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  • Twentytú Hostel is the first Hostel in the world to get the BIOSPHERE RESPONSIBLE TOURISM certification.
  • The Twentytú Hostel in Barcelona is the city’s first tourist accommodation building to obtain the maximum qualification in energy efficiency and it has already become an icon for new generation luxury hostels.
  • The Twentytú Hi-tech Hostel has been awarded various prizes and acknowledgements for its efforts to apply responsible and sustainable tourism criteria.
  • It belongs to the Construction 21 platform, dependent on UNESCO and which includes some of the main sustainable buildings in Europe.
  • It is a member of Barcelona Sustainable Tourism, an association promoting sustainable tourism in Barcelona.
  • Chosen ‘Best green hostel 2014‘ by Hostelworld.
  • Chosen ‘Best green initiative 2014‘ in the Global Youth Travel Award 2014 organised by Stay Wyse.
  • Can Canela 2014 Award promoted by the Association 22@Network which, within the same District 22@, values sustainability and innovation policies, as well as business entrepreneurship, talent, and involvement in various commissions, like the ones on ‘sustainability and environment’.
  • In 2014 it received the Award for the ‘Best entrepreneurship in responsible Tourism’ awarded by the organisation known as Responsible Tourism and the magazine Descobrir Catalunya during the ceremony of the II Responsible Tourism Awards in Catalonia 2014.
  • It is the second establishment in Barcelona, after a 5-star hotel GL, to obtain the ISO 50001 certificate issued by AENOR that guarantees efficient energy management in the year 2014.
  • Finalist in the 2014 Awards ceremony held during the ‘World Tourism Day ‘workshops, which places Tourism in Catalonia in the category of ‘Responsible tourism’.
  • Member of the Association ‘Barcelona + Sustainable ‘and signatory to the citizen commitment for sustainability 2012-2022.
  • All the building facilities are managed using home automation systems and monitors from the control room or reception.
    • Lighting.
      On each floor there are LED technology lighting elements. Presence detectors and timers in some areas.
    • Air conditioning.
      The hot and cold water for acclimatisation and the sanitary hot water is supplied by Districlima, the hot and cold network that supplies the whole technological districtv 22@Barcelona.
    • Grey water recovery.
      System for recovering the water from showers and bathrooms for processing it using it subsequently in the WC cisterns. All the taps are fitted with timer mechanisms.
    • Timing Systems.
      All taps have time mechanisms, saving between 40% – 60% of water.
    • Pneumatic waste collection.
      The building is fitted with a selective waste collection system that uses ducts leading to a central reception unit.


    • Surveillance system.
      There is a video camera system that can provide views from any point of the common areas in the hotel.
    • PMS/BMS.
      It includes a hotel building management system where, as soon as guests check-in, all the room facilities are activated, and as soon as they check-out, these facilities are all deactivated to optimise consumption.
    • Façade.
      The façade is ventilated, and this optimises acclimatisation. Also low solar absorption glass is used according to window orientation.
    • Smartwatts devices.
      Devices are used that allow instantly reading power and consumption levels online for all the electricity lines. This means the facilities can be managed efficiently, applying energy saving policies according to time or people frequency.
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