Family Hostel Barcelona

Twentytú Hostel Barcelona stands out for being an establishment suitable for all everybody. During the year we receive a wide variety of travelers ranging from adventurous backpackers around the world to families willing to visit every corner of the city. In this post we’ll focus on the latter.

We can consider ourselves a family hostel Barcelona as our facilities are focused on to share all the spaces, created and designed to make our guests feel at home. So, we’re a cozy and comfortable accommodation and it contributes to make family trips more enjoyable and children can have fun and enjoy the trip as much or more than their parents.

Common areas

As a family accommodation Barcelona, we’ve different common areas where our guests can relax and disconnect after a long day of sightseeing visit in Barcelona.

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Living room

  • Chill out area: with sofas and television, ideal for relaxing and not thinking about anything else.
  • Playground: if you’ve small children, who for sure have been waiting all day for their playtime, this will be their favourite space in Twentytú Hostel. With artificial grass and ample space to play on, we’ve different construction toys and a little table with colours where children can express their creativity, a good way to show them that visiting Barcelona doesn’t mean stop doing what they like best. In addition, we’ve a projector with a large screen where we project films suitable for the whole family and so you can continue living fun moments together and you feel at home.
  • Computer area: for children who are no more children, you can find 6 computers with free Internet access so that they can play online or surf the Internet.

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The best part is our terrace, located on the 5th floor of Twentytú Hostel, from where you can see incredible views of Barcelona. But it isn’t just the views of the city, but a space where you can do many things: get fresh air and relax, talk with your family or lie down to sunbathe.

And to make your stay as fun and entertaining as possible in our family hostel Barcelona, every summer night we’ve a very complete and varied activity programa: karaoke, Flamenco show, live music and salsa classes. Kids will enjoy it and will take with them an unforgettable memory!

And if it weren’t enough, every Thursday at 9.00 am we give yoga classes, free of charge! There’s no better way to start the day. Children and parents will live a relaxing class, but energetic at the same time.


Other services

But all doesn’t end with the activities that take place on our rooftop. We also offer the opportunity to rent bikes at Twentytú Hostel, so that you know Barcelona in the most sustainable way. We’ve bicycles for all family members, there’s nothing to worry about, we’re a family accommodation Barcelona!

In addition, we propose running outputs every Tuesday morning, a sport with which you’ll start with a good adrenaline rush and your children will wake up from minute 1. The Barceloneta beach is the place we visit, as it’s only 8 minutes away, and then there’s always the option of taking a good splash-down!

Family rooms

Twentytú Hostel Barcelona has 62 rooms, which can be easily adapted to the needs of our guests. In the case of families, depending on the number of members, we offer two types of rooms for private use:

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  • Quadruple room with option to bed or extra cot: these are spacious rooms with two bunk beds with the option to add an extra bed, so that 5 people have enough space to live in it. All have lockers and drawers to leave the respective suitcases and other travel utensils. 

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  • Double room with bed or extra cot: these rooms are designed for families with fewer members because it has 3 beds (two single beds and an extra bed or cot, depending on what is required).

Hostel Location in Barcelona

The hostel is next to Plaza de Las Glorias, in the 22@ technological district, near the Forum, the beach and the Born district, the must-visit tourist destination that stands out because of its authentic style and characteristic atmosphere. Only a short distance from the Las Glorias Shopping Centre to the south, there is the Olympic Port and the Villa Olímpica and Barceloneta beaches. In front of the Twentytú hostel,  as well as the fantastic, new “Els encants” market, there is an extensive cultural area, including the National Auditorium, the National Theatre, and new buildings like Dhub, the new design museum.