Ecotourism trends in Barcelona

Have you ever heard the term eco-tourism? In recent decades, many countries have decided to transform traditional tourism, putting the emphasis not only on economic gains and their impact on their respective GDPs, but also on the importance of trying to reduce the harmful effect that mass tourism has caused on the environment.

If you are part of this new generation, committed to these issues and at the same time a lover of tourism, you will undoubtedly be extremely interested and willing to investigate everything related to “ecotourism or ecological tourism”.

What are the trends in ecotourism?

First, it is important to distinguish that ecotourism is not merely “nature” tourism. Behind the desire to enjoy a beautiful landscape there is an ethical commitment not to alter the environment.

Although the demand for this type of tourism is not new, in the post-Covid era, people’s interest in being in contact with nature has increased, and at the same time there has been a growing awareness of the need to care for the ecosystem.

The trend of ecological tourism is two-way, that is, not only is it visualized in the growing interest of people for the environment, but it is also reflected in the commitment of tourism companies to provide all kinds of services outlined under these ecological standards, offering various visits to wonderful places and / or providing comfortable accommodations, without losing the primary objective of caring for the environment.

Ecotourism in Barcelona

Tourist companies can implement different measures to avoid altering the environment, for example, by controlling the number of visitors they receive daily; the Park Güell has implemented a series of measures to do so (in addition to qualified staff that internalizes the public on the importance of respect and care of the environment and cultural heritage) enabling people year after year to know this majestic place, helping to reduce “our ecological footprint”.

There are other places not well known and away from the city center, worthy of being visited, circumscribed within the ecological tourism in Barcelona:

-Collserolla Natural Park

-Garraf Natural Park

-Natural Park of Sant Llorenç del Munt I L’Obac

-Natural Park of the Massís del Montseny

-Montsec mountain range

At TwentyTú, as the ecological hostel that we are, we take care of the environment. In fact, we are the first tourist accommodation building in Barcelona to offer the highest energy efficiency rating, making us an icon for new generation sustainable hostels. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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