. Don’t forget to book in its website!

Kaizen afterwork

And if you’re looking for a more relaxed afterwork and very close to Twentytú, Kaizen afterwork is the place. Good atmosphere, elaborate cocktails and soft music to enjoy a good conversation between friends. Our recommended cocktail: the sexy kaizen!

Sor Rita

The kitsch place par excellence in Barcelona also offers a very complete afterwork, in this case it takes place the second day of the week under the name “Everything taste my Tuesday” from 8.30pm and until all you can eat! For 6 euros you have a glass of wine or beer and a pecking of montaditos, salads, hummus or sausages, to the rhythm of the best 70s and 80s music.

Mutis Bar

And although it’s not within reach of all pockets, we recommend one of the most special afterworks: Mutis, a clandestine bar that has had distinguished clients such as Woody Allen, Robert De Niro or Rusell Crowe. A floor of unknown location that awaits you with a faint light, elaborate dishes and a very select customers.
We will deny to have said a word about this, but to get a reservation you can call or drop by Bar Mut and ask how to get a table in this private club. Don’t give us away!

And don’t forget that the Twentytú terrace can also be your sanctuary after a hard day. Precisely tomorrow we celebrate the Open Night there with concerts, DJ, fideuà showcooking and even special cocktails! If you want to know all the events that we organize just check our social media 🙂

The winner of the City to City Barcelona FAD Award, Lampedusa Hamburg FC, is staying in Twentytú!

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In Twentytú, in addition to working on sustainability of the planet – we are the first hostel to receive Biosphere certification – we try to support all those projects that aim to improve the world we live in. That’s why, in November, we do our bit to collaborate with the City to City Barcelona FAD Award, awards that reward the best solutions to complex urban situations. In this case, Twentytú is hosting one of this year’s award winners Lampedusa Hamburg FC, a football team formed by young refugees who will receive the honourable mention in the ninth edition of the awards ceremony.

Lampedusa Hamburg FC is an example of overcoming and perseverance. This project is intended to raise awareness of the situation of refugees around the world, but especially in Europe, with the aim of demanding a more efficient political management. For this reason, we wanted to facilitate their visit and try that the team, as in Hamburg, feel at home in Twentytú. Their stay in the hostel will last for 4 days (from 26th to 30th November) for the 11 members of the team and their 3 trainers, and they will be provided with bed and breakfast in the hostel.

City to city Barcelona Lampedusa Hamburg FCImage by courtesy of Barcelona FC

Young people from 16 years old and from different nationalities arrived to Hamburg (Germany) -where they live at the moment- in the winter of 2012/2013 from the Italian island of Lampedusa, which serves as an entrance to Europe for many people that run away from wars of countries in conflict such as Syria or Libya.

The FC Lampedusa Hamburg’s diary in Barcelona

The club doesn’t only come to collect its prize but also, taking advantage of his stay in Barcelona, have they organized a series of events? to spread thwie project. They started yesterday (27th November) at the Joan Gamper Sportcity in Sant Joan Despí, where they played a friendly match with the Barcelona Youth Team , Penya Blaugrana Vallirana, which ended with the victory of the local team by 10 to 0. Yesterday they were sitting on  a roundtable called “Football as an instrument of welcome and integration”, where social educators, pedagogues and the general public participated, in addition to the 3 coaches that accompany the team.

Fad Awards Lampedusa Hamburg playingImage by courtesy of Barcelona FC

Finally, today the awards ceremony of the City to City Barcelona FAD Awards is taking place in the Saló de Cent of the Barcelona City Council, where the whole team will be there to pick up the mention in an act that will be presided over by the mayor of the city, Ada Colau.

We just have to wish all the luck in the world to this initiative so that they can export their idea to other football clubs and to the sport in general, where there is no difference between refugees, immigrants or locals, but only between players of one team or the other.

The most original bars in Barcelona

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Where can we go for a drink? For sure you’ve asked that question sometimes. Today we propose the most original bars in Barcelona. Eccentric and retro places in our city where you can spend a nice time with your friends.

The Bike Club, bikes and coffee

Carrer de Sepúlveda, 6

Although the trend began in London, Barcelona hosts ‘The Bike Club’, a space where you can drink a beer, a coffee, a juice or eating a piece of homemade cake or a tasteful Mexican taco while you are waiting for your bike to be fixed.

Furthermore, this ‘coffee cycle’ (the popular term used for these places) also offers Wi-Fi and free iPads to plan your bike route. It is for sure that the waiting time will be worth!

El Bosc de les Fades, a magic place in the city

Passatge de la Banca, 7

Original Bars Bosc Fades

A few steps from the Rambla, in a hidden alley, you can find one of the bars with a most eccentric decor Barcelona. Straight after entering the bar, you will dive into a real fantasy world, surrounded by wild trees, stars on the ceiling and crickets singing next you.

