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Twentytú is located in the district of Poblenou, a trendy neighbourhood in the process of transformation. Many of the factories of this ‘Catalan Manchester’ have been renovated in the last years and have become lofts, art galleries, modern shops and charming cafes. An environment full of creativity and entrepreneurship that has grown without refusing its own character as a local community. Today we accompany you on our favourite route around Twentytú and discover all of the things you can do a few minutes away from our eco-hostel.

  • Take a picture in the Agbar tower. Business center that you can see illuminated every night from the terrace of Twentytú, it has become one of the symbols of the skyline of Barcelona. Take a picture and use the hashtag #Twentytú so we know you have been there!
  • Go out and end up in Razzmatazz. To start the night you can visit some of the many pubs that are in the streets near our hostel; Dixi, Sonora, the mythical tavern La Ovella Negra … And if you want to continue the party nothing better than Razzmatazz, a club with 5 stories, each one to fulfil all tastes.
  • Swim in the Mediterranean. 20 minutes away from Twentytú is the Nova Icaria beach, one of the quietest and most familiar in the city. There you can rent sun loungers and umbrellas, play volleyball or ping pong, or have a drink in one of their Beach Bars. Is the perfect place to see the sunset!
  • Go to the National Theatre of Catalonia. Have you paid attention to a kind of pantheon that is very close to Twentytú? That is the National Theatre of Catalonia, where you can watch from small alternative plays to large commercial productions throughout the year.
  • Go to a market. Often different food and/or clothing markets are organized around the hostel. Just check the calendar of the van van market, the Palo Alto or even the most traditional, the Encants where every week they make auctions of anything you can imagine!
  • Start walking on the Poble Nou Boulevard and end up in the sea. If you want to experience the authentic atmosphere of Poblenou, you have to spend an afternoon in its boulevard and take a quiet walk until you reach the sea. Shops, bars, restaurants and social centres where neighbours help improve the neighbourhood. Don’t miss the Casino de l’Aliança, a civic center and bar that has played an important role in the cultural activity of the neighbourhood since 1869!
  • Take a horchata in Tío Ché. It’s not a coincidence that the “Tío Ché” shop has been selling horchata for more than a century, a Valencian drink made with tigernut, perfect for the hot evenings of Barcelona. They also offer ice creams, frozen drinks, sandwiches and homemade nougats in winter … delicious!
  • Factories that talk about their past. If you walk around Twentytú you’ll see that many streets have a marked industrial style, and it’s not an architectural fashion as it could happen in big cities like New York, but it’s a sample of its recent past. High chimneys, gray buildings, large industrial units… all combined with graffiti, modernist houses and great leisure to offer. If you like photography, you’ll love this contrast!
  • Get to know the artistic offer. Although the Design Museum is what most strikes you at first sight, Poblenou has a wide artistic offer in its galleries and museums like Can Framis Museum or the MUHBA Oliva Artés. And if you’re looking for something different, we recommend you the Poblenou cemetery – you can go by yourself or with a guide – a magical place where just a few tourists arrive where you’ll find amazing sculptures and funerary pantheons worthy of being in a museum.
  • Discover the neighbourhood by bike. Twentytú helps you to know Barcelona on wheels. We’ll go through parks, the promenade, beautiful squares … and we’ll explain some curiosities of the city. If you want more information just ask at reception.

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