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We all know the famous Valentine’s Day, but do you know its origins?

The tradition and origin of Valentine’s Day

The tradition of celebrating love and friendship has its roots in ancient Rome during the 5th century BC, where the festival of Lupercales or Lupercalia in Latin was celebrated. During this festival, animal sacrifices were made and offered to the faun Lupercus. In addition, they held raffles among the young people to pair them up and promote fertility and love.

The origin of Saint Valentine’s Day is also located in Rome in the 3rd century AD. At that time the emperor Claudius II enacted a law prohibiting the marriage of young men who could enlist in the army. The priest Valentine disagreed and decided to defy Claudius II by secretly celebrating marriages between young lovers (from then on he became popular as the patron saint of lovers).


Finally, Valentinus was arrested and confined in a dungeon in which, the one in charge of his custody challenged him to cure the blindness of his daughter Julia. Valentin succeeded in curing the young girl’s blindness. Nevertheless, on February 14, 270, he was stoned and beheaded. 

Historians say that Valentine fell in love with Julia and left a farewell note which ended “From your Valentine”, hence the famous English expression “From your Valentine”.

From 496 A.D. Pope Gelasius decreed that the pagan fertility rite no longer existed and the figure of the faun god Lupercus was replaced by Saint Valentine. For this reason, the Lupercalia festival evolved and became associated with the Christian martyr Saint Valentine, also known as the protector of lovers.


Valentine’s Day today and how it’s celebrated in other countries

Today Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14 every year and has become a perfect occasion to show love and affection. Many couples take the opportunity to plan romantic trips and weekend getaways.

Although the tradition is similar in many countries, there are several that have their own unique way of celebrating this special occasion.

– In Germany, apart from the traditional gifts, a pig in the form of a figurine or chocolate is given to signify lust and luck.

– In Asian countries such as Japan, South Korea or China, women send chocolates to their sweethearts on February 14 and men are in charge of sending the gifts a month later, precisely on March 14 also known as “White Day”.

– In Finland and Estonia Valentine’s Day is an ode to friendship and they call it ‘Sobrapäev’ and ‘Ystävän Päivä’, respectively. Beyond keeping the tradition of exchanging cards and gifts between friends and couples, it is also a date for asking for marriage and getting married.


Where you can go on Valentine’s Day

If you don’t know where to go on Valentine’s Day and you are looking for a special place to celebrate with your partner, Twentytú offers double rooms with private bathroom and shower to make your getaway something special.


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