Barcelona has once again been awarded the Biosphere World Class Destination certification for its advances in environmentally and socially sustainable tourism management, which has a positive impact on society.

There are 17 cities around the world that hold this title, which recognises the work of the city council in providing quality standards in terms of tourism supply and management.

The requirements to obtain this certification are the following:

– Improvements in beach accessibility.

– Commitment to the Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan.

Decentralisation of tourism to the neighbourhoods.

– Innovative initiatives.

 This, and much more, is why we can enjoy sustainable tourism in Barcelona.

But what is sustainable tourism and how can we make tourism sustainable?

What is sustainable tourism?

The World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) defines sustainable tourism as “tourism that aims to meet the needs of tourists and tourist destinations while protecting and increasing opportunities for the future.  It is conceived as a path towards managing all resources in such a way that economic, social and aesthetic needs can be met, while respecting cultural integrity, essential ecological processes, biological diversity and life-support systems”.

The objective of sustainable tourism is to maximise the benefits of tourism while minimising its negative impacts on the environment and local culture. To achieve this goal, a resource must be exploited at a rate that does not exceed its renewal limit. In other words, tourism that minimises environmental impact and respects local culture and ecosystems should be encouraged. In addition, the economic benefit of generating local jobs and income is important.

How can we make tourism in Barcelona sustainable?

Now that we know the exact definition of sustainable tourism, the question is how can we put it into practice, what can we do as individuals to help improve the situation? The answer is simple: we can practice conscious sustainable tourism to improve the lives of the communities we visit and conserve their environment.

If you are interested in how you can do your bit for the planet, read on for more tips below.

  1. First of all, respect the people who live where you go.

The people who make a destination unique are as important as the destination itself, so take them into account when planning your trip, talk to the locals, listen to them carefully and learn as much as you can from them, because they have a lot to offer. And remember, always be respectful, kind and humble.

  1. Support the local economy.

An ethical manufacturing process is one in which human and animal exploitation is not present at any stage of the work chain, in which the environment is respected and in which environmentally friendly raw materials are used, so whenever you go to buy something, make sure it is sustainable.

  1. Visit less crowded areas.

Tourism is increasing in cities and, as a consequence, residents are losing quality of life, as the streets fill up with visitors and rents go up, making normal life in the more central areas of the city impossible. So if we make the “effort” to visit other areas, we will help to improve the quality of life there.

  1. Use the most sustainable means of transport.

Not all means of transport are as polluting or harmful to the environment, so the best options for getting around will always be those that do not require any energy, such as our own legs or a bicycle, which only require our own muscular strength.

Finally, it only remains for us to wish you a happy holiday and a pleasant and sustainable stay doing sustainable tourism in Barcelona.

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