Although the prices are not that cheap, it is totally worth having a coffee, a drink or a snack surrounded by this environment. And if you prefer to enjoy the nightlife, do not miss some of the cocktails offered after the sunset.

Bharma, “Lost” in a bar

Carrer de Pere IV, 93

Curious Bar Bharma

If you are a fan of Lost, this is your place. And it is located just 10 minutes’ walk from Twentytú! The Bharma bar is the only one in the city dedicated to this phenomenon, with multiple decorations inside, such as the Oceanic plane embedded in the mountains, the hatch or Sawyer’s letter, among other treasures.

You cannot miss trying the different Bharma beers. According to their owners they are made in the Black Rock, which ran aground on the island due to the ability to attract boats and airplanes with a magnetic field.

And be aware if you visit the toilet! Inside them you can hear the sound of “black smoke” from the monster, one of the major mysteries of the island.

Las Cuevas de Sorte, the Gothic grotto

Carrer d’en Gignàs, 2,

This bar is a hole carved in stone in Gignàs street, in the Gothic Quarter, and one of the hidden gems of Barcelona. Once we enter through the wooden door, the cave is decorated like an ancient grotto. A very picturesque site that it is worth to visit with a delicious mojito or a fruit juice in your hand.

Sor Rita, the virgin of the libertines

Carrer de la Mercè, 27

Barcelona Bar Sor Rita

If Almodóvar had a bar in Barcelona, that would be Sor Rita. A place full of kistch decoration, heels on the ceiling, glitter, leopard walls, photos of divas of the 21st century,…and at the end of the room, an image of Sister Rita -his muse- that prays unconventional prayers.

Music from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s for those feeling melancholic and cocktails for all tastes. Don’t forget to visit their theme nights with karaoke, tarot and even cabaret shows!

Les Gens que J’aime, a place for bohemians

Carrer de València, 286

Chairs, red velvet chairs and carpet are the main characters of this traditional pub from the 60s. It is located within a walking distance from busy Paseo de Gracia, but when we enter it we anchor in time in a Parisian atmosphere. If after reading the menu you don’t know what to order, we recommend you to delight yourself with a strawberry daiquiri. The bar is very small, so we recommend not going too late because maybe it will be packed.

Which one do you prefer? In Barcelona there are bars for every taste that are worth visiting during your visit to the city. Cheers!

The best ‘bombas’, the tapa of Barceloneta

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The most famous tapa of Barcelona is ‘bombas’ (bombs), a delicious combination of potatoes, meat and sauce prepared in many bars in the neighborhood of Barceloneta following the original recipe for over 60 years. Whet your appetite? Today we go for tapas in the bars where they do the best ‘bombas’ in town!

La Cova Fumada

If you want to discover the real ‘bomba’ of Barcelona, ​​the Cova Fumada is your place. More than 60 years ago Maria Pla, the grandmother of the family, created this ‘tapa’, which a costumer named ‘bomba’ for its spiciness.

It is a place where it seems that time has stopped, not only for its decoration which has barely changed since it opened, but also for the 100% homemade tapas and for the friendly service. They don’t accept reservations and it is always very busy, but a visit is worth.

La Bombeta
Bombeta - TwentyTú

It is the second bar that started to make ‘bombas’ after Cova Fumada, but here they call them ‘bombetas’, like the name of the restaurant. Although prices are somewhat higher than in other bars in the area, the long queues every weekend are not a coincidence.

Can Ramonet

Bomba Cal Ramonet - TwetnyTú

Although it has been recently refurbished, Can Ramonet continues to maintain its quality and menu, which includes its crispy ‘bomba’ with a touch of black pepper. The portions are individual and a bit more expensive than usual, but they keep the genuine flavor of seafood dishes.

Can Ramonet became too small and nowadays they also have Nou Ramonet (New Ramonet), a place with a more relax atmosphere and with less tourists. We recommend you not to miss the famous lobster rice.

La Peninsular

This small winery of Barceloneta has modernized the ‘bomba’ making small changes to the recipe. That’s why we can talk about gourmet ‘bomba’ that also have some extra ingredients like chorizo, black sausage or ham.

A retro environment from the 50s full of personality that you can visit if you want to try a different ‘bomba’ from the traditional ones. Do not forget to ask for the suggestions of the day!


This restaurant located in Born stands out as a new space with a cool decoration but it doesn’t mean that they don’t do the traditional ‘bomba’. The terrace in Baceloneta Square is a small oasis of peace amidst the bustling neighborhood where you will also find an extensive menu with eggs parmentier and, of course, the ‘bombas’!

Do you dare to try Barcelona’s ‘bomba’? An explosion of taste in your mouth that you can find at only two subway stops from Twentytú Hostel Barcelona!

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